How Do You Pop and Snack? A delectable giveaway

How do you pop and snack? Do you pop and munch straight from the bag? Do you pour it into a bowl and pair it with your favorite drink, candy or fruit?

I grew up eating salty buttered popcorn with fresh sliced apples. To me, that is the epitome of the perfect snack. So I was thrilled when I got an e-mail inviting me to sample some of Orville Redenbacher’s
popcorns for possible review on here. Like I was going to turn down food, puh-lease, y’all so know me better than that!
As soon as the box arrived the kids and I tore into it and I got all giggly over the popcorn bowl and coupons! COUPONS!! I love coupons.
First thing we did was pop the bag of Movie Theater Butter popcorn. The 3 of us inhaled it. I was saving the Smart Pop Butter flavor for after the kids went to bed. I never got to it. Nathan came home and ate it all. He didn’t even realize it was a Smart Pop flavor, so there ya have it.
I took my coupons in my greedy little hands and went to the store to go buy more popcorn. While there I discovered my new addiction. The Buttery Salt & Cracked Pepper Flavor. Nom Nom Nom. Y’all, I am addicted. I will never go back, this stuff is awesome. It’s salty, a little buttery and the pepper adds the most delectable bite. The best part, it’s part of their Naturals line which means it’s 100% Whole Grain, No Trans Fat and No Artificial Preservatives, Flavorings or Coloring. We can’t get enough of this, especially paired with fresh sliced Granny Smith Apples. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Because I love y’all so much I got back in contact with the wonderful Amanda and asked her if I could have some for a giveaway. She graciously sent me 10 bags of popcorn, 2 bowls and 2 sets of coupons. I added an apple corer, because to me popcorn and apples are the perfect match, but apparently others think it’s chocolate and popcorn so I’ve added a bag of M&M’s,too and a bag of the Buttery Salt and Cracked Pepper Flavor, I must share the addiction.

So here’s what you have a chance to win:

Doesn’t it just make your taste buds tingle and your mouth salivate ? I’m having to beat my family away from these bowls. Nathan has threatened that if I don’t get rid of them soon, he’s going to devour the contents.

I have two of these delectable little goodies to give away.
Here’s the deal. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to Pop & Snack, do you have a favorite flavor or are you a popcorn purist?
For an additional entry, write a post about this giveaway on your own blog, linking back to me and leave me a comment letting me know about it.

This contest will run through Thursday, July 3rd. I will announce the winners on July 4th. *I can only ship to the U.S. bloggers. Sorry y’all.

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  1. My favorite popcorn is just Buttery, buttery goodness and I love that with sliced cheese. Weird but good!

  2. I like just plain buttery popcorn…but I was in Mackinac City this weekend and they had salt and vinegar flavor…delicious. Sadly, I didn’t buy any.

    And, I love apple with salt! It typically grosses people out!

    Oh, and I try to put snacks in a bowl, just so I know how much I eat!

  3. I like the garlic flavor one– yum! I know it sounds insane – garlic on popcorn, but I love it.

    I pop it, dump it in a bowl and then hide from everyone while I eat it down. I may or may not like the bowl a bit too.

    I usually eat just the pop corn, but am totally open to trying it with some apples or m&m’s!

  4. My hubby and I love to make popcorn for movie night or even just good tv nights. He pops a bag of movie theater popcorn and we each get our own bowl, he likes lots of butter I like the old fashioned popcorn salt.

  5. Mmmm…just butter for me please. Extra. Butter. That is all I need.

    Oddly enough, I’ve been talking about an apple corer lately! Maybe it’s fate? Haha!

  6. I love it either with lots of salt and butter or with caramel. You okay? You’ve been awol. Or is that just me?

  7. I like ALL flavors of popcorn. I love kettle corn, supper buttery, lots of salt, garlic, mixed with candy… can’t say I have ever had a BAD popcorn.
    And popcorn goes great with Coke. YUM.

  8. I like the buttery salty stuff (the pepper sounds really good!) with a Coke. Simple. Refreshing.


  9. We LOVE popcorn here! Have to have it every night. My new thing is the buttery popcorn and shake it up with the powdered ranch dressing, SO GOOD!! I always get it at the ballpark and figured I could try it out at home. And that I don’t share.

  10. How do I eat popcorn? Any freaking way I can! I loves me some popcorn!

    I will eat it from a bag.
    I will eat it off a rag.
    I will eat it in a chair.
    I will eat it anywhere!

  11. alright, you know i HAVE to win it, right? since i was just asking for healthy snacks suggestions on my blog…

    i like my buttery salted popcorn with a LARGE diet coke and a bag of something chocolatey!

    but of course, i will offer the popcorn with apples for my kids.. i’ll hide the chocolate for later. 🙂

  12. ok, I have a huge spot in my heart for cheddar popcorn….

    I think when I was pregnate I have permanent orange fingertips!

  13. Just plain butter popcorn straight out of the bag. Hubby likes to use a bowl. Or I like to make it the “old-fashioned” way on the stove top. Mmm-mmm!

  14. I LOVE popcorn!! Movie Theater Butter is my fave, and I eat it in a bowl with a sprinkle of salt on top! I pair my popcorn with a sweet tea and that’s my perfect snack!

  15. My favorite popcorn? Oh mah holy hell. Kettlecorn. or caramel corn.

    Yea, caramel corn.

    Or just plain buttery popcorn.

    Or popcorn with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on it.

  16. Woman, you know the way to my heart.

    Every night after the kids go to bed, I pop a bag of Orville Redenbacher Movie Theater Butter popcorn (the mini bag) and pour it in a bowl. I then sprinkle it with Nacho Cheese seasoning power.

    Nom Nom Nom I say!

  17. Oh buttery popcorn, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
    I love thee plain, salty, buttery, cheesy, ALWAYS straight from the bag – HOT, HOT, HOT! Yum!!! Now you’ve got ME drooling!!!
    I got excited just LOOKING at the prize. 🙂

  18. The butterier the better. I need a Diet Coke with my popcorn. Orville is the best! Hey, he was from Indiana! 🙂

  19. boo hooo… I can’t pop and snack. Before I knew I was allergic to corn ~~ popcorn was a great treat — and of course with just butter and salt, it tasted great. Now however, I can’t even sample the stuff, so my family never gets any…. If I won, they likely would be the ones most thrilled to have some popcorn again!!

  20. I love the “movie butter” the more butter the better. Kettle corn is also a favorite in our house.

    Now, along with the popcorn, milk duds candy yum, yum, yummy….

  21. That looks yummy!! What a prize!

    Recently, it has become a habit for my 4yr old son and I to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave to share after lunch. We would pour it into a big bowl to share. He has a strange habit of eating from the side of the bowl furthest away from him.

    Anyways, I love cheese and caramel toffee popcorn, but my all time favorite is movie theatre buttered popcorn. I love it with an ice cold Pepsi.

  22. I pop the popcorn, then add butter, salt, and little torn-up pieces of sliced american cheese. Then I pop it back in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the cheese.
    OMG…heavenly..I’m droolin’!

  23. I love popcorn covered in caramel….yum! I am drooling just thinking about it.

    I will definitely blog about this contest and BTW, tagged you for something over at my blog.

  24. I don’t eat anything with my popcorn, but I love Kettle Corn. I always eat it out of some random bowl, so I would love my own popcorn bowl!!


    The cracked black pepper is beyond yummy but the Buttery Garlic makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

    I am a pourer, I put it in a boel, douse it with salt and if I am lucky to have some on hand I make a tall glass of Black Cherry Kool-Aid to go with it.

    Holy hell it’s only 8am and now I want to go make some.


  26. We do something called Family Fun Night every Friday, in which we pile in front of a movie and eat our dinner, then we get out the oil popper and pop up some popcorn (sometimes butter/salt, sometimes kettle-corn style) to share. We get out five separate bowls and we each get our own, but we pile up together on the couch and in the recliner to finish the rest of the movie while we eat our popcorn. The kids LOVE Friday nights. And funny story: whenever I heat up oil for any sort of cooking, they come running thinking they’re getting popcorn from the smell of the heating oil! ha!

  27. I’m a Kettle Corn kinda girl. I LOVE the salty with that sinfully sweet undertone. Mmmmm…. SO GOOD!

  28. My favorite is kettle corn. Though I would eat pretty much anykind. Thanks katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

  29. I love my popcorn mixed with peanut M&Ms. Yum! And when I was pregnant, I mixed popcorn with jalapeno peppers.

  30. I love butter popcorn with the cheese powder from mac an cheese mix sprinked on it,but my fave snack is a peanut butter an sliced dillpickle sandwich,an no im not pregant,my kids love it too,it grosses my husband out but its really good,thanks

  31. Years ago, I loved to eat microwave popcorn with M&M’s. That was seriously to die for. YUM!!!!

    Now I’m all about the Kettle Corn. Good stuff.

    If microwave Kettle corn isn’t available, I’ll bust out the real kernels and rev up the hot air popper. Dump enough butter and salt to kill a horse and away I chomp.

    Thanks Rachel, now I want popcorn for breakfast! 🙂

  32. I love the Orville Reddenbachers’s Popcorn that has the packet of cheese in it that you shake over th popcorn. That is really good! I usually pop it and put it in a bowl and share it with my hubby and daughter. Popcorn with M&M’s is good too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. My favorite is the pour over butter style. Perfect for sitting down enjoying a movie.

    shaunwallner at yahoo dot com

  34. My favorite popcorn is the “Movie Theater Butter” yummy!!!! We have little popcorn bowls for the kids, but my hubby and I usually get what’s left out of the bag!!! And coca-cola is the drink I choose with my popcorn!!!

  35. I love popcorn that has been popped in oil on the stove top. But, yes, the microwave kind is sooo much easier. Either way, it’s darned good stuff!

  36. I love to eat popcorn straight from the bag while watching the ballgame. My favorite flavor is Movie Theater butter, but I really like them all!

  37. My daughter and I absolutely love popcorn – the more buttery, the better! And we also enjoy the Ranch flavored. We pop it in the microwave and toss it in whatever is the largest tupperware that’s on the shelf – then we salt it a bit, shake it some more and veg out in front of the TV for a few movies (Dr. Who anyone?) I would love to win this popcorn set for my daughter (and me)! LOL!

    Please double my entry – I blogged about your contest at:

    If I happen to be the lucky winner, I can be reached at:

    Thanks for hosting this butterlicious contest 🙂

  38. My favorite is just lots of butter and salt. Like putting my hand in and it comes out all buttery.

  39. I’ve never had popcorn and apples….I’ll have to try it! They use to have a “Sweet Corn” flavored popcorn that I LOVED! I haven’t seen it for a couple years so apparently I was the only one who liked it. I’d have to say my favorite is caramel popcorn. I love the sweet and salty combo! Thanks for a great giveaway and I’m gonna try them apples!

  40. We’re BIG fans of popcorn in my house! Most of the time, we go with good ol’ buttered popcorn, but every once in awhile, I sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top! Yum! Granny smith apple sound yummy with the popcorn though. I’m gonna have to try that too! Thanks for the tip and the giveaway!

  41. mmmmmmmmm, now Im hungry! Okay I love two different ways to eat popcorn. LOVE Kettle corn on its own (yummy!!!) and also love doing regular butter popcorn with rasinets. Oh man its so good! 🙂

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway.

  42. I love to munch on Movie Theater Butter popcorn, while watching a scary movie! Oh I can see why you’d have a problem keeping your family out of this stuff,yummm!!

  43. Mmm. I must say I am a popcorn old fashioned lady.

    Real kernals, on the stove with oil, real melted butter and salt.


    And my boys poop kernals for days!! Regular right up!

    But, I would be willing to expand my horizons to the microwave sorts- because I LOVE contests and free stuff!! Woot!


  44. I really am a popcorn purist, I love plain salted popcorn with a little chocolate along with it.

  45. Dee says I love buttery and cheesey popcorn, the cheesier the better. I also adore Kettle Corn, Had it for the first time in Dollywood.
    I eat my apple slices with a touch of sugar and cinnamon.
    When I mix some cheese into the popcorn, it goes in a bowl, but the regular kind I eat right from the bag.
    THe dog loves both, but prefers apple slices! sometimes he eats more of my apple than I do.

  46. Okay this is going to sound weird, but I like eating my popcorn with hot tamales! My mom has prepared it that way since we were little. It is super yummy!

  47. This is just fattening and so unhealthy, but my 85 year old grandma eats it once a week and she is still going strong! Cheese popcorn with grated sharp cheddar mixed with melted butter, salt, and (gasp) MSG. Oh so yummy.

  48. I love me some popcorn, oh yes I do! And I’m a little weird, too. I like good ol’ buttered popcorn, but I love it with Hot Tamales candy. I guess the flavors combined are kind of like cinnamon popcorn. Anyway, yum-oh!

    Tacky Princess

  49. I love kettle corn popcorn with white cheddar cheese powder doused on thick!

    completelyme at gmail dot com

  50. I pop the buttery popcorn and put it in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Then I take fresh grated paremsan and coat the top. Great taste and not too much salt. The cheese does it.

  51. I love to put a little extra butter on my popcorn and then drown it with sliced jalapenos. Yum!

  52. Me! Me! Me please! I lurve me some popcorn and either apples or chocolate works for me! LOL

    (And you host giveaways here?? And talk about food?? Count me as a new subscriber!)

  53. the best way to eat popcorn is to put jalapenos in it. you can either have them sprinkled on top or you can have them on side and get a handful of popcorn with a jalapeno

  54. I am a butter lover,so butter up my popcorn and I mean butter up and add some salt , I am ready to munch. I have to make a very large bowl for everyone.
    We all enjoy chedar cheese also

  55. Seriously, anytime is a good time to Pop and Snack. I do it whenever the mood strikes. I am definitely a Popcorn Purist.

  56. i like my popcorn straight up, maybe with a little salt but nothing else really, thanks for the contest

  57. Yes I have a favorite flavor of popcorn. It is movie theater butter. I just love movie theater butter popcorn. It is so good. I also like cheddar flavored popcorn. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win especially since I love Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn so much. Thanks.

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