I beat the bathroom and it beat back


It’s time for another edition of Fighting The Frump with Fussy.
However, since Mrs. Fussypants just had her FIFTH little boy on Wednesday,
The amazing Karla has taken over the Frump Fighting Hosting Duties.

This week I present a Frump Fighting post with multiple layers. Ooooh the intrigue.
I have despised our master bathroom since we bought the house in February of 2007. It has hideous swirly faux marble counter tops and HUGE mirrors. But those I can do nothing about. The awful light fixtures, dingy paint, boring faucets and outdated hardware.. that I can handle.
Or so I thought.


I went to my favorite Adult Toy Store and picked out paint colors, hardware, fabulous low flow water faucet and matching shower features and went on my merry way back home to attack the not so fabulous bathroom of the 70’s. Not a great style decade, BTW.
Apparently, the bathroom did not like having a face-lift and while I was sprucing up the trim with some lovely white paint… it happened. The counter revolted and I was tossed into the air only to land with a loud CRACK on my side right on the edge of that really hard faux marble counter top. Monkey flipped and ran screaming from the bathroom. Me? I was stone cold still on the bathroom floor trying to breathe. The crack, that was my ribcage. Special people. Special.
5 weeks later, I’m better but still sore.
No self respecting Mom or Southerner will let some cracked ribs stop her from a make-over and so with the aid of both my husband and the occasional Vicodin and 500MG Ibuprofen, I present:

The After

You can Fight the Frump in any bathroom with the aid of just some fresh paint and some new and inexpensive hardware. If you want to invest a little more green and go green, you can get low flow faucets, too. You can go as far as you want, but now my personal Frump Fighting room has been De-frumped and I’m so proud.

Fight The Frump Friday Part Deux:

Now that my bathroom is all lovely, I am asking all my fellow frump fighters for some help in my bedroom. Minds out of the gutter NOW! Not that kind of help…thankyouverymuch
We just got some delicious milk chocolate colored sheets and a gorgeous reversible Pumpkin Spice & Dark Chocolate Duvet cover for our bed from Linen’s and Things.
Can you tell I’m a foodie?

Isn’t it yummy and just gorgeous!!

Help a girl out people. Should I paint? What color(s)? Add some pictures or mirrors to the walls around the window? Should I add another color to the curtains?
Please people.. help a sistah out.
I’ll post the results and pictures in a future Fight The Frump post, and I promise to stay off any high surfaces.

BTW~ You’re looking fabulous today! Did you get some work done sleep, using new night cream? It’s working for you.

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  1. Thank you for taking that time to visit my blog and answer my questions. 🙂 Your blog is SO pimped up! So many things going on all over! hee hee! Thank you for those instructions, that was very nice of you! I love how you write on your pictures, too! 🙂 Now I’m wondering how you made that labels cloud and how your headlines come in different fonts! whew!

  2. Wow, the bathroom looks great! But OUCH!! We have been remodeling for almost a year now but the only injury to a family member has been a scraped leg.

    Your room looks gorgeous! I love the bed colors! I am having trouble (for the last 5 years) unfrumping my bedroom.
    Maybe add the “spice” color from the bed to the curtains. How about adding trim or crown moulding at the top of the room. Just some ideas hope it helps!

  3. oooh, poor baby! i love your ne bathroom, but your poor ribcage!

    as for your bedroom, i love the new sheets and the chocolate and spice theme. what do you think about lightening up the walls? i can’t really suggest any color since you’ll have to be there in person.

    happy frump fighting!

  4. You definitely on a good start! I’ll have to get back to you if I think up any solutions. I am feeling fashion challenged today. Come check out my post on fashion discernment – it’s on pants not home decor. Sorry.

  5. Having a good looking room always makes you feel better about yourself. 🙂 I have the chocolate colored sheets and a gold colored comforter. I also have Chocolate colored walls, and I love it. It makes the room seem like its wrapping you up in its warmth. Almost like a little cave, but not as damp. 🙂 SO depending on how warm you want your room to feel, you could go with a darker shade.

  6. When I was reading thru your post (quickly) I thought for a minute you asked if you should put a mirrors up (like on the ceiling) Um, NO.
    I vote for darker tan walls. Looks so delicious with white trim. Love what you’ve done!

  7. Oh-la-la!! The bathroom looks great. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of new stuff will do!

  8. Paint is a very, very pale chocolate. It will become your chocolate den of desire, darling. And, you will want to rock that casbah!

    Also, you so didn’t tell you you broke your ribs!

  9. Wow, I love the yummy bedding! I have no suggestions for you because I suck at this sort of thing. My rooms need serious makeovers.

    You did an awesome job on the bathroom. Just keep yourself off the counters, girly!

  10. I am not the best at “envisioning” things like this, but what if you painted one wall a slightly lighter shade of the pumpkin color on the comforter? That might be an option. I love the duvet set, by the way.

  11. The bathroom looks fabulous. I really need to unfrump ours …. you’re right, the 70s were a good look.

  12. I vote for matching sconces with candles in them for around the windows. So pretty. Sorry about your ribcage.

  13. That bedding is gorgeous and the bathroom looks great. You might look into getting some of those carved wooden wall pieces. I thing the dark brown wood would go well with the tones of the room. Here’s an example from West Elm.

  14. gorgeous! It’s amazing what a new light and faucet can do!

    and that room is yummy! The walls would be gorgeous in a dark brown color.

    xo ~K
    (hope y’all are all on the mend!)

  15. I am all about pictures on walls.. I would either do a picture tier layout or one big sepia photo of the kids. I love the colors in your bedroom, they are divine.

    And your bathroom looks amazing.. do you travel?

    PS. Glad to hear your ribs are healed.. ouch.

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