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Do You Boo?

Do you Boo?

As best I can tell, Boo-ing is a southern tradition.  It seems to be as southern as monogrammed yetis, golf carts at pickup, apple pie, and maroon vs orange.  (Gig ’em!)

This kind of Boo-ing  isn’t the kind that you do when you jump out of the shadows and scream “Boo”  at the top of your lungs to scare the tar out of someone.   This is the fun kind of Boo that happens during the month leading up to Halloween. 

boo bucket closeup


This boo-ing involves laughter, candy, treats, hi-jinks, and fun.  This Boo-ing is one of my kids’ favorite parts of October.  We’ve been boo-ing for about 5 years, and I have to admit, Nathan and I are just as wrapped up in it as the kids are.  

I’ve been known to scour the aisles of Target and HEB. As soon as the black and orange hits the aisles, I start collecting all the trinkets and goodies.   Halloween is an event, y’all.

The kids plot who will get booed, and what streets/neighborhoods will get *hit*  

If my kids were bigger analytics nerds (bless y’all) they’d have spreadsheets and graphs concerning who they’ve booed in the past, the streets, the neighborhoods, the families….  They’re not.

 So their planning is full of typical sibling arguments, and locale based planning/arguments.  One thing the kids understand is that if we can’t go on the golf cart – they’re too far out for us to boo them. 



We try to kick off the Boo fest every October 1st, but … um… October 5th.. shut up.
boo bucket_


Booing is fun, it’s simple, and it’s a way to spread joy; I’ve written how it’s our goal every single day to spread joy. 

you've been booed


Tonight my kids got to Boo friends from the UK who’ve never been boo-ed before. I’m pretty sure it made their whole year.   (my kids’ year, the UK kiddos don’t know they’ve been booed yet)

Watching the joy and excitement on my kids faces as they pick who they’re going to boo, discuss the boo-ing strategy, and the “drop, knock, and run” of the actual boo-ing… these are the little memories that make life so precious, y’all.

In case you, like me, aren’t a kick-a graphic designer… here are some links to some darling You’ve Been Booed Printables

Thank you, Pinterest:

For the crafty ones:

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  1. We actually got “Boo-ed” for the first time. It was fun making treats & figuring out who those treats were going to go. I emphasized to my 10 yr old that it’s only ok to door bell ditch a house if you are leaving treats or presents (because he thought it was the best thing ever).

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