In Which My Husband Wins the Marriage

One week ago, I turned 35.

One of the other neighbors has a birthday this month, too, so we planned a birthday girls night out with darts, drinks, food and bingo.

The next day – my birthday – Nathan and the kids and I were driving down to pick up the boat and spend a few days playing in the sun, fishing, relaxing, and just celebrating life.

Little did I know that my husband had something else in mind and that he and the neighbors and one of my dearest friends were plotting and planning behind my back.


There was about 10 more seconds of hugging and cheering and laughing from the neighbors.  I can’t thank them enough, or my husband – who as I said, won the marriage by flying Casey in as a surprise for me for my 35th birthday.  I

‘m so grateful to my little brother for driving to the airport at 11PM to pick her up, and for being on top of it enough to video this so that I can watch it over and over and get teary eyed and heart swelly every time.

My husband seriously won the marriage.

and Casey got introduced to Roadside Beavers.

and my heart exploded with happiness and love and I have a new Camera obsession


Nate – I love you then, now, always.. more than <3

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  1. This story sailed up like a shiny, rainbow colored balloon, all of us looking up and oohing and awing and believing that there is magic in the world.

    We all win!

  2. I just got teary as they were walking to the garage in the dark! That is the sweetest thing, and so much work they did to pull it off!

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