Carrots, Reindeer and Icy Rooftops: The Christmas Eve Story

We have many stories in my family. Being southern, being Texan and being a part of a family that makes most sitcoms look boring, well… you do the math.

There’s the one about the moonshine eating through the floor at my Dee’s 90th birthday.

There’s the one about the New Year’s Eve and mom and Mary playing Balderdash…


The one that involves me falling on my butt at my own wedding reception.

But those are all tales for another day, another time.

Today I’m going to tell you about reindeer and carrots. My very favorite Christmas Eve story, ever.

Let me set the scene for y’all:

Christmas Eve 199-something. We were living in Sparks, NV it was snowing, icy and colder than Frosty’s left hand. We lived in a two story house and I had the only front facing-roof accessible-room/window.

Most kids and families leave their milk and cookies out for Santa Claus on a nice little plate by the fireplace or somewhere in the general vicinity of the stockings and Christmas trees.  Well, my youngest brother wanted to go a step farther.  He decided that we should leave a snack for Santa’s reindeer, too. all together now “awwwwwwwwww”

Being the health conscious young man that he was he decided that carrots would be the perfect snack, healthy, crunchy and good for their eyes (you know, so they could guide Santa’s sleigh better).

So my darling sweet father climbed over my bed, out the window, onto the icy roof and laid carrots out for Santa’s reindeer.  You see where this is going right?

Later that night my same dear, devoted father, climbed back on my bed, through my window onto the dangerously icy, snow covered roof and ‘gnawed’ the frozen solid carrots just like Santa’s reindeer would have.  Then snow covered, cold Santasicle Dadsicle climbed back over my bed and went downstairs to leave further evidence of Santa’s visit.

And you can believe that was the first thing my brother wanted to do Christmas morning, was see if the reindeer had enjoyed the carrots.

My Dad endangered his life and limbs and proved once again that he really is a bit crazy (love ya Daddy), all so that my youngest brother could keep the magic of Christmas and Santa one more year.  And for me, that is the true meaning of Christmas love and that is what being a parent is all about.

So there you have it, my favorite Christmas eve story.  What’s yours?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you. I hope this time is blessed and full of all the magic, wonder, miracles and love that are what this time is all about.

Blessings and Love to each of you, from The Fairytale Family: Rachel, Nathan, Princess and Monkey

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  1. My favorite Christmas Eve story would have to be being woken up by my dear wonderful sister to look at what Santa brought us. Of course, we didn’t wake our parents up, because we wanted to let them sleep…

  2. What a sweet story..

    MERRY CHRISTMAS RACHEL.. I hope you are all having a magical day!!xo

    Kim’s latest brilianceA Very Special Message To You All!!

  3. Aw that is awesome! I believed in Santa for a good 3 or 4 years longer than any other kid because my mom did the SAME thing (minus risking life and limb). She carved reindeer teeth marks in the carrots I left out for Rudolph. Of course they were in our living room. Yeah, Rudolph somehow slid down the chimney as well. Hey, my critical eye for detail hadn’t quite blossomed yet!

    BusyDad’s latest brilianceNothing Says Happy Holidays Like a Sugar OD

  4. I hope all of the Fairytale family had a wondrous Christmas – and that 2009 brings all your hearts desires.

    Ree’s latest brilianceChristmas ‘71? – Past in Polaroids 18

  5. Very sweet. This year, as I was in bed with the girls on Christmas Eve reading them to sleep, their Daddy trudged through the snow to their bedroom window and shook sleigh bells and ho ho ho’d…the wonder in their eyes was beautiful. Anyway…that wasn’t my memory but a cool one for the girls. Hope you and your beautiful family had a good one. Merry Christmas!

    Huckdoll’s latest brilianceChristmas Eve Eve

  6. Oh that is so sweet! I will have to tell my daughter about the carrots. I just know she will love the logic behind it 🙂

    Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas!

    Momisodes’s latest brilianceChristmas Foil

  7. OMW that’s brilliant!! Wow to your dad!!
    We leave carrots for the reindeer too, but thankfully the kids don’t insist on them being on the roof!

    Jeanette’s latest brilianceFun with friends

  8. That’s so CUTE that he did that. I would have been all “the reindeer will see the carrots if we leave them in the front yard …”


    Tranny Head’s latest brilianceThe Return of the T.I.T.: Number 30 Is For Illinois!

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