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  1. Cool post at Aggie’s. Saw your comment about peeling boiled eggs. Rather than boil eggs, steam them instead. You don’t have to pay attention to them cooking and the shell comes off easy. Maybe it will work for you 🙂

      1. I have a black & decker food steamer. I put water in the reservoir then place the food basket with the clean eggs in it. Put the lid on and set it to steam for about 20 minutes. Perfect every time and goes well with my multi-task/cooking I am always doing. With Easter around the corner, I’ll be firing it up with some eggs soon 🙂

  2. I saw your post over at Aggie’s and I am so excited to share with you about baking eggs instead of boiling them…it’s SOOOOO easy!! Just google it for lots of different tips and tricks but for me I just place whole eggs inside a mini muffin tin (you can use regular size muffin tin too), and bake at 330 degrees (gas oven) for 30 minutes. Some people say 350 degrees, you just have to find your perfect temp. After baking, you plunge them in an ice water bath for 10 minutes and then they’re done! They peel a lot easier even after sitting in the fridge for a couple days. I love that you don’t have to use any water and watch for them to boil, etc. We always have baked eggs in our fridge now and my daughter loves them for a snack! You may have a tiny brown spot show up wherever your egg rests against the muffin tin but some people don’t get them. Could be the gas oven or the type of muffin tin…someone else tried silicone and had no problems. The tiny brown spots don’t alter the taste. Another suggestion was to use a cotton makeup square or a cotton ball spread out like a nest in the bottom of the tin, then you won’t get them either. I’ll definitely be doing this for Easter eggs this week instead of boiling kettles full of water!

  3. wow I can’t believe how very organized and clean your fridge is. Mine is so overrun with leftovers and veggies I just don’t know where to put the stuff sometimes,

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