Everybody’s Hopping For the Weekend

Okay, maybe not everybody, but all the cool kids are.
Remember way back in the day, you know BK (before kids) when you and your buddies or significant other used to go out and behave like rampant monkeys behave responsibly while chugging downing sipping adult beverages. While those days are long gone, which is not a bad thing.
The adorable Busy Dad at Tales from the Dadside
one of my favorite daddy bloggers has come up with a fabulous bloggy solution. He’s created this fabulous group. The Weekend Blog Hoppers and the sublime Judith Shakespeare created the awesome buttons for it, she also blinged my blog by the way. She rocks.
So back on topic.

Cute button, huh?
Here, I’ll let BD, explain the insanity to you himself.

What is this ridiculousness?

This is classic “when life gives you lemons” lemonade. We’ve just spiked it with a healthy dose of Vodka. As parents, we no longer have a night life. Sure, a birthday bash here, a bachelor party there, but all in all, you can pretty much set your watch to the fact that we’re home on weekend nights. We’re also bloggers. Bloggers live and die by the mighty comment. The Weekend Blog Hoppers takes both factors into account and gives parent bloggers a reason to look forward to Friday and Saturday nights (after the kids are in bed).

What do you do?

The best way to describe this is a virtual night out. But instead of hopping from bar to bar with our friends, getting buzzed, getting feely and talking cheeky, we’re hopping each others’ blogs.

What’s the point?

To have a good time, get to know other bloggers whose real-word weekend lives are just as uneventful as yours and build each others’ ranking and traffic through comments.

Basically we’re all comment whores, really. We live and die by comment count don’t we 🙂 Plus, it’s a great way to find new blogs, ‘meet’ new people and just another excuse to sit in front of the computer and play.

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  1. I hate signing in on the wrong account!

    You know my weekends are full of boredom. Well, maybe with an exciting trip to Target. Now the tyke expects to find suckling pig. there Cause we spend so much we started saying, “To Target. To Target to buy a Fat Pig.”

  2. Oh hell AFF, that’s hysterical!!
    Give them time, just give them time.
    Some of those super Tarjays may just have those. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place.

  3. This sounds like tons of fun. Ummm, I don’t have kids, but I still have no life… can I still come to the parties?

  4. I’m so in…I just went over to buzzeedad’s place and signed up =)

    I’m so glad you like my blog.


    What is a feedburner? Splain to me pleez…I do not know this…

  5. Blog hopping here, love your blog and blog title. This is a happenin’ party. We have some mutual friends too!
    … Pomtini.

  6. I’ve had a killer time tonight Blog Hopping. I’ve laughed, at times felt like shedding a tear, and have found a lot of great blogs I hadn’t seen yet. Hope your night went just as well as mine.

    Darrin, aka “Make Shift Sinatra” from the Weekend BlogHopper crew

  7. hehe. I got a late start but I’m doing my Weekend Blog Hop. Sadly, it being a Sunday morning, I can’t do it with the help of my good friend beer… well, I could but then someone might have to call CPS on me. lol

    Happy Hopping

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