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Firemen and Football: Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is the brainchild of the super talented Lotus, of Sarcastic Mom infamy.
Pop on over to see her, and other people who picked up their camera more than I did this week.

This gave him ideas when we got home.

Football Rawks!

Princess and Toots

It was a hectic week, field trips, football games, dance practice and a garage sale. It’s over, I’m exhausted and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t pick up my camera more this week.

I’ll try to do better this week.

I have a super cool contest coming up on Tuesday, so come back then for your chance to win!!

Don’t forget, all of October’s Ad Revenue is going towards Breast Cancer Research because Racks Rock. So come back and click click!



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  1. ah, for all those people who were looking for the photos of firemen from our cheerleader carwash… i am gonna send ’em over here!

    too cute.

  2. Gave him ideas? Like he needs any encouragement!

    Princess is looking so grown up these days! It’s funny how quickly they change. And so bittersweet!

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