All I Ask of You

My post for today has been re-scheduled.

Because Katy wrote this post, this post that made me cry.

This post that made me remember my cousin Sarah.

This post that You. Must. Read.

This is the post to forward, to Facebook, to E-mail, to Tweet.

You so readily forward ridiculous emails about luck and false warnings.

You so readily Share FB posts about bra colors and high school pictures.

Today, do something  real, powerful and useful with that Forward and Share button for once.

All I ask of you, is that you read Katy’s post– All I Ask

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  1. Rachel:
    Thank you so much for those incredibly kind words. It’s always a risk when you write a post that comes straight from your heart like that one did and I am grateful that it’s been well-received.

  2. Rachel,

    I read it!!! I love everything she had to say and that she held nothing back. I linked from my blog in hopes that others will read and support her wishes. This is definitely something that everyone needs to hear/know!!!! Oh and I left her a VERY lengthy comment. Not on purpose I just get carried away sometimes. Lol!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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