Blueberries, Pies and Monkeys! Oh My!!

Soooo y’all know I love food, right?
I mean food, it’s comfort, it’s delight, it’s an experience, it’s downright sensual and tonguegasmic.
Hellooooo. Food, it’s not just for nourishment y’all.
I post my little recipes once a week and I stalk follow a few fellow foodies faithfully and share recipes by e-mail with others. Today I happened upon one of my normal foodie reads and one of my favorite non-foodie reads and lo and behold, I’ll be damned if both of these women added a combined 2 inches to my hips just from reading their recipes and the pictures… Lord love a duck y’all, they both added pictures that had me practically licking my screen.

First there is one of my favorite foodie bloggers, Cathy, of Noble Pig fabulosity. She had me salivating and practically panting over these amazing Blueberry Bars with Lemon Streusel Filling. I warn you now, you will have to fight the urge to run to the nearest farmers market or fruit stand. However, don’t fight the urge too hard. 🙂

Then, there’s Amy. The darling, witty, mommy-woman-female-person blogger extraordinaire Amy of Milk Breath and Margaritas, she surprised and delighted me with a recipe that had me at brandy, peaches and pie. I mean really, if you’re alive, much less Southern that should have you practically vibrating in your seat with desire. You can find the recipe here.
But Rachel, aren’t you holding out on us, you ask?
*Me feigning innocence*

As if you’d buy that.
Monkey’s birthday party was fabulous, it was a blast, he got ‘vroom vrooms’ and tools and what else could a two year old want.

Oh and the cake…
Well, I’ll let Monkey tell you.

Icing, Icing, Icing!! Nom Nom Nom.

Mom, move that candle already. I’m ready to dive in


One more tiny little thing.
The beyond precious AnglophileFootballFanatic is hosting a contest to name her new niece, her SIL has chosen 5 names and the one that I suggested has been chosen.
Would you please be a wonderful lovely person and go vote for the name I suggested.
Pretty please with candy coated strawberries, blueberries and rum soaked Dark Chocolate balls.
oh yes, it’s the one that starts with the letter O. It’s classic and beautiful.


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  1. Every time I read your blog I get hungry. I need to start eating breakfast before reading b/c now I want something sweet!! 🙂

  2. I saw those lemon streusel bluberry bar-things, and I tried to skip the recipe, ’cause I just KNEW, I would gain weight looking at the pictures, but I’m gonna have to try them.

    Ugh, I’m such a recipe junkie. Is there a 12 step program for people like us? I have more blogs in my Food folder than in the whole rest of my reader!

  3. Voted for ya!

    You had me at rum soaked dark chocolate balls…that sounds REALLY bad doesn’t it? Ha! 😉

  4. Yum, yum, yum! If only I had time to make more that just dinner (which I barely do sometimes).

    Seriously, must have pie…who is going to send me some?

  5. Oh and – his cake is SO cute!

    Shark had a monkey cake for his 1st birthday. Now we have shark cakes.

  6. Oh and don’t let the high prices of blueberries scare you away! Just make them for dinner! He-he…glad you liked them, they are sinful!

  7. Did you make his cake? Yummy Martha Stewart.

    Happy belated birthday Monkey from your Auntie OH in Ohio. Smooches to the big handsome boy.

  8. YAY! Have a great trip to San Anton. Sea World will be great this time of year. See ya when you get back, toots.

  9. i am so with you on the food. i have been starvin all day and you didn’t make it any better. boo-hoo. great blog!!

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