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Once upon a time, I lost my mind.

Luckily, it was a short trip to crazy.

You see, the Princess in our little Southern Fairytale turned 5.

She requested a few things.

A Castle Cake.

Insane Mommy complied.

Then the Princess wanted Cupcakes to take to school on her actual birthday.

Once again, insane mommy complied.

She baked and beat, and whipped and piped. Covered in cake flour, butter and sugar permanently embedded in her pores, ears and nasal passages. A right hand which may never work properly again due to hours upon hours of piping icing onto castle cakes and cupcakes galore.

Up to pre-school Insane Mommy went and ate with a table of 4 year olds, played on a playground with 40 something 2,3,4 and 5 year olds.

Crazy mommy craves one thing, sleep and freedom from sweets.

Imagine this times 2. I made 50 of these.

Why did Insane Mommy do this to herself you ask?

Could you say no to this face?

Remember that little place I told you about? The one where I’m the food editor… You know… Blissfully Domestic. Well today there is an amazing opportunity up there, it has to do with Aida and The Food Network and Holidays…. want to know more? Go here.

Now I’m off to give myself a microdermabrasion treatment because I can, and then take the kids to Target because I’m insane like that.

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  1. What a fab mom you are (I already told you a million times).

    And, yes, you are crazy…I’m glad it was a short trip.

    I’m sure my daughter will be asking for things like this in 3 years. Maybe if I shelter her from the internet and tv she won’t know about princesses!

  2. Awesome cake. I only tried making a special cake like that one time. Took me an entire day.

    The skirt is beautiful. Makes me wish I had a little girl to play dress up with for about a minute.

  3. wow, those cupcakes look great! And to think, all I do is slap the frosting on with a knife and top with some colorful sprinkles. You put me to shame. LOL

  4. Wow, that is an awesome cake and look at those beautiful cupcakes!!!!

    Your princess is so beautiful though, you just HAD to do all that.

    Happy birthday to your princess. We’ve got a 4th BD coming up in December and the baby girl is so excited too…

  5. You just might be the Mom of the year. They’ll crown you when you’re released from the asylum. Don’t you hate it when they have those “can’t say no to” faces?

  6. I’m not the great mom you are. And, that’s the best BC thing out there. When are you coming to hang with me so we can play spa?

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