Happy 2nd Birthday Monkey

Happy Second Birthday My Darling Little Monkey!!

September 20th, 2006. 12:26 PM. 19 1/2″ and 7 pounds of bruised, bloody, pissed off baby, that’s how you came into this world.
In a hurry and you haven’t stopped moving since, you were in such a hurry that you beat the tar out of yourself coming into this world, foreshadowing? I think so.

I fell in love with you instantly.
You completed our family. .
God Blesses us in so many ways.

Monkey 2 hours old

You struggled at first. Jaundice, life threatening RSV but you fought and you conquered. We still have our struggles, but you have come so far in the last two years.

Your smile, bright eyes and inquisitiveness charm all around you. You are such a joy. Happiness, life, love and enthusiasm just radiates from your entire being.

One year ago, you got spaghetti for the first time and I don’t know who had more fun, you eating it and making a mess, or us watching you and laughing.

Your first birthday snuck up on me, I couldn’t believe one whole year had passed since you entered our lives. It seemed so fast, and yet as though you’d been with us forever. Life without you, unimaginable.

Now here we are, you have been with us for Two Years. Such a short time, and yet you’ve made such an impact.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, every emotion and thought shows instantly on your face and in your beautiful hazel eyes. You care so much for everyone, you are so loving and compassionate. You are a joker, a comedian, a serious little old man, a daredevil, an independent, strong, rebellious and yet somehow your huge personality isn’t overpowering. You can easily lead, but are perfectly content to step back and follow. Some days you charge head first with no thought for consequences and other days you stop and I can hear the little cogs in your head churning and spinning as you weigh every option before you.

You are a contradiction.
You are my heart.
You bring unimaginable joy to our lives.
I am so proud of you.

I want to push a pause button and keep you my little boy for just a little bit longer, but another part of me is eager to watch you grow.
I know that you are going to become an amazing man and make us all so very proud, after all you have wonderful examples in your Daddy and your Grandfathers. True Southern Gentlemen, each of them.

I love you so much Monkey. I hope you never stop chasing rainbows.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet precious Monkey.

Thank you for all you have brought to our lives.


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  1. I remember the sketti birthday and I can’t believe it’s been a whole ‘nother year.

    He’s such a precious little one Rachel and you and N should be proud. Between him and Princess, I’m not sure who you’re going to have your hands full with more =)

    Happy Birthday Monkey!! I hope you have a great birthday *hugs and kisses*

  2. Oh, great! Are you trying to get me back now . . .

    Give me back my tissue . . .

    Happy Birthday to your little man. Big hugs!

  3. Happy birthday, Monkey! What a sweet post…I know I’ll be doing the same shortly!

    And, I just love the rainbow picture.

  4. thanks so much for posting this and reminding me just how cute my own were and still are….

    they are such a blessing! Wishes for a great birthday!

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  5. Today is my guy’s SEVENTH birthday. It was a great day – seven years ago and again today.


  6. Happy Birthday (ok, so I’m a little late!) to Monkey!!

    Keep these pictures and memories handy. Believe me when I tell you that they will be all that stands between your hands and his neck in about 14 years! 🙂

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