I blame Flinger for my iPhone addiction.

Sitting next to her on the way home from BlissDom in 2009 her iPhone sang its siren song to me — it taunted my blackberry — I was hooked.

I loved my precious.

I discovered apps, Words With Friends and Angry Birds

For Christmas this past year — Nathan shocked the hell out of me rendered me speechless by giving me the iPhone4

(picture gaping mouth — followed by my silly grin)

Dear Nate — You know me so well.  I Love You

Y’all know the happiness that food and food geekiness bring me 🙂 I have recently discovered an app that marries my love of food, shopping, the desire for information and my iPhone.

A Moment of Silence For the Happy That is Me

IMG_0963 Dear Fooducate,

I adore you.

Love,  Rachel

Fooducate is this fantastic app that allows you to scan the barcode of an item or 20 in your pantry or in the grocery store and it pulls up product highlights, alternative suggestions and allows you to make comparisons between products.

You can even shake the iPhone when it is on the barcode scan screen and it’ll randomly produce a product — like this:


The following are screen shots from actual products in my pantry — you know, because y’all want more images.. not because I went a bit overboard for 30 minutes trying to find items in my house containing barcodes so that I could play with my new app. (ahem)

Dear Chili-Garlic Sauce,
I can’t quit you.



Grape Nuts with Blueberries

Served with milk or topping Greek Yogurt




My Favorite Pasta EVAH



Seriously, y’all.  Download this — go play.

Come back and tell me what you found and what your favorite part of Fooducate is.

I may or may not be hitting up random grocery stores to scan and um… Aliah — Mindy — just turn a blind eye if you see me in your pantries… k?


I am in no way sponsored or compensated for this post.  I just discovered Fooducate and I love it and want to share its foodtastic geeky iPhone app delightfulness with y’all.

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