{insert sing song here:  We’re getting a FreeBirds! We’re getting a FreeBirds!!!!}

freebirds stool

Yesterday, the family and I got to attend a special event at the FREEBIRDS that will be opening here in Corpus TOMORROW!!!!!!


The place was packed and loud and fun and funky.  The food was hot and fresh and delicious!

I haven’t been at a restaurant “opening party” since I was the one managing the restaurant and it was nice to be on the other side!  I have to give them major kudos;  they know how to do it right.  Their team is professional and friendly, the managers were enjoying themselves and the staff members were adorable and at the top of their game!  The atmosphere was loose, laid back, fun, welcoming and friendly.

freebirds crew

Here’s one of them making my steak burrito:  spinach tortilla, rice, black beans, salsa, mixed cheese, sour cream, red onions, guacamole, lettuce and steak. NOM NOM NOM (no, I did NOT finish it)

my freebirds

Even the menus are fun

freebirds burrito menu

This is on the side of the island that holds the sauces and soda machines (WHICH HAVE DIET DR. PEPPER!!!!!)

I love this saying, it’s so southern.  It makes me think of Southern Grannies and kitchens and family and love.

feed your

It was a delicious evening and I will be taking the kids to the opening tomorrow so that I can get another burrito; I think I’ll try the cayenne tortilla this time with a great big Diet Dr. Pepper!

Thank you Omarr and everyone at FREEBIRDS, it was a great evening and it was nice to be able to include my husband and kids in something!

*I was not asked to write this post, I was not compensated for this post.. although, we were given free food and drinks 😉 But, I would have written about it anyway!

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  1. I absolutely 100% L.O.V.E. Freebirds!!! It’s my favorite of all the burrito places!!!! We have plenty of them here in Houston…so glad you finally got one in Corpus!
    .-= AmazingGreis´s most recent blog ..Big Steps… =-.

    1. It opened today! We went back and I finally tried the HOT tomatillo sauce. I’m a bit in love 😉
      The manager of this one told me I need to try the steak salad with the ancho dressing. have you had that?

      I am SO happy to have one here! I feel like we’re finally getting something that isn’t the “traditional” restaurants!
      .-= Rachel ~ Southern Fairytale´s most recent blog ..FreeBirds =-.

  2. Your Freebirds excitement is so funny. I’m a Mission Burrito girl, but that probably has a little to do with Freebirds=Aggie in my mind.
    .-= elz´s most recent blog ..Door Decor =-.

    1. I’ve never even heard of Mission Burrito.
      LOL. Well… will you still love me if I tell you that my family’s roots are A&M?
      Food is food baby 😉 and this… this is damn good food 😉
      .-= Rachel ~ Southern Fairytale´s most recent blog ..FreeBirds =-.

  3. Rachel already knows I love Freebirds, but I’ll go on the record for everyone else in case there was a question. 😉

    I agree with AmazingGreis that it’s my favorite of all the burrito places. Like Jennifer, I ate them in College Station (in my case, from ’99-’02). I’m not sure I understand elz’s comment about preferring another burrito because she associates Freebirds with Aggies. 😉 My hubby and I were there for grad school, so we can’t completely claim it. I also agree with BusyDad — oh, Texas food, why must you still haunt my taste buds after all these years?

    Fun post!
    .-= Rebecca at Toothwhale´s most recent blog ..Next to Godliness: Two simple ways to keep a clean home =-.

    1. You make me giggle!

      Texas rocks! 🙂

      I had a spinach burrito with steak, onions, black beans, guac, hot tomatillo sauce, mixed cheese and lettuce today. It was awesome.
      .-= Rachel ~ Southern Fairytale´s most recent blog ..FreeBirds =-.

  4. It was so awesome how the Corpus Christi Community rallied behind Freebirds. Since I have been away following my marketing career path, this grand opening also served as a personal homecoming to South Texas. Here is one of the videos from the awesome experience!
    .-= Omarr Cantu´s most recent blog ..Corpus Christi Freebirds World Works Habitat for Humanity Build =-.

  5. We noshed Freebirds all the time in Houston. ANd when I’d go home to Austin, I’d sometimes get another Freebirds. Yummmmmmmy. I’m going home in a few weeks and Freebirds is on the list of places to go. And Taco Cabana. And CHUYS. And. And. And. Geesh, I better bring elastic waist pants…..
    .-= traci´s most recent blog ..Copy Cat =-.

  6. LOVE Freebirds! I miss it so since I moved from Dallas to NC. Reading this makes me want a good burrito – yum!

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