Bebe and The Brain Cancel

Bebe, my mom, is Princess’ favorite person. She loves her and Bebe is a fantastic playmate for my little imagination station.
Here are a few things that occurred between my mom and Princess while they were down a couple of weeks ago.

Leaving the aquarium

Bebe and Princess were about 100 yards ahead of Monkey, Grandpa and me. We reached them in the parking lot standing by my car. A light sandstone 2008 Chrysler Aspen (this is important). About 5 spaces over was a tan 2006 Chevy Tahoe.
Here’s what occurred.

Bebe pulls on the handle of the Tahoe: Why won’t your mom use her remote to unlock the car for us?”
Princess: “‘Cuz it’s not our car. See here, pointing to the letters spelling out ‘Chevrolet’ on the side of the Tahoe “it doesn’t spell ‘our car'”

Princess walks over the 5 spaces to my car and points to where ‘Chrysler’ is written on the passenger side front door.
“That spells ‘Our Car’

Brain Cancel

Princess comes running in to where Nathan, Grandpa and I are sitting in the living room.
Mom, Bebe had Brain Cancel, but she doesn’t anymore anymore
My Dad and I bust out laughing. My mom is a very intelligent, but often spacey woman.
My Dad, without missing a beat says: Princess, truer words were never spoken, except her brain still cancels quite frequently.

My mom was born with Brain Cancer. See, Brain Cancer.. Brain Cancel.
When she was just a few days old she had surgery to remove the tumors and she had 3 huge scars on her skull where they did the surgery. They later went in and fixed the scar in the middle of her head but had to leave the two on either side of her head. Each scar is approximately 2 to 3 inches long and are mostly hidden by her hair unless it’s pulled back.
Princess was ‘brushing’ (read pulling her hair out) Bebe’s hair and saw the scars. She asked what happened and Bebe told her that she had Brain Cancer when she was born, but the doctor’s got it all and now she’s all better.

Thus Princess running in to tell us about Bebe’s ‘Brain Cancel’ and giving my dad and me something to giggle over for weeks to come.

Brain Cancel Part Deux

We took my parent’s to eat at Texas Roadhouse a.k.a Steak Heaven. Our food came and everyone waited with bated breath to see what my mom’s was going to be like, she has the worst luck at restaurants. She starts cutting into her Ka-Bob and she makes this face and says; “Damnit”
Her knife isn’t even making a dent. We look a little closer and bust out laughing.
My Dad takes her knife, turns it over and says; “Try the side with the ridges.”
She wasn’t paying close attention and was trying to cut with the blunt edge of the knife.
Me: “Well, Brain Cancel strikes again… that must be the part they took out”
This cued about 5 minutes of giggling and tears of laughter.
My mom was embarrassed but took it really well.
So there you go. A few Southern Snippets from life with Bebe and Princess is South Texas.


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  1. That is too much. “Our car” and “brain cancel.” Bebe will never live that one down, will she?

  2. I’m so glad the princess can spell “our car” so well. My brain seems to cancel just about everything it hears.

  3. I love “brain cancel.” I may have to borrow that phrase. Sadly it’s happening all too frequently and I suspect the early onset of Alzheimers.

  4. too cute!!!

    it’s so nice that your mom can take jokes well.

    wow, she survived brain cancer as a baby!

    i’m glad that your princess and mine can both spell ‘our car’ the same way!

    happy thursday!

  5. Our car! Hilarious, I love this post becuase it’s really shows the precious relationship that exists there!

  6. Awww…. cute stories. I love princess. 😉

    And your parents seem so fun! How nice for them to be close to you guys. A blessing. I miss mine.

  7. I loved all of those stories – the car one is precious and the steak one had me laughing out loud. She reminds me of my “loopey” mother.

    Take care – Kellan

  8. That’s just too funny. Not the cancer part but the cancel part. I think most of us have had brain cancel at some point in life.

  9. I never knew one could be born with cancer. And how amazing that they were able to save her, even all those years ago!
    Your princess reminds me of mine, what a character!

  10. Did she seriously have the tumor as a baby? Wow. Has it ever come back or has she just been a walking miracle?

    DH’s uncle has brain cancer and I swear I’ll never be able to hear “cancer” again without thinking “cancel”! How terrible will that be if I giggle?

  11. I cannot get over your mom had brain cancer as a baby.. what a survivor..

    And I loved the stories.. too cute.

  12. Ha! Those are great! I seem to have brain cancel alot nowadays… hmmm.

    And “our car”… wow, good for her!

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