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Easy Homemade Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

For the last decade or so Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips have become a regular in my homemade treats rotation alongside my brown sugar chocolate chip cookies, my oreo truffles, and my bacon pecan brittle .  They’ve become so synonymous with the holidays and my kitchen, that when some potato chip brands decided to start making their own… I had friends calling me, and texting me pictures with laughing emojis because the “brands are copying you, and they’re not even doing it right”

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips circa 2017

chocolate dipped potato chips


A Couple of Years ago Kroger reached out to me to do a Holiday Entertaining Feature with them and a local Houston News Station.  When I asked Facebook what they would want to learn about and see on the news about easy holiday entertaining… the overwhelming response was that I HAD TO SHARE MY CHOCOLATE DIPPED POTATO CHIPS!!!!! 

Well, okay then, y’all! 

white chocolate drizzled, salty-sweet, homemade chocolate dipped potato chips 

chocolate dipped chips


Nathan and I were relaxing today and getting a little pampering aka (pedicures.. but his is manly and called a foot scrub and massage) and as I was relaxing in a lavender-scented, hot rock massage, mimosa induced state of bliss… I looked up to see the Food Network ( we haven’t had cable for over 6 years… I forget about cable) and on the TV is the Pioneer Woman making… CHOCOLATE DIPPED POTATO CHIPS!!!  I smacked Nathan’s arm and he looked at me, rolled his eyes and said “I told you a long time ago you should be writing cookbooks and be on TV”  

Y’all… I cannot EVEN…

EXCEPT to say.. there is a secret that the mass marketers are missing when it comes to chocolate-dipped potato chips.

chocolate dipped potato chips

It is ALL about the chocolate to salt/chip ratio.  You do NOT want a heavy chocolate crust… It’s all in the dipping process.  You want a crisp salty chip with a light chocolate coating, and if you’re using milk chocolate… PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAWWWWWWWWW just don’t.  The balance is all about the salty, sweet, crisp, bitter.  Using milk chocolate is a cop-out and you might as well just buy the overly coated pre-made stuff and be disappointed before spending time in your kitchen and getting your hopes up.

I STAND BUY THIS and my dark chocolate disliking kids back me up 100 percent.  

I have been making these chips for over a decade.  I get texts every year asking me when I’m making my chocolate dipped potato chips, there’s a reason they have been featured year after year, and there’s absolutely a reason people buy the mass produced and then text and ask how to buy mine.  It’s all about knowing how to top dip and scoop 🙂 


I do not and never will sell mine, I will, however, tell you how to make them, and if you live close ( HOUSTON TEXAS HOLLA!) I’ll make them for you and even better, I’ll happily teach you how to make them!  After all… teach a man to fish and …. well, y’all know

chocolate dipped potato chips

Easy Homemade Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Homemade chocolate dipped potato chips are the perfect blend of salty and sweet. These are an easy to make homemade treat that seem decadent and gourmet, and yet are so easy that anyone can make them.
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Prep Time:10 mins
Additional Time:10 mins
Total Time:20 mins


  • 1 bag wavy crispy potato chips
  • 1 bag dark chocolate melting wafers I stand by the Ghiradelli brand
  • 1/4 bag white chocolate melting wafers if you're feeling drizzly and fancy


  • Dump the potato chips out on a layer of paper towels. You can be persnickety and only use the whole chips or embrace the process and use every last one you can dip 🙂
  • Melt the dark chocolate. I prefer a glass measuring bowl in the microwave.. 1 minute... stir.. 30 seconds.. stir.. 15 seconds... stir... 10 seconds.. repeat until glossy and melted You can do a double boiler method if you're not comfortable with microwaving. Ghirardelli is high quality so I rarely have issues with the microwave method.
  • Have a surface prepared with wax or parchment paper. Grab a chip and light dip it in the melted chocolate with a dip and swoop up. The key to these chocolate dipped chips is the ratio of chocolate to chip and having both sides coated is just too much.
  • You can gently shake the chip side to side to shake off some chocolate and then lay it on the prepared surface
  • Repeat with each chip
  • If you want to get "fancy" drizzle melted chocolate over the chips
Author: Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

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