This is my fridge – it is COMPLETELY empty and clean, clean, clean!!!

{so fresh and so clean clean}

Y’all, I haven’t cooked in a week 🙁  I can feel it in my soul and in my body.

I have given food from my fridge and pantry to friends.

Tomorrow the moving truck and my van will take our family to our new home and I will get to go to the store and get all new groceries to fill my fridge and my family’s tummies.

I would love to know – what’s the first thing you’d buy to fill your fridge?

What would you make with them??

Thanks y’all! I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!


Link up your recipes!!

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  1. I think the first practical thing I would buy would probably be Milk….and then lots of veggies (onions, carrots, peppers, garlic), because one can make a simple sauce to go over pasta any night of the week 🙂

  2. Life in a military family the first thing in our fridge was always apple juice!! My boys knew when the apple juice was safely in the fridge we were home again! The pantry? Always the peanut butter!! Our first meal was usually some type of pasta dish, of course the boys wanted spaghetti with Italian sausage and they usually won, LOL.

  3. Food to make a fab breakfast with all their favorites. Start the day of your new life with a fresh prospective and full tummy.

  4. I love a new fridge! I always put my Diet Coke in first and then all the food staples after that.. Milk, cheese, eggs and butter and go from there. what a refreshing feeling when you clean out your fridge!

  5. And that reminds me that I need to clean my fridge in general 🙂 SO exciting to be able to start all over – and there’s not ONE thing that I’d start with in my fridge/pantry. There are too many things to choose from. Good luck with the move!

  6. Milk, eggs, butter, & jam (for toast and pb&j). Don’t forget coffee creamer, yogurt, lunch meat and cheese. Fruits and veggies for the crisper. Maybe even salad and some fresh chicken breasts. You need a Sams Club or Cosco trip! Happy Moving…and Shopping

  7. It will be fun going to a new store for the first time and finding out what they have! Make something totally indulgent – something all of you just love, whatever it is. I would be making some kind of chicken (probably baked) or ribs with a salad and veggies and lava cakes for dessert! Enjoy! And let us know what the shopping was like as well as what you made!

  8. What does it say about me that my first purchases for the fridge are milk (for the kids), half and half (for my coffee) and beer (for my sanity)? Everything else can wait, lol! Best of luck with the move, Rachel. We’re moving into our new home tomorrow – will definitely be thinking of you guys as you get settled in!

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