Come on Ride the Train

Big Boy fishing

“I big boy Mom”
That’s what my 2 year old Little Monkey told me when we were on the boat.
“I a big boy”, he told me again, his chest puffed up with pride over his real Batman fishing pole that he was gripping tightly in his chubby little fists, the line dangling into the water and visions of the fish he might catch with Daddy practically shining through those deep green-brown eyes.

So, I looked at him and said: “Are you a big boy who’s ready to start potty training? Going potty using the toilet like Daddy and Mommy and Sister?”

His face got very serious, the wheels turning in his head, I swear that I could see the thoughts forming behind those dark eyes, swirling around, being given such serious consideration.
He looked at me very solemnly and nodded, Yes.

Then, he looked at Nate and proclaimed with the biggest grin ever: “Dad, I’m going on the Potty Train!!!”

So, starting Monday we are going to jump on the potty train. (that’s the plan at least)

Are you a mom of a boy? I beseech you, share your potty train secrets, tips, tricks, bribery attempts, whatever. I am in need and I am open to all suggestions!
Princess just decided at 2 1/2 that she wanted to be potty trained and she was. She put on panties that day and never looked back. I know, you can hate me later

Please, share your thoughts, stories and ideas because I am completely clueless.

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  1. I have no tips other than prayer… lots of prayer!

    I only have girls, and like you, both girls (when they made the decision) put on panties and never looked back.

    Good luck to you and Little Monkey… I may need your advice if I am ever blessed with a little Monkey of my own 🙂

    Amy’s latest brilianceTop Mommy Moments 28/Feb

  2. Yup, have a stack of clean pants, don’t stress about extra laundry, it’s temporary. Use a timer to remind yourself to ask him if he wants to go. Plan to stay home for a few days, so plan accordingly.
    Just expect accidents, both my boys were day trained around 26 months and night trained by 30 months.

    Heather’s latest brilianceBring Back the Classics: Oven Fried Chicken

  3. I can’t help with this one. I was just glad my son was out of diapers before he started pre-school. A couple days commando and my daughter was in big girl pants.

  4. Honestly? I waited until my oldest was three to even think about it. I based this on advice I was given by friends and his own personality.

    Do it slowly with very little pressure at first. Make just “sitting on the potty” and accomplishment. It’s hard to give advice when you don’t know the child personally. They’re all different and different things work for them.

    It will be fine! It may take a long time – but he’ll eventually get there. No one enters high school in diapers.

    Kate Coveny Hood’s latest brilianceHome Alone: Day Three

  5. we told the bigger lil s. that a little boy named bill needed diapers because his family did not have $ for them, so we packed a bag of the ones he had left and “sent” them to him. Pull ups for a bit…then just at night or on long trips in the car. Made a BIIIIG deal about picking out his big boy undies. hubs wears boxer brief and gymboree has them, so he has ones JUST LIKE DADDY! GOOD LUCK! also…get a travel potty for the car! we have a GREAT one that take gallon size zip lock bags…BEST FREAKING THING EVER!

  6. I am a mom of three houseplants. Two wear guards 24/7 to keep their water in. The other one, well, it wets itself and gets all over the kitchen counter sometimes. Maybe I should invest in pull-ups.

    Yay for the Potty-Train, btw. (I am such a mom-non-mom blogger. I cheer when ya’ll start peein’ in the potty!)

    Sarah’s latest brilianceFinancial abuse

  7. What a big boy.

    Personally, I saw very little difference between girls and boys. Be consistent. Give lots of hugs. And have fun…. with your big handsome fella. Just think of it as another milestone instead of potty train(ing).


    OHmommy’s latest brilianceI’m wearing stilettos to BlogHer 2009

  8. I’m just jealous taht your kid is interested. Especially since he’s only 2 … I have heard the horror stories of boys who aren’t interested until they’re 3 … or aren’t ever interested. I’m pretty sure my kid is going to be one of those who is never interested, for that matter. *sigh*

    trannyhead’s latest brilianceIt’s Not You, It’s Me

  9. my son is turning three in two months and has no older siblings. he’s pretty much not at all interested in potty training, so we’re giving it a bit more time. i agree with just going with it – find a motivation that works for him whether it’s a treat, sticker charts etc. and it will go fine!

    Rachael’s latest brilianceEverything’s Amazing, and Nobody’s Happy

  10. We let our 2 boys run around nekkid in the back yard a couple of days to “pee at will” then it just sort of just “clicked” for them. We did have a few accidents, but that is to be expected. We waited until 3 however…

  11. oops, i pushed enter before i was finished. Someone told me to wait til closer to three. I don’t know why..

  12. I’ve got a girl and I feel like we’ve been doing it forever…we’ve made some great strides this weekend, though.

    The best boy advise I’ve heard is to train them to sit first!

    Krystyn’s latest brilianceOnce upon a time…

  13. Having a child that is almost 4.5 and not potty trained, I could give you all kinds of advice, I could give you every method thought of, but none of them worked. Until the kid is read and the time is right, it’s a losing battle. And boys generally take longer than girls and train later so…don’t be disappointed if he decides that he doesn’t particularly like that train.

    Jerri Ann’s latest brilianceParenting Sites 411

  14. Yay for boarding the potty train. You know you MUST update us, right!?!

    I have a curious 18-monther . . . as in, what can I do with toilet paper TODAY and WHAT the heck is that THING . . .

  15. Well as a mom to two monkeys myself…I have noadvice except patience, and more patience

    Don’t push

    Honestly it will just click. My oldest finally clicked on his 3rd birthday. Took his beloved pre-school teacher to tell him dinosaurs don’t wear diapers..that’s all he needed.
    Peeing came first…pooping took quite a while later

    My 2.5 yr old does not like being called a baby…seems to motivate him to pee like a big boy instead of in his diaper like a baby.

    Kim’s latest brilianceThis is what happens…

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