Food Memories

The first meal that I remember with Nathan’s family was beans and fried cornbread.

I remember teasing Danny by telling him he was just testing me to see if I was the woman for his son.   Was I woman enough to withstand a kitchen full of hot grease and smoke – and secure enough to eat messy beans and greasy- hot- crisp-calorie laden fried cornbread.
frying cornbread

I was.

There have been many meals with all the family over the past 13 years but, for some reason — Fried Cornbread is the food that makes me think of Danny.

Fried Cornbread and Crisp Bottom Cast Iron Skillet cornbread, both Gran’s recipes, are foods that will forever bring back memories of Danny and better times.

When I get those recipes from Gran, I’ll share them with y’all.

What recipes or foods remind you of a loved one?


Some favorites from last week’s linky

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  1. My mom makes homemade chicken noodle soup for Christmas Day every year, and it always reminds us all of my grandma (Dad’s side, she died in 2003) And inevitably, we reminisce about the time Grandma made it on Christmas Day and forgot to add the chicken, and none of us realized it until the pot was half empty. 🙂

  2. Oh fried cornbread sounds good! I love cornbread!! Lately I’ve been craving hushpuppies or corn fritters.

    Thanks for hosting!! This week I’m sharing my Fresh Mex Flatbread Pizza! It’s easy, fresh & tasty!

    Have a GREAT week!!

  3. Whenever I make bread or rolls, and I get that woof of freshly baked goodness, it always brings me back to my Mom baking in the kitchen as I was growing up. It’s memories that I hope to pass along to my children 🙂

  4. Grandma’s Roast beef for sure reminds me of winter get togethers. Or there is always stuffing, she makes the best turkey stuffing. Keep remembering those good moments, it’s what gets you through the tough times (that and God 🙂

  5. Ryan’s grandma made the most.amazing.cake doughnuts.ever. She is still living, but in a home (she’s 98!) and can no longer make these. On the rare occasion Ryan’s mom and I make them together, the whole house talks about Grandma. 🙂

  6. Hey Rachel, I’ve been thinking about you and your family. We just went through the same thing with my uncle and lung cancer. It’s never easy.

    I always think of my grandma and her bars. She would take whatever cereal she had in the house and make something amazing out of it. One of these days I need to get her recipes.

  7. Ok, so it’s not a recipe, or even baked/cooked for that matter but mine is lemonade. Country Time (in the canister) Lemonade.

    I can remember summers with my Papa (he passed away 2 years ago, in a very similar fashion to Danny) sitting in the backyard drinking lemonade. He loved that lemonade and I love it, too.

    Well dang, now I’ve gotta go make some lemonade…

  8. Hi Rachel – I’ve been following your posts on your beloved father-in-law and am sending hugs and sympathy your way.

    Truthfully, I don’t eat much food without associating it with someone. It’s just one of my things. And I’m being very deliberate in passing down stories and memories to my girls.

    Thanks also for listing my lemon bars from last week as one of your favorites – I appreciate it!

  9. My grandma made Chicken and Noodles for Christmas every year. It wasn’t soup, though…it was thick, homemade noodles in a thick broth with big chunks of white chicken. It was delicious. She has Alzheimer’s now and can’t remember how to make them. It breaks my heart that I never learned to cook those with her.

    Hugs, Rachel. Losing someone is so hard. I hope you, Nathan, and the rest of the family are hanging n there.

  10. Anything with tomatoes makes me think of my Dad. He had a huge garden and every year grew about 20 kinds of tomatoes because he loved them so much. He died a few years ago at age 93 after surviving 2 aortic aneurysms that ruptured at different times.
    I’m sharing my recipe for Cinnamon Tea Cookies. This recipe is gluten free, but it can be made using “regular” flour if you don’t have issues with gluten.
    Thanks for hosting!

  11. My mom used to make me chicken and dumplings or fried chicken with biscuits and gravy when I would come to visit. I miss her comfort food so much! She wasn’t a touchy feely mom but when she cooked me those meals I knew that was her way of wrapping me in a hug.

    I miss her a lot.

  12. I remember my gran’s angel biscuits and her green beans. I remember family reunions with enough food to feed a third world country and sweet tea with an inch of undissolved sugar in the bottom of the jug.

  13. Soup beans, cornbread, fried potatoes…my favorite meal and only my mommy makes it the way I like it 🙂

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