Creative Memories Storybook 3.0 Plus

I am not a natural scrap-booker, I tried it briefly after both kids were born and each time, I lasted about a month.  I love the end result and I can spend hours looking at  other people’s scrapbooks. Sadly, I’m one of those people who can see what’s wrong with something after it’s finished… not before.  I can’t visualize all the itty bitty stickers and pictures and papers and themes and so on and on and on and on.

My brain, just doesn’t work that way.

However, if you give me 10 random ingredients… I’ll come up with a killer recipe.

10 random stickers or pieces of paper… not so much.

So, when I was contacted about Creative Memories I was somewhat apprehensive. I am very familiar with the Creative Memories name and brand of scrap-booking, memory book materials, they are from what I know, the leader in quality and designs for scrapbookers, card makers and other crafty types.

Once  they told me it was a digital scrap-booking, photo book software download.  I was more than intrigued, I was sold.

I downloaded the software (full disclosure: They provided me with a full copy of their Storybook Creator 3.0.  I had to do it on hubby’s PC because they don’t have it Mac compatible YET.  I have been informed that 2010 will be the year of the Creative Memories/Mac collaboration.  I can’t wait!!!)

Once the software was downloaded I decided to look into the photo book options, I love the way photo books look and they make fantastic gifts, especially for out of town, state, country family.

I chose an 8X8 book with a black cover, I loved the sleek look of the black cover (bonus, little fingerprints don’t show on black like they do on the white)

I liked the option of having the software automatically put the pictures in for me but, I chose to arrange them myself.

It was kind of ridiculously easy, adding the text, playing with the text sizes and all the different fonts.  As a bonus to the easiness, it was fun.  I could have spent hours, and probably will designing photo books around family events, I’m even thinking about doing one with my favorite recipes and pictures!   I love that I could choose to write 4 words or 47 words about a picture or a page, I wasn’t locked into a specific format.

There are tons of page arrangement options, free downloadable themes and more.

Once the book was finished, the software took me to the Creative Memories website and walked me through registering and the uploading and ordering process.

I was really impressed by the number of back-up/fail-safes that were included in the program. I skipped a page on accident and the software stopped and asked me if I wanted that page left blank! This is perfect for those momnesia moments when I think I’ve completed something, but didn’t.

My book was only 17.95 and is saved in my account so that I could go and order another one whenever I wanted.  The quality of the book is fantastic, the software was easy to use and lots of fun, too.

There are free versions of the software too.

If you’re looking for something for that photographer in your life who would love to be craftier, the mom who always has her camera up to her eye or even something for yourself.  I think this is a perfect gift.

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*all images from Creative Memories site.  I couldn’t do screen caps of my adorable book on my hubby’s PC

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  1. Any new word on when the Creative Memories/Mac software will come out…still 2010? I have been holding out…I would really like to use CM to make scrapbooks but we only have Macs.

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