Choice B won. Or, The multiple personalities of my blog

So remember yesterday’s diatribe, I mean post? What? You haven’t read it? I’ll wait. *tapping fingers*

Okay, glad you’re back. Sooo what do you think?
Option B won. The fantastic, funny, snarky and unbeknownst to me web designer extraordinnaire Judith Shakespeare took pity on me and managed to stifle her laughter at me long enough to design this adorable page for me!
I love it!! Do you see the monkey with the crown and the little castle? Could it be any more perfect!! She officially rocks my world.
I feel so special.
She even made it pretty and pink for me!!
She, the wonderful Judith (aka Courtney) is also currently designing a spectacular award button for me! I wanted it to call it the Spunky Monkey award. But she said no, something about spunk and man stuff… So, we (she) came up with an even more creative and adorable name. But it is currently a state secret… So stay tuned! There will be an awards ceremony, and I’ll expect speeches people!
So, if you need your blog blinged, your posts pimped, or you just want to drive more traffic with a visually stunning personalized blog/webpage… run over to see Mistress Judith or you can visit her at her Mommy site, Mommy
Oh, and Pinky is doing much better, despite the Gunk having moved into both eyes.
The Mouth… well, that’s a story for another day.

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  1. This is WAY too Cute. I love it.

    Now I have to get used to your new profile icon, I will miss Princess stirring the bowl, but this REALLY is SOOO cute.
    I’m jealous

    The only Love Languages I’ve read is the parent/child one. I’ve managed to survive 10 years of marriage without reading the couples one. He buys me gifts, I give him hugs and we’re good!

    Okay – now I’m off to visit Judith.

  2. Thanks y’all!
    I’m diggin’ it!!
    Amy, I’ll randomly post that pic around.. just for you 🙂 LOL!
    I just love the royal (for princess) monkey (for him)
    It’s both in one!!

  3. So, so much nicer. And a nice soothing pink. I was trying to be nice yesterday, but I was seriously having 80’s flashbacks.

  4. i love it! love it! i need to go have a talk with her…
    but…i could just sit here…or, would that be illegal? hmmm…

  5. Ok first, there is no way I could make your page look better. Love it, love it, love it!

    Second, I am jumpin over to Judith, I think I could learn a thing or two from her…Wonderful stuff!

  6. SSS~ nope, not illegal, boring.. but not illegal 🙂 Go~~ Go now!!
    Nap~ maybe we should remove me from the contest because I am now officially in lurv with my page! She rocked it!
    Now, I know you could do some awesome stuff, but really.
    Yes, go see Judith!! Everyone go see Judith and THank you for the compliments! It was a wonderful surprise to find this layout waiting in my inbox this afternoon! I LOVE IT!!
    Jenni~ you never have to be nice, just be honest! LOL!!

  7. I’m all pimped out too!!! As soon as I get something up I will link you honey!!
    Mistress is the Bestest!!!

    BTW, I LOVE your monkey!!!

  8. You look pretty, oh so pretty….so pretty and witty with your new design today……just sing that song to yourself my dear….love the new look! Suits you and your little monkey and princess….now I just need to go over and visit Judith and have her primp my blog…..

  9. I am seriously loving this one. Seriously. If you change it, I will hunt you down like rabid dog. Ok, just kidding, but you know what I mean. I’m serious, this template kicks proverbial ass!

  10. LOVE your new design. WOO HOO, it’s fantabulous. I’ll just have to get used to that new profile image. 🙂

  11. Love the new design. Fits in real well with your theme and the name of your blog. Hope the kids are better.

  12. I love the new layout! It makes me want to learn to do nifty things with web design.

    Okay, fine. It makes me think about doing nifty things with web design for about as long as it takes for me to remember that I don’t have the patience to play with code. 😀

  13. You got someone to make that for you? Wow, way cool. I haven’t graduated into the banner area yet.

    I have enough trouble posting.

    And keeping track of my digital camera, obviously.

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