Happy Birthday Becca Jane, BeBe, Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. The woman who gave me life and nearly drop kicked her doctor during my delivery because he was an ass who rotated me without warning, or an epidural.

If you’re a mom, you totally flinched, clenched and said a**hole

My mom is an amazing woman. She is strong, beautiful, funny, passionate, loving, smart and the original Southern Belle.

Happy Birthday Momma.

My Mom on her First Birthday

My mom making it to her first birthday was a miracle. This picture, is a miracle.
My mom was born in mumblefiftymumblesomethingmumble. She was born with brain tumors. She survived the surgery. She survived terrible asthma and lived to thrive and take that picture. That picture up there. A powerful tribute and precious memento, a tribute to her strength and a precious memento for her mother, my Granny.

Tackling the first of many obstacles in her life

This picture is adorable to me because it reminds me not only of Princess learning to navigate stairs at your house, but because it represents to me the many obstacles you have overcome in your life with a sweet smile, grace and a sense of humor.
I don’t need to list them here.
You are powerful and strong beyond your own understanding.
I am proud of you.

Thank you for helping me to learn how to overcome my own obstacles with grace, strength and compassion. Thank you for dorm rooms, first apartments, margaritas, being there for my ADPi initiation, thank you for late night cries, for caring enough to interrogate Nathan to make sure he was good enough for your little girl. Thank you for the bachelorette party, the orgasm talks, the shopping trips but most of all, thank you for believing in me.

Mom, you are a beautiful, strong, loving, passionate, graceful, funny, smart, loving and wonderful woman.
You have taught me much in life and I am blessed by you.
I wish we could be there with you today but I know that Dad will make this day wonderful for you.

You are Princess’ favorite person and playmate.
You are my first and most special best friend and playmate.
You are more than I have words to describe.

Thank you for helping me to learn Grace, Humility, Love, Compassion, Strength, Independence, Grammar, Power, Respect and so much more.

You are my mother and my friend and I love you beyond measure.

Happy Birthday Bebe.
If it ain’t messy, you ain’t havin’ fun.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Big Kisses,
from your little girl

Happy Birthday Momma.

All our love.

Rachel, Nathan, Princess and Monkey


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  1. What a sweet post. You are blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your mom. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. It’s 5:30 in the morning – been up since 5:00 – just couldn’t sleep anymore. I check my email and your post and am so touched by what I find. I am truly the one who is blessed to have such a caring, thoughtful, and wonderful daughter. Thank you for honoring me today. I love you so deeply. By the way, where on earth did you find these pictures?

  3. okay, tearing up at 6:30 in the morning….well for this it was worth it.

    Your mother sounds like the most wonderful mother. Happy birthday to her =)

  4. I’m super impressed with your obvious adoration of your ma. I feel the same way about mine – so I get it.

  5. Wow, I’m not supposed to be all teary eyed this morning!!

    Happy Birthday, Rachel’s mom!!

    This was a terrific post, you are awesome, and so is your mom!!

  6. This was a beautiful sweet loving post Rach!!! Your mom shares a birthday with my hubby!!

    I love love love the pictures you posted..

    Happy Birthday Rachel’s Mom!!

  7. H


    Rachel’s mom.

    The pictures are so adorable and the post so sweet. I wish my daughters can write me something so touching.

  8. Happy Birthday wishes to your mom!!! Love love the photos. I know you’re mom is as special as you are my dear! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful way to wish your Mom Happy B-Day! I love the pictures. She sounds like an amazing women who raised an amazing daughter! Now I have to go call my Mama!

  10. what a beautiful post! Don’t I feel like a shmuck that I didn’t even mention my mom’s birthday on my blog in August!

  11. From an amazing mom comes an amazing daughter, an to her born one even more amazing still. Your family is blessed with a long line of amazing women. Blessings.

  12. Aw! Yay! Sorry I’m late…I hope her birthday was great!

    I remember when my son turned one and we threw a big party for his little, 13 pound self. It was less a birthday party, and more a celebration that he had made it that far.

  13. I just adore all of those photos. They were perfect for that sweet, sweet post. Happy birthday to your mom!

  14. This is such a sweet tribute to your mom! I know she feels incredibly blessed to have raised a wonderful woman like you!

  15. Happy belated b-day to your mom! Did you notice the pic of her with food on her face looks just like Monkey? I mean, besides the food all over her face.

  16. Geesh am I weepy. This is absolutely adorable. Seeing your mother . . . seeing you.

    Absolutely precious.

    Happy Birthday to your adorable momma.

  17. Thank you for posting this today; I never tire of reading it. It just reminds me of what a wonderful and amazing daughter you are. I do love you so.

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