Four Years

It’s a mere blip and an eternity.

Four years ago, right now.. 11:04 PM September 19th, 2006 I was flirting with sleep.

We admitted ourselves (me) to the L&D unit to be induced.

Pitocin on board, I sent your dad to Wendy’s because I was starvin’ and that sounded sooo good.  (silly me, I assumed that two labors would be the same.. pitocin, wait, sleep, wait, epidural that didn’t work, pain. people, pain. more people. pain. push. pain. push. pain. push. pain. messy. baby. pain OHMYGOODGIDDYAUNTIMAMOM)

Your Dad came back with Wendy’s and I was havin’ full on painful contractions and nausea.. the nurse rushed in, ripped out the lovely little inducer and I lapsed into a fitful french fry scented sleep.

Fast Forward 12 hours.

It’s about 12:00 Noon on September 20, 2006 and I tell your Bebe, Dad and “Aunt” Shannon that we’ll have a baby in less than 30 minutes and they all scoff at me. 
(lesson: DO NOT doubt the laboring mother)

Also, if epidural number one with baby number one doesn’t work, chances are epidural number 2 with baby number 2 who’s damned and determined to come as fast as possible is not going to work either.

12:24.. doctor finally shows up.

12:26.. you show up after two pushes

bloody, bruised, swollen and not really breathing.

they smack you, you squeal.. I get you on my breast for a brief moment, we connect.

You disappear for 3 hours because of miscommunications, no telephone in my room and you being in the NICU for monitoring and more… I wish I knew where those pictures were.

Finally, you were in my armsMonkey, 2 hours old

This is you:  Sept 20th, 2006 at about 3:26 PM

(3 hours after you were born)

You changed everything.

A feeling of completeness swept through me the moment you were born.  I didn’t even realize that our family wasn’t complete, and then there you were. You completed us.

Monkey, I love you so much

You bring such joy to our lives

you make us laugh

You take my breath away
Architect of His Future

You scare the hell out of us

towel at the ER

and I am grateful for every. single. moment.

You are a gift.

You’re a devilishly brilliant perfect combination of your Daddy and Me and you’re designed to enchant us and drive us bananas.

You’re sweet and cuddly and snarly and prickly.

You have the biggest heart and the attitude to match it.

You give hugs and kisses as freely as you climb the walls of our house and send my heartbeat soaring.

Every. single. one of your joys, I feel in my soul.

Every. single. pain, bump, bruise, scar, knock and heartache (0f which you are the king of all) I feel times 1,000.

I love you so very much.
I hope your fourth year is an amazing one:  I hope that it’s full of love and laughter and life and joy and friendships and surprise and adventure and excitement and beauty and family and possibility.

monkey's 4th birthday cake

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little Monkey boy!! My little man turned four recently and I cannot believe how time has flown. Cliche, but SO true! Hope his day-and yours-is filled with love and joy.

  2. You tell that monkey that his auntie shannon loves him so bad and that i’m gonna miss 3 year old him, bit i can’t wait to meet 4 year old him.

    And that i’ll take him skydiving when he’s ready. And dear god will he be ready soon. 😉

  3. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of his crazy and loving ways. I love you guys. Happy Birthday Monkey. Lets try extra hard to make it to five without giving Mommy any more heart attacks.

  4. I hope my precious little Monkey has a fun and memorable birthday and a fabulous and joy-filled fourth year. I love you so much, Monkey.

  5. You should watch The Business of Being Born. It’s pretty scary what it shows about pitocin, epidurals and the increasing rate of c sections in America.

  6. Happy Birthday to your monkey! What a fantabulous cake {& look at that smile, aw} My little man turns 4 too {this Sunday}

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