Cupid: Angel or Demon

Cupid, you love him or you want to shoot him with his own arrows. Valentine’s day… take it or leave it? You decide.
I’m happily, blissfully married but we don’t really do valentine’s day. A card, a hug, a kiss okay so last year I got a house on v/day but for the most part, it’s just another day. I’m one of those girls who’d rather be surprised by a flower or some *drool* dove dark delectable goodness instead of having a day where he/I am required to do something to show I/we love each other.
Spontaneity people, that’s the key. Seriously.
But, in honor of the impending arrival of the pink and red pepto vomitrocious, saptastic holiday that is upon us tomorrow… I bring you my first ever self created graphics.
I share them with you all in love. Steal them, play with them or leave them sitting there, whatever.
Have a great Thursday and think of me around 1:30 CST when I will be knee deep in a room with ELEVEN 4 year olds plus younger siblings, helping with the sundae making party. Margarita anyone? LOL.

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  1. I am with you.. low key for v-day! But can I tell you how I love what you did with the widgets? GREAT JOB!! I love it.. Will steal on tomorrow!! 🙂 (not sure which way to go yet..LOL)

  2. Neat-O!
    Bah Humbug. I am waiting for the ghost of Valentines Day future to bonk me in the head tonight and show me how my boys are lonely and in broken marriages by the time they are 27 because their mom and dad never showed them what valentines day could be. Just has become too… too… commercial like all holidays – and it is turning into a kid holiday. All holidays are kid holidays.

  3. I agree. We are keeping it low key tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t want to shower my hubby with love, it’s just that we both just had birthdays and well… I don’t need a day dedicated to him proclaiming his love. I feel it everyday….

    Ok I need to go throw up now, lol.

  4. Good job on the graphics! I asked my husband (today) if we were getting each other cards this year. Thank goodness he said no. I have to go to a preschool v-day party too. Then I get to go to work where some people actually want to celebrate this made-up holiday. Yep, I’m taking the bah-valentine’s humbug graphic. Thanks

  5. love the graphics, I am inspired. I think I’ll make some of my own. Not valentine’s, it’s a little late, I guess, for that. Whatever. great blog, thanks!

  6. Great job on the graphics! I am totally with you on the Valentines thing..check out my post in regards to this stupid day!
    LOL….Bah humbug, indeed!

  7. you have no idea how much valentines day wakens my gag reflex!! i only celebrate it for the kids…but, i do nothing for hubby and expect nothing in return!! i love those graphics and am stealing one…right now!

  8. Jennifer: My darling what is a margarita without chips and salsa? It’s like RC without a Moonpie. Come on girl! You know it!
    Let’s go!! I want my Camp Shirt! 🙂

  9. Hubs and I were in the grocery store last night and we walked by the cards…I looked at him and said “Do I have to get you a card?” His answer was “Do I have to get you one?” We both said no and confirmed that Valentines Day was a dumb holiday anyway (although that doesn’t mean that he gets out of bringing me flowers tonight!)

  10. We said Happy Valentines day to each other and that is all there is! Love the graphics and will pick one and put it on my blog!

  11. I am a fan of Valentines Day this year. I have decided to focus on what I can give, instead of what I will get.
    It sure beats sitting around waiting for flowers or chocolate.
    Oh, and I already got my Merrell’s and Jeff got his Uggs, because we couldn’t wait for Valentines day to exchange slippers!

  12. Pretty graphics, Rachel! Sorry you don’t dig on V Day. I love it! It’s my excuse to pig out..err I mean indulge in chocolate goodness!

  13. CS’s b’day is the day before V-day. Boy, does he get the shaft. We don’t do much for b-days or V-day. Poor guy. I almost feel bad for him.

  14. It’s not that I don’t like Valentine’s day. I just think it’s kind of silly.
    I’m one of the lucky ones who has a hubby who does stuff just because. So a day where I ‘expect’ to get something. I already have a birthday and mother’s day and Christmas. Why do I need more?
    I still always do stuff for the kids and him.

  15. Nice graphics! Today happens to be my FIrst Wedding Anniversary, so I am obligated to buy things for my husband to show him that I love him…LOL. But before we got married on Feb 14th, it was really just another day…well, sort of. Feb 14th has always been special in our hearts ever since we started dating Feb 14th, 1999…I never really celebrated it before that day.

  16. No big Vday stuff here. But we have birthdays on the 14th and 15th so we just turn Vday into extra birthday stuff.

    Cute graphics. It’s addictive, isn’t it?

  17. I could take it or leave it…we usually don’t do much but this year I was able to incorporate Sammy into it…so that was more fun 🙂

    The Egel Nest

  18. I’m not much for V-day either. In fact our little tradition every year is to load up the girls and go to IHOP for dinner, because no one is there! It’s fun, it’s our thing.
    Your graphics are cute! You’ve had photoshop less time than I have, and you can already do so much more. I really need to get to learning that program!

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