How AT&T (almost) broke MWM

(relax, breathe...they won't bite)

The part of Rachel will be played today by…Deanna


So there was this storm…A storm that knocked out Rachel’s internet. Like COMPLETELY. So she asked me to step in for her today, and I just hope I don’t wreck the place. (it’s ok, cause I’m her blog designer too)

Speaking of, we are working on a new look for A Southern Fairytale – a little new paint, some new decorations…it will be fabulous!

But you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble – you want to share some recipes!  I’ll be visiting as many of you as I can, and hopefully Rachel will be back by Tuesday!

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  1. We just redecorated this weekend. We are still redecorating 🙂 Good luck with your blog renovations and thanks for posting the link 🙂

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  2. Today I’m linking up my Grilled Smashed Potatoes and 2-ingredient Pumpkin Cake Thanks so much for hosting!
    Drop by each Friday for Fusion Fridays and link up your goodies! {Open Thru Wednesday}

  3. Great job filling in for Rachel Deanna! I’m looking forward to seeing the changes the two of you are working on for this site 🙂

    Poor Rachel. Our internet was taken out by a storm this past summer. It took them weeks to get everything up and running again (I practically lived at the library in town). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the storm didn’t do too much damage to your system.

  4. Uh-oh. Poor Rachel. Here’s hoping the Internet gods decide to like her soon.

    And ummm yeah. That whole work on your blog and redesign and all that. I almost hate hearing about other people do it because I’m still umnmm not making any progress on mine. Ahem. 🙂 But yay for seeing BOTH of you at Blissdom very very soon!

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