An Fn key ‘ku

That darn Fn key
isn’t working properly
laptop is hostage

Yay for Warranties
Boo, system must be wiped clean
Damn, Damn, Double Damn

Bought a back-up drive
it’s holding laptop hostage
isn’t working right

Hooked up yesterday
It is still running back up
12 hours later

This is craziness
I’m not ignoring y’all’s blogs
I just have no choice

That damn Fn key
started this whole damn issue
It’s name is perfect.

I can get e-mail on my new crackberry and check comments, but that’s it for now. I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

Better haikus can be found here


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  1. OH NO! I can’t believe you are still having trouble. So sorry. I can’t imagine the anxiety of being held hostage by a key!

  2. What a pain in the tush… Good luck with your computer… it’s my lifeline, I’d be lost without mine. BTW, your Haiku was awesome!

  3. Ugh! That sucks!!! I hope it’s all fixed for you soon! Stupid computers…what happened ot making our lives EASIER?

  4. Oh Crud. I accidentally reset our computer to “factory settings” a few months ago. Bad, it was very bad…I’ll say a prayer for you!
    Oh, that fn key.
    Great poem BTW.
    Blessings, E

  5. Oh, wow, that sounds rugged. Computer troubles are right up there with car troubles in terms of annoyance… Hope it’s fixed soon!

  6. Uh, computer stuff can be sooo frustrating. Mine just started complaining about it’s battery.

    Hope yours is all better soon!

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