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For me, the holidays are about family and friends gathering together to laugh, to share, to make memories, and to eat.  When we start planning our holidays, the first question that’s always asked i “what’s on the menu, and who’s making what?’

This year, thanks to ALDI, and the special Make Holidays Happen deliver sent to me as part of our partnership, I have a few more recipes and treats to share!

Aldi Holidays Delivered

I’ve heard of ALDI, but before last week, I’d never shopped at one, but now that I have, I’ll definitely be going back! The first thing that struck me was the parking lot – not a grocery cart to be found, except in a row at the front of the store.  You deposit a quarter to get a cart, and get it back when you return the cart, which is pretty stinking brilliant.

ALDI provided me with 4 recipe cards and a shopping list, and armed with a sharpie and gift cards – off I went.


The first thing that I picked up was a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go with the Braised Chicken Thighs with Fall Fruits 

braised chicken thighs with fall fruits and sauvignon blanc recipe from ALDI

You want me to cook, and you’re requesting that I buy wine, too?! Yes, please!!

I was very impressed with the wide variety of products, the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, and the dairy and meat selection.

One thing that I wasn’t aware of before my first tip, but I’m sharing with y’all is this ALDI Pro Tip: bring your own bags!!!  You can purchase reusable bags at the checkout or use empty display boxes from off the shelves in case you forgot, or didn’t know to bring your own :-).  Thankfully, ALDI sent me one big reusable grocery bag, but I still had a lot that didn’t fit in it.  So, note to self, take extra reusable shopping bags on my next trip!  This is one of the many ways that ALDI helps you to save money, and helps the environment – SCORE!

my ALDI haul

I’m  a snacker, at holiday parties, really at any party, I love the snacks, the finger foods, and the ones with lots of textures and flavors are my favorites, so I was intrigued by the Ricotta Toasts with Pistachios and Honey recipe.  I’m surprised the Southern Grove Pistachios lasted long enough for me to make this; pistachios are Nathan and the kid’s favorite nuts.

These delicious little toasts came together in under 10 minutes, y’all!

bread tossed in olive oil for ricotta toast appetizer

The Creamy Happy Farms Preferred Ricotta Cheese paired with the crispy Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, tossed with a Specially Selected All Natural Artisan French Baguette toast and salty, crunchy Southern Grove Pistachios with the sweet drizzle of Berryhill Honey… Oh. My. Stars. Y’all! 

ricotta toasts with pistachios and honey recipe from ALDI

Crispy, Salty, Crunchy, Creamy, and sweet.  These will be showing up at my house over and over again!  Anything that you can make and serve in under 10 minutes that will be a huge crowd please… Yes, please!

If you’re looking for something that screams fall and winter, is easy to make and is beautiful to look at – the Braised Chicken Thighs with Fall Fruits and Sauvignon Blanc is the way to go!  I must confess, though, I’d never braised chicken thighs before, so I was a little hesitant, but oh my, y’all.  Super easy, gorgeous colors, and flavors, and my house smelled AMAZING!

braised chicken thighs ingredients

the mashed sweet potatoes and the tender chicken thighs with the fruit and wine sauce are absolutely scrumptious and melt in your mouth delicious!  I’m a bit of a snob about where I buy meat, what cuts of meat I buy, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs and price!

Every holiday table needs a salad, if only because they’re beautiful and if you put salad on your plate it balances everything else out, right?

The Kale Salad recipe that ALDI sent me, which was created by Bon Appetit using ALDI ingredients ahs a delightfully tangy homemade lemon yogurt dressing to go with it, and the pop from the Southern Grove Dried Cranberries with the Simply Nature Organic Kale and fresh avocado makes this salad look like a bit of Christmas on your table.

kale salad recipe from ALDI


One of my all time favorite recipes is Snickerdoodles, so I was intrigued by the Snickerdoodle Crispy Treat recipe.  Crispy treats are the best because they’re easy, they remind me of childhood, and everyone loves them.  These Snickerdoodle crispy treats are the best of snickerdoodle cookies and crispy treats combined!  They taste like holidays in an ooey gooey, crispy sort of way, and if you use holiday cookie cutters, like I did, they’re an adorably festive addition to your holiday spread.

snickerdoodle crispy treats recipe from ALDI

I must warn you, though, if you want them to last until your party, you may need to make a double batch, and leave some extras out for snacking!  They’re positively addictive.


ALDI isn’t like a traditional grocery store, but therein lies its appeal.  While this post was sponsored by ALDI, I can promise that I’ll be doing a lot of non-sponsored shopping there, too.

Are you an avid ALDI fan, or like me, a first timer?  Do you have some favorite things or must haves at ALDI?  I’d love to hear them!

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A huge thank you to ALDI for sponsoring this post.  As part of my partnership with the brand, I received my ALDI delivered box as a fun way to sample and review products and recipes. This is NOT a new delivery serviceAll opinions expressed are my own. Sponsored posts help me pay for the costs associated with this blog (like the groceries…so very many groceries,y’all), and help support me as I follow my dreams of recipe development and food photography. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that support A Southern Fairytale.

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  1. I love shopping at Aldi! Their fruit and veggie prices can’t be beat and their stuff is always so fresh. They’re my go-to for cake supplies because where else can you find eggs, flour, and sugar for so cheap?! Pro tip, if you bake as much as I do, stock up on their baking spray (nonstick spray with flour) right now because apparently it’s seasonal and it only shows up in the fall and winter!

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