Happily Ever What!

The kids chose our Color Me Rad Team Name.

Happily Ever What!

This past Saturday we got up before the roosters and the sun and most sane people, put on our family team shirts, our neon sunglasses and headed down to reliant stadium to run the Houston 2014 Color Me Rad. We ran, we jogged, we walked, and Monkey did a lot of handstands and cartwheels.

We got “color-bombed”, we rocked out to some music, Monkey won a color chugging contest (he drank a kool aid style drink the fastest), and I watched my kids rock their own styles and personalities.

Happily Ever What color Me Rad family photo

But more than all of that.  We laughed, we spent time together, and we made memories.

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  1. Ok, this is going on my 2015 bucket list for sure! I was considering the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland next January as my goal…but Color Me Rad comes to SF and would be so much easier to get to (plus, hello, neon!!!)!

    And yes, this picture definitely needs to be printed. Did you and Princess mix/match your socks? Super adorable…you’re like a real life Lorelei and Rory!!!!

      1. I’m surprised that boy of yours didn’t demand to wear a suit and tie (*gasp* maybe next time you could all get fake fancy dressed up!)

        I think we might make this a cousins activity next year. I’m going to see of the guys will wear tutus with us 😉

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