Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday
More haiku poetry can be found at the fabulous Mommystory’s blog or the wonderful Jennifer’s blog

family park day
a walk through the neighborhood
to the mini park

up and down the slides
crawling up through everything
up and down and back

watch out dad I’m here
coming for you, oops I fell
Dad kiss, all better

Pick me up Daddy
help me do the monkey bars
mom stands back and clicks

Monkey laughs and laughs
days like this, precious moments
record them, treasure them

soon they will be grown
mom and dad will be burdens
instead of playmates

spread your wings and fly
we will catch you if you fall
kiss away the hurt

set you on your path
stand behind you when you go
you, two dreams come true

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  1. you have a knack for all sorts of writing!! that was beautiful, as usual…and, so true. from playmate to burden…thankfully, as of right now…i’m not a burden but, my 12 year old daughter is starting to get embarrassed when i give her a kiss in public!!
    have an awesome day!!

  2. Beautiful, Rachel. I know the day is coming when I am not the center of their universe. But for now, I am enjoying it.

  3. Awwww… you’re so sappy! LOL. Great ‘ku, honey! And is little Miss O still in short-sleeves??? We actually had a little ice on the ground this morning…

  4. That was so sweet. Very sweet indeed.

    Are those pictures recent pics? Just how warm is it in your neck of the woods that you can enjoy a date in the park? Geez…. I am so cold here!

  5. That is exactly how it is. And, I love when Daddy can fill in and we can sit back and truly enjoy. Way to ku Rachel.

  6. What a beautiful Haiku…you are such a beautiful person, Rach….hope all is well and you are feeling better…the kiddos just look cuter and cuter with every picture you snap! Have a Great Weekend!

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