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Honey, Walnut, and Bacon Topped Baked Brie

I’m all about delicious, and easy foods – and this baked brie topped with walnuts, bacon, and honey is extremely easy to make and super delicious, too!  Thank you Fisher Nuts for sponsoring this scrumptious appetizer!

Honey and Walnut Baked Brie with bacon

Have you ever had baked brie?  It’s rich and creamy, and lends itself to a number of toppings and different preparations.

Baked Brie always seemed so intimidating to me, so whenever anyone asked me about it I would shrug and mumble something along the lines of “oh yea, it’s so good!” without committing to anything.

Here’s where my confession comes in.

The first time I made baked brie I didn’t realize that you were supposed to remove that papery wrapping.

I know

 Anyone else?

Am I alone? I don’t know what I thought would happen to it… but I didn’t think to CUT IT OFF.

So here’s your PSA for today. CUT. The. Top. Part. Of. The. Paper. Off to top and bake the brie.

Brie ready to have the paper cut off

I swear, y’all, sometimes I just don’t even know.  In my defense, I wasn’t raised on brie and I was easily in my early 30’s before I’d ever encountered baked brie and it was wrapped in puff pastry and smothered in jam.

Today’s brie (which is perfect for the superbowl this weekend) is EASY and it’s savory and salty and creamy and sweet! Did I mention easy?

Seriously, slice the paper top off the wheel of brie, place it in a baking dish and top it with cooked bacon, walnuts, and honey and bake for 15 minutes. 

 Honey Walnut Bacon topped Brie ready to go into the oven


Delicious, crowd pleasing, mouthwatering deliciousness at your fingertips!  I like to bake mine in a cast iron skillet, because cast iron – southern girl – why not and then when it comes out of the oven I spoon the drizzles of baked hot honey and walnut that have melted off the top of the brie back on top of it, and when I get my pita chip topped with brie, I drizzle the honey that’s hanging out sizzling in the bottom of the skillet over the top of it and I close my eyes and sigh with contentment.


ooey gooey baked brie

If you bake your brie for 10 minutes, it’s warm throughout and quite delicious, while retaining it’s ‘brie wheel’ shape – if you bake it for 15 minutes, it gets meltier and gooey-er and oh. my. word.  creamier and just heavenly.  

The combination of the rich, creamy, brie, the savory/salty bacon, the nutty richness from the walnuts, and the sweet local honey.  Seriously one of the easiest ‘fake-it-fancy’ appetizers you could ever make.

I like to leave the paper around the edges of the brie while it cooks (now that I know – ahem) to help it retain its shape, but you do whatever floats your boat {as long as you cut the top off!}

Honey, Walnut, and Bacon Topped Baked Brie

rich creamy baked brie topped with walnuts, honey, and bacon
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Prep Time:5 mins
Cook Time:15 mins
Total Time:20 mins


  • 16 oz wheel of brie
  • 3 strips bacon cooked crisp
  • 1/4 Cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 Cup local honey


  • pre-heat the oven to 350°F
  • Cut the papery top off the wheel of brie and place the wheel of brie in a baking dish (I use a cast iron skillet)
  • Top with chopped, cooked bacon, walnuts, and honey
  • Bake 10 minutes for a warm, solid brie
  • Bake 15 to 18 minutes for an ooey, gooey, melted cheesy appetizer of deliciousness
  • Use a spoon to scrape the honey and walnuts from the edges and the bottom of the skillet for added yumminess.
  • Serve with pita chips, crackers, veggies, or just eat off a spoon
Servings: 1 wheel of brie
Author: Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

Thank you to Fisher Nuts for sponsoring this post; I have a long term partnership with Fisher Nuts for which I am compensated, however, all recipes, opinions, writing, and photography are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who help make A Southern Fairytale possible. 


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  1. Yea, I would l do some major damage to that skillet of cheese! Love the sweet salty combo, and especially the nuts. I’m giggling about the paper 🙂 and only because I totally get it!!! Brie can be a little confusing for first timers. I was introduced to it as an adult too.

  2. This is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Is it weird that I want this at 10 at night? Plus I love Fisher Nuts – I have about 5 bags of their nuts sitting in my freezer.

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