BlissDom and The Bad Hair Day

As you read this I will be:
A) on the road driving to San Antonio at the crack of dawn to fly to BlissDom (Holla at Mrs Flinger who is flying from Houston to Nashville with me!!!)
B) on a plane
C) going bananas over finally meeting all these amazing women

So my dad has been going through family pictures and scanning them onto his computer and every now and then he sends me pictures that make me smile, or tear up or even laugh out loud. The picture he sent me today, well…. ummm.

I really have no words for it:


There was a reason my gymnastics coach called me a Lion. There is no teasing there people, that was what my hair looked like. My mom would brush my hair and I would scream, many a comb lost their life in that mane.

My shopping tip for today: The Chi iron. The greatest thing to ever happen to my hair, because y’all… not that much has changed between that picture and today. I have the pink one and I love it, but my hairdresser she has the wet/dry Chi and it makes my hair look and feel like silk. I WANT. want. want. want.

People always ask if it’s worth the money. YES! It is worth the money, I went through about 4 of the ‘other’ brand irons from the stores and none even came close to the gloriousness of the Chi.

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  1. Wow, that is some big hair! Mine was always limp and droopy!

    Kristina’s latest brilianceI Heart Faces – Week 4 Contest

  2. Hey! I’m over from Marinka’s…. love the post! I am a devoted lover of the CHI flat-iron, too!!! A friend told me it was not to be viewed as a “luxury item” but as a “necessity” if I was going to start straightening my hair even semi-regularly. It is true– it is the best flat iron ever.

    Have fun at Blissdom!!

    Amysprite’s latest brilianceMath For Girls (Or For Anyone!) And More

  3. I have naturally curly hair and have some AWFUL pictures from back in the day. My mom used to brush it all out and it was so pouffy!!!! It wasn’t until I got in my teens that I learned what to do with curls. But I’ve never gone the straightener route. I love curls!!

    Tiffany’s latest brilianceIt’s A……

  4. My daughter has the craziest blond curls. I use a product on her called “morning miracle” which is just a spray mousse of sorts. My son will come down in the morning, look at his sister and announce “she needs her morning sprinkles!” We call it Albert Einstein hair. Unreal. Hard enough to control my own let alone be responsible for 2 of us!

  5. Lioness! Very good of your dad to remind you 😉
    I will google Chi products. They look miraculous. Maybe that’s where Marinka’s friend buys all of her step daughters uhm presents. (I am sure you read Marinkas post today, if not go read it so this makes sense.)

    Elise’s latest brilianceNaughty Boy

  6. okay now – were we twins and I didn’t know you existed?? My hair soooo looked like – but it was BRIGHT RED!!!! I keep hearing about this CHI – but not sure if I want to fork over the $150 for it. Will it help with my split ends from all the blow drying??

  7. I have the CHI and I love love love it too!

    Have a ball!

    Me’s latest brilianceTantrums are the "new black." Or at least, that’s what my 3rd child told me.

  8. i want the chi too. and those shoes you posted yesterday. i know what you mean when it comes to the mane so i got to have chi.

  9. To me the best thing about old photos is that we can all relate! I have many a bad hair pics too. Too fun.

    simply anonymom’s latest brilianceWordful Wednesday (a bit of a video)

  10. Oh my…yesterday it was shoes and now what is this Wet/Dry Chi…now I want that too!!! I could not live without my Chi, luckily enough my dad’s ex girlfriend was a hair stylist gave it to me for Christmas but when it goes I am so going to have to buy a new one!!!!

    Meredith’s latest brilianceTwisted

  11. I remember that my hair could look neat on top but would be a mass of knots underneath. I HATED havng my mother brush those out. OUCH. Of course, now I can’t imaging how I lived like that….

    Kate Coveny Hood’s latest brilianceRandom Guest Post from Chris Hood

  12. um…wow! That sure was a head of hair! LOL I love the pajamas with the slit looking thing up the side as well. ha ha!

    I will have to look into the chi thing you mentioned. I’ve never even heard of it!

  13. Only my hairstylist can blow my hair straight and get it looking beautiful. When I do it is a big ball of frizz. I do have a flat iron but it just is not the same. You are hilarious!

    Michele’s latest brilianceMelt my heart

  14. Dude! That is some serious hair! A friend pulled out some pics from college when we had a mini-reunion at a wedding; I don’t know what I was thinking with my hair and clothes. Did I look in a mirror before leaving the dorm?

    avonlea’s latest brilianceA Morning in the Life

  15. That is some serious white girl ‘fro. Wow. If that Chi tames that I might have to look into it.

    skiplovey’s latest brilianceNot a picture of me in a bikini

  16. If I had had hair like that growing up I would have just lived with it. But then I’m lazy and I’m sure I could have worked it like a super stylish ah who am I kidding I would have been the laughing stock of my small town. Glad you found something that works for you

  17. Wow, I totally thought that you had just taken braids out or something. Thank goodness for great inventions like irons and chemicals to make us all look put together and beautiful.

    Susan’s latest brilianceIntruder

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