H-O-T spells "Don’t Touch"

So my brilliant dingbat frustratingly stubborn darling daughter decided to completely ignore all warnings given by hubby and myself and just do whatever her pigheaded little self wants to do. (Dad, stop laughing. NOW. Seriously, I mean it. Quit. Laughing. I am nothing like that)
Every morning hubby gets up and irons his clothes for work. Usually this is done before stubborn girl Princess is up and running. Not so much this morning.
He and I are standing in the kitchen talking and Princess is watching us. As he does every time he has the iron out he says: “The iron is hot, don’t touch it”
So what does that pigheaded turkey do? She touches it! She doesn’t touch the handle. She doesn’t touch the cord or the plastic parts. She touches the gleaming, shining, hotter than hades silver part.
The look on her face: priceless. That little nose crinkled up, the eyes welled up and the mouth formed an O and then came the whine.
Both of us are biting our lips trying not to laugh. I know, I know. We’re bad parents.
“Princess, we told you it was hot and not to touch it.”
“WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” that’s her crying.
I take her in the bathroom and spend 5 minutes searching our eleventybillion piece First Aid Kit for burn cream.
Sunblock. Check. Lip Balm. Check. Filtered Water. Check. Insect Cream. Check. Tweezers. Check. Burn Cream? Nope.
What do I, supermom, do? I bust open a packet of sunscreen, tell her it’s burn cream, apply it to the damaged finger and cover that with a scooby doo band-aid.
Crisis averted.
So fast forward to leaving for pre-school. I walk out my front door and I am confronted with this:Photobucket
Growing right in front of me in my own garden. What is it you ask? A freaking Aloe Vera plant. That’s right. All that time wasted. I could have walked out my darn front door and broken off a piece of Aloe plant, smeared it on her finger and proven my worth as the coolest mommy ever.
Damn, failed again.
Then, the little smart aleck. We’re sitting in the car at the stoplight by her school and she says to me: “H-O-T, what does that spell mom?”
“Hot, honey, it spells hot”
“No it doesn’t. H-O-T spells ‘Don’t touch'”
Now really, how do you argue with that?
So, have a great day and if you have any Supermom stories, please feel free to share.

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  1. Oh that hurts! I hope it wasn’t too bad of a burn!

    I’ve told my super mom story – the one where I peed on my kid to save him from the jellyfish sting. Geesh!

  2. Uh..no. I am sooo not in the running for Super Mom. *sigh*

    No, really. Just ask them. I think, though, that I might be the World Champion at “You Ruined My Life”. 🙂

  3. I am not in the running for Super Mom either. The only award I am up for is the “Where’s Mommy? Oh, she’s at the computer again” award.

    Oh well…

  4. Oh, poor thing, I hope she is okay! Love that about the plant, I also have brain farts like that! I would have totally forgotten about it too!

  5. OMG…that sounds like something that would happen here except I can’t grow anything so the aloe vera plant would be dead! Hope she is OK.

  6. Three thoughts
    1) Have you ever actually used the aloe out of the aloe vera plant? It really smells awful in its raw form. Give me the scented gel any day
    2) I am so jealous anything green (evergreen doesn’t count) is growing anywhere within 100 miles of your front door.
    3)Hope your expert speller/all-knowing Princess is doing fine.

  7. OUCH!!

    lesson learned!

    and i guess you won’t soon forget about the lovely plant growing in your garden…lucky you!

  8. No, I’d totally top laughing at my kid for getting burned. We’ve sunk to the depths of yelling at them. I mean, they were warned.


    Oh the poor thing. The good news is I doubt she’ll ever do that again! And isn’t Aloe is an amazing healer?

  10. I am practically lusting after that HUGE aloe vera plant! DANG!

    Poor little mite. I always feel so bad when that happens. :S

  11. I had a tart burning a few weeks ago. This is not a new thing, but for some bizarre reason, MY princess decided to stick her finger in the liquid wax, before I could get out the NOOO!! The look on her poor face was just pitiful. Bet she won’t do that again!

  12. You know, if she learns from that experience than she is smarter than most people I have met. Lesson learned I hope! Aloe in the garden? Wow. I can’t grow weeds.

  13. Is this what I have to look forward to with my pigheaded, just like me daughter.
    Well, at least she learned her lesson.

  14. Ouch! My daughter did the same thing when she was little with a cactus plant. We were in the middle of WalMart and I had to buy tweezers to pull all the needles out of her little fingers while she SCREAMED in the bathroom. I was getting some looks for sure.

    No supermom here!

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