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A Southern Snippet

Angel Choir
Do you hear the Choir of Angels singing?
I’m baaaaack. Thanks to the precious little guy that the demonic roadrunner company sent out today. After 2 hours, he figured out what the problem was: the yahoo they sent out one year ago to set us up, attempted to McGyver the system and screwed it up. Yup.
Believe that their customer service/retention department is going to hear about it, dripping with honey and healthy with Fifty Cent words 😉 LOL.
Okay, now on to a few Southern Snippets.
We took hubby to the mall to get some new pants and shirts for his hot body to wear to work. JCP was having a huge sale and we had an extra 20% off coupon!! Woo hoo! I went to the restroom and came back to a huge grin on my hubby’s face and a practically dancing Princess: They had found a darling little dress for me to try on, he loves me in dresses and I love wearing flowy skirts and dresses so it’s good times. I try the dress on, walk out and the grin gets bigger. I ask what he’s so tickled about: “It’s a Juniors Medium, he tells me” Then just walks off.
It’s a halter A-Line Dress which is the only reason it fits me 🙂
We planted some flowers and such before my fall.
After my fall I was lying in bed recuperating and Princess came in to inform me that she just watered my chameleons (calladiums)
Monkey has learned a new trick: Sunglasses. I’ll show you on our Weekly Winners

Okay, I must go finish the lasagna that is for dinner.
I have missed y’all and I’m so grateful to be back!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!
And for a bit of the twisted:
I have someone very close to me who works for a government agency and has been at that loony bin that is going on down here in Texas with all those crazy people and incest and youngsters being married and what not. Yes, THAT mess.
Here are a couple of snippets of ‘information’ that this person has learned whilst down there.
*ahem* These following thoughts are not mine nor does any person I know believe this hogwash, I just had to share with you some of the insanity that can happen when loony tunes take on ‘religion’ for their own sick and twisted self serving reasons *ahem*

Red is the color of the devil. Therefore a certain person I am acquainted with had to get a rental car so as not to ‘o-ffend’

But the one that had me sick to my stomach.

All people are born white. The more you sin, the darker you become.
People: Mormons and FLDS are NOT the same thing. Just FYI.

The preceding statements sickened me. Because of the sensitivity of the situation and etc… I am not sharing the relationships or any more they told me. But these two things. One is bizarre and one is just … there are no words for what it is.

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  1. Welcome back! That polygamy stuff is so freaky…

    Do you watch “Big Love” on HBO? If you don’t – you should. It’s an interesting take on this subject.

  2. Welcome back – sorry you’ve been having internet problems and also sorry about the bad fall – hope you are lots better. And … YIPPIE on the Juniors size medium – WOW!!!

    So nice to see you – take care – Kellan

  3. Yeah, you’re back! And congrats on that dress – it’s a score all around.

    I’m reeling over the black statement. How can people in this day and age believe things like that?!

  4. Welcome back! 🙂

    Juniors, huh? Good for you! No wonder he was smiling, you hot mama!

    And that whole polygamy business just makes me sick to my stomach.

  5. I got such goosebumps there at the end. And so not in a good way. It’s so so scary. But “fanatics” are just scary in general, regardless of religion…

  6. I literally just was thinking of you today. “I wonder where Rachel is” No kidding. Totally not. XO

  7. It’s about damn time, woman!

    P.S. Thanks for clarifying the Mormon thing. It has been giving me and my inbox quite the headache recently.

    P.S.S. I sang the “Hallelujah Chorus” when I saw your post in my reader.

  8. If you lived here you could call my hubby’s company! He competes with the big box boys.

    The craziness there is just something else. I hate this situation for the children, though.

    Was your dress red? 😉

  9. I’m so glad to see you’ve returned to us! Yay for the internet fix. And, that whole W TX thing creeps me out. I hope the state has the ability to turn off the brainwashing. I’m glad the judge ordered DNA testing to identify family lines.

  10. Yeah. You are back. I know I am a little tardy in getting over here! Ugh.

    I just finished the Carolyn Jessup book about how she escaped the cult with her 8 kids. It is the most crazy, insane, weird, sad book ever. The whole thing is just unbelievable that it is 2008 in the USA. Good for your friend.

  11. Welcome back you skinny, mini witch ya! ;o)

    Can’t wait to see the Monkey glasses pics (I don’t read ahead when I’m catching up.)

    There are NO winners in this whole FLDS thing. Regardless of the outcom, the children will be damaged for life. I just pray that the God we all know to be kind and loving makes their road as easy to travel as his plan will allow for.

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