If You Give A 5 Year Old A Barbie Fishing Pole

If you give a 5 Year Old a pink barbie fishing pole and send her out on a boat in the middle of the bay


She might catch 15 fish on that pink barbie fishing pole


Her brother might get so bored that he covers up and goes to sleep, while she fishes with her pink barbie fishing pole


If you give a 5 year old a pink barbie fishing pole, she might catch a 21-inch red fish on that pink barbie fishing pole completely shaming any fish that her mom and dad might have caught on their big adult sized fishing poles, even though mom’s is pink, too.


If you give a 5 year old a pink barbie fishing pole, she might catch so many fish that by the end of the day she might tell her parents that she is tired of catching so many fish and wants to stop.


That same 5 year old might punk her daddy the next time he goes fishing and catches no fish, that he would have caught some fish if he’d taken her and she had worn her Queen of The Lake hat and used her pink barbie fishing pole

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**  You may have noticed the purple background.  I have gone purple in honor of Maddie

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  1. Great job! Too cute. My 12 year old wants to fish. I don’t fish!

    Martha’s latest brilianceGood Friday

  2. Wow! She’s like a fish charmer! That is great 🙂

    I’m guessing after this post, those Barbie fishing post may go flying off the shelves 😉

    Momisodes’s latest brilianceGuess How Much I Love You

  3. How cute! I just showed my husband your post and his thoughts? “See? We need to get a boat!”. *le sigh*

    Tiffany’s latest brilianceTracy Joy Diaper/Camera Bag GIVEAWAY!

  4. What a cute post and what a cutie pie that little five year old fisher-girl is – ADORABLE!! Can’t believe all those fish!!! How fun!

    Take care and Happy Easter, Rachel – to you and your family!


    Kellan’s latest brilianceExcuse Me For A Moment – While I Laugh My Head Off

  5. Good job Princess with the pink Barbie fishing pole!

    Both my boys have kid fishing poles, but we’ve never added hooks or bait, and I’m not convinced they’ve ever actually been near water either. They just get a huge kick out of casting into the yard and reeling in the little plastic fish thingy. Note to self: get those poles in the water this summer!

  6. I swear, it ALWAYS works that way!

    Nick, who was three at the time, caught more fish on his Sponge Bob pole on our fishing trip last spring than ANYONE ELSE IN THE BOAT! Will, who was one, was also caught in the same sleeping positions as Monkey every day of the same trip. (Though that was just fine by me – I didn’t have to keep him from jumping overboard!)

    I wonder if we have the same pole…my Dad just bought mine for me for my b-day in February. Mine’s mostly black with pink – its a Breast Cancer Awareness pole!

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners – April 6 – 11, 2009

  7. All these years and all I needed was a Barbie fishing pole?? Because you know that I have NEVER caught a fish. Not even at the stupid catfish farm where they GUARANTEE you will catch one. Never.

    amy’s latest brilianceThe 6th Sense

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