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To My Dad on His Birthday

I wrote this last year for my Dad’s birthday and it is still true today

You were the first man in my life, the measure against which every boy was held.
*found one!*
You taught me about life and parenting through laughter and love.
I have grown and learned the most, not from your perfection, but your imperfections.

You showed me that embracing your faults as well as your strengths and using both is where true strength of character is found.
You held my hand and cheered me on, even when you knew I was making the wrong choices.
Thank you for never saying, “I told you so”
Thank you for simply picking me up and gently nudging me towards the realizations of what went wrong, and how to choose more wisely the next time.
Thank you for helping me to realize that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, or you’ll never make it through in one piece.
You have helped me to see the importance of friendship, independence, laughter, love and knowledge.
You taught me to stand on my own two feet, but also to know that it is just as important to know how to ask for help and lean on others when it is necessary.
You were, and still are, the best father any little girl could ever wish for.
Because of you, I chose the most amazing man to spend my life with.

Because of you, I have no silly ideas of a smooth, perfect marriage…where would the fun be in that?

Instead, I know to embrace our difficulties, stand strong together and love with all that I am.  I know to accept both of our imperfections and choose my battles.  I know that keeping my own identity is important not only for the strength of my marriage, but for my children too.
I was blessed to find a man with your best qualities and because of that, I know that Princess is being raised by the best kind of man possible.  She will grow up stronger, more independent and never doubting that she’s loved.
Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me, the best of which is you.

Happy Birthday Daddy. I hope it’s a wonderful day.
I love you so much!!

Then, Now and Always,


Your Loving Daughter,



Daddy’s Little Girl

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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  1. Yeah… I wish I had a story like this one to tell… might have been a few less mistakes on the “picking boys” side of my life. ((sigh))

    It’s so sweet to read the words to your father, embracing his imperfections, and all. You are a sweet daughter. I hope one day, my little ones give me so much grace. 😉

    Sugar Jones’s latest brilianceJust Fresh Healthy Fun (or How I Got UnBored)

  2. Thank You!
    The best part of parenting is being able to see your best efforts show up in your children and your worst mistakes really didn’t have the impact you expected. My Father taught me that our actions always drown out what we say. Proof is that children will always mimic their parents behavior long before they start being able to talk. Thank you for being the best mother I could wish for for my grandchildren.

  3. Hey my daddys birthday was yesterday and im trying to figure what to right to my dad on teh bak of a huge family photo colloge and i8 just wanted to say that poem is what im plannning to print off for himt o read my names racheal and i have a 2year old and although im not married that poem was very similar to what i had to say and outta the 4 siblings in my family i am my dads baby gurl and the first to have a baby thankyou for sharing ur poem with the world its cute sweet and made my heart melt thanks a lot rachel ur as fortunate as i am and anyone else with such loving fathers and mentors weve had have a great life and embrace it any chance you get – loving the people who make me who i am today

  4. Adrienne, thank you so much for the heads up.
    How did you find this.

    I’m so devastated that someone would steal my heart and tastelessly post it as their own.

    1. Tanis tweeted about her stolen posts, so I was flipping through looking for my words.

      I’m so sorry; I can imagine how awful this must feel! I would be blowing smoke out of my hears for sure.

  5. Looks like those were both the same persons/creeps blog? Wow!! Well, just know she’s getting slammed with unhappy comments from the friends of Rachel! I’m so sorry that happened. Just know she can’t really steal your heart, just words. All the meaning behind what you wrote still belongs to you.

  6. I know this post is old so sorry for my latness… i just had to tell you i just bawled my eyes out reading this.. this is very touching i loved it.. My dad passed away when i was 13, 12 years ago but seems like it was just yesterday.. I thank you for bringing back great memories i have of him

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