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[donotprint]So there’s this little item out there that you may have heard about

Apple iPad Yes, that little item — the iPad.

I am fully okay with admitting that I really really really want one.  I saw Lori, A Cowboy’s Wife, playing with hers while we were on a trip this past summer, and I have to admit it made me develop full blown iPad envy.

Even though I don’t have an iPad (sniff sniff)  I’m super excited to announce  that I’ve partnered with Kraft Foods to give away an iPad and a download of their amazing Big Fork Little Fork App.

‘Tis the Season and All 😉

Big Fork Little Fork for iPad on the iTunes App Store_1292257399168

How gorgeous and awesome does that screen shot look?  I want to dive right in and start playing with it, moving things around, searching recipes, watching videos, playing games… alas.. I do not have an iPad.  But, one of you is going to win one!

Here’s the deal, Kraft Foods has teamed up with Super Chef Marcus Samuellson to create a special recipe collection JUST for their Big Fork Little Fork iPad App Big Fork Little Fork for iPad on the iTunes App Store_1292259478857

This special collection (which is in addition to the already amazing virtual cookbook that is Big Fork Little Fork) contains globally-inspired recipes, how-to videos and a ton of tips and tricks from Marcus himself to show just how easy it is to get everyone involved in creating meals together. The new content is really designed to bring both parents and children in the kitchen to make cooking a family affair (and a fun one at that!)  The app is a virtual cookbook, complete with HOW TO VIDEOS! (color me jealous) educational games for the kids, GORGEOUS photos and more.

Check out this screen shot of one of Marcus’ recipes:  Red Grits

Red Grits recipe from Big Fork Little Fork

Gorgeous, right?

His recipes also include special tips and tricks FROM Marcus himself!

Like these for his Red Grits recipe:

  • This side dish is a great alternative to rice and pasta, and particularly good served with shrimp,as they do in the Low Country of South Carolina and other regions of the American South.
  • Washing Fresh Herbs: Always wash fresh herbs before use. Rinse small bunches under cold running water and blot dry. When you need to clean a large amount of herbs, fill a large bowl or clean sink with cold water and swish the herbs around to remove any dirt. Remove the herbs from the water and dry in a salad spinner or gently blot dry.
  • Nutrition Bonus: The combination of tomatoes and tomato juice not only adds color and flavor to the grits, but it also provides a good source of both vitamin A and vitamin C.

as a special bonus, you know, because EVERYONE can’t win the iPad.. y’all all get Marcus’ Red Grits Recipe[/donotprint]


Recipe: Marcus Samuellson’s Red Grits


  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. tomato paste
  • 1/8 tsp. smoked paprika
  • ½ cup old-fashioned grits
  • 1 cup finely chopped tomatoes
  • 1 cup tomato juice
  • 1 cup fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth
  • ¼ cup KRAFT Shredded Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil


  1. COOK first 3 ingredients in medium saucepan on medium-low heat 1 min.
  2. Add grits; cook and stir 2 min.
  3. Add tomatoes; cook and stir 2 min.
  4. STIR in juice and stock; simmer 10 min.
  5. TOP with cheese and basil.

Cooking time (duration): 25

Number of servings (yield): 4

Culinary tradition: USA (Southern)

So here’s the deal.  One of y’all is going to win the 16G WiFi Apple iPad from Kraft Foods {drool}

iPad - iPad WiFi - iPad WiFi + 3G - Apple Store (U.S.)_1292260126468

Here’s the Nitty Gritty on how to enter to win.

This giveaway is open from Today, Monday – December 13, 2010 thru 10PM CST Thursday, December 16th.

I will use comment contest to choose the winner and they’ll have 24 hours to get back to me or we’ll choose another winner.  We want to get this to you before Christmas! Giveaway open to US AND Canada! Thank you, Kraft Foods!!!

Mandatory Entry:

  • If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone:  how would it work?  What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

Bonus Entries:

  • Tweet this giveaway and link the twitter URL here in the comments (once daily)
  • ‘Like’ Kraft Foods on Facebook Tell them that A Southern Fairytale sent you and then come back and leave me a comment telling me that you did it
  • Check out the Big Fork Little Fork iPad app and tell me what you like best about it
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know that you’ve done it along with your FB name (once daily)

Good luck, y’all!

I have received no compensation for this, I have not receive product for this.  I’m doing this because I love Kraft Foods and I love y’all and I’m really excited about the prospect of making someone’s Christmas that much brighter and geektastic![/donotprint]

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  1. I dunno about DESIGN, because…apps. They scare me. But I know with recipe books I like pictures of the food, and I guess I’d like something where I didn’t have to touch it once I started cooking, so that my ipad could stay all pristine.

  2. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    I’d love a recipe app that helped me navigate food allergies as I’m shopping or looking up family-friendly recipes. It’d be so helpful to have those allergy warnings at a glance. I used a lot of packaged/boxed pantry type stuff in my recipes.

  3. If I were to design an app for the IPAD, I would make sure that it was easy to search for recipes by type, ingredient, etc. I would also like to have it interface with a grocery list app, so that whatever recipe you chose to make, it would automatically add the ingredients to your shopping list.

  4. I really really want one too.

    If I were to design an iPad app, it would be something that pulled up recipes based on certain ingredients I have on hand. It would allow me to choose the catagory of dish and style, etc. It would also then create a shopping list for that recipe, and it would suggest good accompanying dishes as well. Such an app probably already exists, but since I don’t have an iPhone or iPad, I wouldn’t know.

  5. I’m lusting after an iPad myself. They are AMAZING!
    Very cool app by Kraft as well.

    I think it’d be fun to have an app for cravings…called Cravin’. And you could put in what ingredient(s) you’re having a hankering for, say chocolate and strawberries, and it would give you some recipes to pick from using those two ingredients (and others). Oh, I like this idea the more I think about it.

    Awesome giveaway!! And thanks for making me use my creativity too!

  6. If I could design a cooking app for the Ipad I would create something were I could put in all the ingredients that I have in my house and in exchange I would receive a recipe. This would eliminate many trips to the store as well as wasted food I end up throwing away. Thanks for the contest!!

  7. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    Honestly, the ability to add to my recipe collection from a blog. Most of the recipes I use are from bloggers, and most of my best recipes I’ve posted online. I’d love to be able to hit a button on my phone and zip a blog recipe into my recipe app.

    1. Duh. I tweeted it. I know you know this, because you retweeted what I retweeted and then someone else retweeted what you retweeted that I retweeted and black is white and up is down and vests now come with sleeves and it turns out zebras are the super-species.

  8. Ok, now I have an iPhone, so of course I need an iPad! I actually would like something that works a lot like the websites I use for cooking (like yours). I want to be able to see photos and have someone walk me through my silly questions. Cool idea: The app should let you “live chat” with someone in the Kraft kitchen when you mess up!

  9. I would include a random/shuffle, a recipe would pop up and then I wouldn’t have to decide what’s for dinner anymore!

  10. I think something that plays by itself, so I don’t need to go scrolling through with messy fingers. Or, one that spews out the food, rather than just the recipe. That would be the best app ever.

  11. I want to plug in what I have in my pantry and have it give me recipes! And I want it to tell me how much time and if it can be converted to a slow cooker. Random? Yes. But it’s what I want!
    Maybe I’ll share it with you if I win. If you share food with me. Deal?

  12. oooh love love love the ipad! Yes I have #ipadenvy too!

    I would love to see an app that has recipes that I can search for, ways to print directly from my ipad/iphone and also a include menu planning system that would send me a note as to what the meal plan was for that day. Another cool feature would be super quick recipes (under 30 min ) that my kids would actually eat lol

    That would be awesome.

  13. I’d love to develop a wine app…one that suggests 1 to 3 wines that would go great with a particular main course.

    I need to get right on that! LOL

    WOULD LOVE to win this as I’m sure everyone else would!

  14. I need an app that can help figure out a recipe based on what I don’t want- like “I’m not in the mood for beef, what about chicken, no, pork? yes, what type of pork…etc.”

  15. I checked out the app on iTunes, and it looks really great. It has such nice photos, makes me hungry, but what I love most is that it’s goal it to try and get families to cook and eat together!

  16. I’d want the app to have big pictures, a recipe box to save my favorites, access to videos and creation of a shopping list for the recipe I decide I want to make. That feature would work with a grocery app that lets me know if there are coupons available for any of the ingredients and where they are on sale.

  17. Cool!! How about an app that would give you substitutions for things – i.e. you’re out of thyme, you could activate the app and it would tell you what other herb or combo of herbs you could use?

  18. If I were to design an app for a cookbook, I’d LOVE to be able to find recipes based on a single ingredient or groups of ingredients. That way I could type in what I have and have relevant recipe choices.

  19. Thank you for running a contest that is open to both your American AND Canadian readers! I have big-time iPad envy whenever I see them. Graham doesn’t understand why I would ever need one, but you and I know it has nothing to do with need. I am a gadget geek and if the love I have for my iPhone is any indication, an iPad would send me over the edge with geeky happiness.

    If I was going to design a cooking/baking app, I’d make sure that the measurements could be easily converted from Imperial to metric wherever necessary, and high quality photos are definitely important when it comes to cookbooks. With the iPad, video instructions could even be incorporated with ease! Then you could upload your own photos of the finished product from your own kitchen so other cooks could see how the recipe turned out!

  20. Ok, I tweeted (ajsouthern), retreated, liked Kraft on FB, and posted on FB (Aubree Johns-Southern)! I’m off to look at the app too, so count me in.

  21. I Liked Kraft on Facebook today! I always like it when people remind me to go Like companies on Facebook. Sometimes I don’t think to do it. BTW, my Facebook name is Melanie Monthei Nelson.

  22. Let’s see…I would love to have a cooking app that downloaded all ingredients into a virtual shopping list. You could add to it and have your list so handy!!

  23. OK, sooooo, I’m totally clueless about apps because I’m on a Blackberry but I would love to get on the ipad train. Mmmm…toys.

    That said, with zero app experience (so, someone may have already done this…), if I could have a dream app re: cooking/food, it would interface the ingredients list of a given recipe with the layout/general stock availability of my favorite grocery stores. So, for example, I’d be able to see whether I could get everything at Trader Joe’s (which I love for pricing but doesn’t always have everything I need) or if I need to go to Whole Foods. AND the app would interface with the local store to tell me which aisles to find stuff. AND also offer wine recommendations and side dish/app/dessert pairings.

    Basically, give me a menu planning robot please! 🙂

  24. My app would have to have an easy way to enter the food items so you could easily add them to a grocery list. Good photos are a must! To be able to publish to my blog with the tap of a button would just be a bonus!

  25. I would make the measurements of ingredients available within the steps – when you’re scrolling through the process, and see, “add the salt, butter and sugar,” but have to go back to see how much of each, it’s a pain (especially when you have sticky fingers!!).

  26. Most important design feature would be ease of finding recipes by diet — low salt, low carb, low cal, etc.

  27. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    Hands down- weekly recipes for EASY week night dinners. For example, I would want it to search ingredients that I wanted to use that week, ie broccoli, chicken, tofu.

    Great giveaway!!!

  28. my app would scan my pantry inventory and write a shopping list for me. It would have a timer built in. I always forget to set the timer when I put food in the oven,

  29. I’d love to be able to search by ingredients or dish names. I’d like suggestions about dishes for upcoming holidays or events. I’d like to be able to rate recipes and search by the highest rated ones. Oh! And if there’s a way to tell me where some of the ingredients would be on sale near me, that would be very cool.

  30. I would want the app to let me choose multiple recipes. Then it would create a shopping list from those, but it would be editable, so that I could get rid of the things that I already have in my pantry and not have to print out the whole list and then cross stuff off myself. I also prefer to have nutritional information for the food I’m preparing. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could change an ingredient in a recipe to a low-fat version, and see how the NI would change to decide whether it’s worth it to you?

  31. If I could design an app. it would be an app that people could put in ingredients they have at home and it would give you receipes you can make with those ingredients.

  32. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    I’m in favor of the Ingredients on Hand approach, now what can I make? Also, while this might be too exhaustive for an app, step-by-step pictures are super helpful for me. I do all of my cooking by running back and forth from stove to computer. An iPad on the kitchen counter would be awesome. Ahem.

  33. I’d like to be able to search by a combination of items – things I have on hand, things I don’t want to include, cuisine “style” – low carb, party food, ethnic, etc. Then, I’d like to be able to link it up to available coupons and the actual store where I shop (for aisle/sale info). ooh, and if it could basically be my food inventory system too, that would be nice. You know, in an ideal world!

  34. I’d like an app that calculates nutritional values for recipes and allows me to make a menu plan for the week so I can see at a glance that this week is a little heavy on this nutrient or light on that vitamin and adjust accordingly. I’m always doing things with a kid hanging off of one arm so the apps that work best for me are ones that are streamlined, where I can see all the important info at once.

  35. My ideal app would be one that would give me a shopping list for recipes with brand names and location in the store listed. That way, I could send my husband to the store without him having to call me a million times. Maybe you could even click on the item in the grocery list, and a picture of the product would come up…

  36. I would make it easier to search for a specific dish and have a rating system to have people that have made the dish able to comment on how it was.

  37. An app with even the simplest, easiest recipes would be awesome. Also, a kickstand for the iPad so it doesn’t have to lie on the countertop.

    Also, PICK ME!

  38. And I checked out the app – I think the games are great. I had to teach our Brownie troop about nutrition as part of a badge and having an iPad and a fun game like that would be a great way to interact with the troop so they are having fun while they learn about the food pyramid

  39. Definitely be able to search by entering multiple ingredients. Real pictures – maybe even step-by-step – would need to be a must. And a favorites section to be able to bookmark or save recipes with an option to make notes (“family favorite”, “added more cheese”, etc).

  40. I would have features to search by meal (breakfast, dinner), main ingredients (beef, broccoli), time for prep, time for cooking, servings, allow you to adjust serving so you can double or half recipe to fit your needs, allow you to look up under X calories for each dish, allow you to write notes to the recipe( changed a measurement or omit or added ingredients, have the ability to mark as favorite or recently used. Allow you to add recipes of your own to app. Show all nutritional facts per servings. have the option to have the recipe read out loud, so you don’t have to touch the screen.

  41. If I can design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone, it would have a user/cook friendly features and interface. It not only can search up recipes based on the ingredients you entered in, but at the same time, it will suggest recipes that you have never searched for before. That way, it will open the cook’s knowledge of the food around them. At the same time I would have ways for you to not only print out the recipes but share it with your friends and family through the same app or email, text message, and other social networking service! After all, what’s s good cooking and eating without sharing it with the ones around you! 😛

    What I like about Big Fork Little Fork app is their light bulb tips. Sure comes in handy while cooking and definitely a plus for someone like me that don’t cook often/is not a great cook/can possibly burn down the kitchen! Thanks, Big Fork Little Fork!

  42. I feel likeim always making the same sishes. My app would track how often I make a dish. If I made it more than 2x in 3 or 4 weeks, the app would tell me that and recommend another recipe.

  43. I’d want the app to link to a shopping list app that would include all of the ingredients I need.

  44. I love that is designed to get the whole family involved in cooking, my 6 years old love to help in the kitchen and anything electronic so this would be the best of both worlds.

  45. I’m gonna say a fun, kid-friendly app that lets kids pick out the entree and sides to make for dinner (from a database of easy to make recipes and ingredients the parents choose). Anything that will get my kids more excited about eating their dinner.

  46. I’d like an app that I input our preferences of types of food we like, syncs with my grocery store recipets to know what items i’ve purchased and have on hand, and then randomly generates ideas for what to make for dinner. Deciding what to make is always the hardest for me! So if I buy foods we like, and it knows our preferences it can suggest meals – ah a perfect world.

  47. I love the app because you can throw in multiple ingredients, just like the website. LOVE Kraft. LOVE. You hear me Kraft? I pink puffy heart you.

  48. Good search tools so that I could search by type of recipe (appetizers, entree, dessert, etc) or by ingredient.

  49. Okay I shared on FB but don’t want my last name in your comments, so email me and I’ll add you on the FB. xoxo

  50. An app that would allow me to create a recipe box/favorite section and allow me to add notes to the ones I’ve used in case I made personal adjustments to the published recipe.

  51. I would like an app that runs by voice control with a step by step video for that recipe. That way while you are cooking you can watch it, but if you need to pause it you can say “Pause” without having to touch the screen with gooey fingers. LOL

  52. Checked out the app, I love the educational games and how-to videos. Kids are so much more likely to retain information if you teach it in a fun way.

  53. If I could design my own iPad app to help with cooking, I would want the layout to be easy to read, first thing. To make the application even more user friendly for myself, it would be nice to somehow have alternative ingredients listed someplace, and a way to scale the recipe up for a huge crowd, or down for just me and my husband. 🙂


  54. I checked out the Big Fork Little Fork app. I really like that it includes educational videos. I know that helps me learn new things!

  55. I would like an app similar to allrecipes.com that allows you to enter what ingredients you have and then finds recipes that use those ingredients. It would be even better if it would allow me to drag and drop ingredients from a recipe into a shopping list along with the amount I need of each item for the recipe.

  56. I would love an app for cooking with kids that uses pictures and numbers-maybe simple words. What an awesome giveaway, and how generous of you to do it for nothing. How bout if I win I split it with you? 😉

  57. If I was to design an app(which is a scary thought), I would make it related to vegetarian receipes and make sure it works to print out a grocery list with items grouped by area in the grocery store. It’d be even cooler if I could make it interact with my particular grocery stores and have the aisle location indicated for each ingredient!

  58. Wow! What a great giveaway!

    If I could design my own app? Well, I’d need for it to help me upload categorize and organize the mountain of favorite recipes I currently have stuffed into a too small binder… and also help me find “that awesome recipe I’m looking for” by telling me what book or magazine I saw it in 😉

    But seriously, if an app can help me save recipes, watch video demos and suggest substitutes for ingredients I don’t have, then it will help for sure! Oh and I’d love an app that can suggest a menu based on me typing in a few items that I have on hand.

  59. I would love to design a recipe app that would let me plug in ingredients and give me meal ideas. I’m a visual learner so step-by-step pictures are a must!

  60. I would love a searach/filter option in an app where I could look in my cupboard, enter what I have and it would tell me what to make! I’m not creative like that and can’t just throw something together without a recipe telling me so!

  61. I would create an app where I could tell it what I had laying around it would create a recipe for me. I always have tons of ingredients but I never know what to do with them!

  62. Hey there! If I could create a cooking app I would make one that would give you a recipe and then tell you how you can save on making it linking you to websites with coupons! That would be totally worth the money for having to purchase the app (If not free in the first place! HAve a wonderful day and thanks again for doing this site!!

  63. I’ve checked out the Big Fork Little Fork App on itunes and it looks great 🙂 I love the games and tips to get kids involved in the kitchen.

  64. Yes please 🙂
    If I could design a cookbook for the iPad I would want a page with a list of all my favorite recipes that you could click on to link to the recipe. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this in Excel on my computer, still working on it though.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. What I like best about the app is the cooking tips included with the recipes. Great for not-so-savvy cookers like myself.

  66. I would like to have an app that not only gives you a recipe, but gives you prices of the ingredients at stores near you, and alternatives in case you don’t have something handy. I would also like for it to change the amounts in case your are only cooking for two that night. How cool would that be???

  67. I hope this hasn’t been mentioned already, but I would LOVE an app for The Pioneer Woman’s recipes. I’m a visual learner and I literally scroll through her PHOTOS first to see if it’s something I want to make. The app would include an ingredient/grocery list so that if I checked off three recipes it would create the list for me.

    I am nothing if not a lazy, visual cook and grocery shopper. I’d love it if it would save my favorites and perhaps rate the recipes for me.

  68. My app would be able to enter the ingredients that I have and give me a recipe to go with it. Using stuff I already have? Not having to run to the store? Priceless!

  69. I’d love an app that would let me enter random ingredients I have on hand and pop out recipe suggestions.

  70. I like the idea of keying in ingredients and pulling up a list of ideas from there. Pictures would be essential. Also, breaking down a meal by time. If I only have 15 minutes, what can I pull together? How about an hour? Thanks for the chance!

  71. My dream food app would let me enter ingredients I have in my pantry/fridge, and would then find or create a recipe containing them. Would let me avoid the grocery AND clean out my pantry.

  72. Hello there,
    a great cooking app in my opinion should definitely contain some unique features like meals native to some parts of the world the user has “checked”, a “meal traveler” around the world too, a really neat also would be integration of nutrition intake (which to be with scale of healthiness) and burned calories. To be really versatile maybe adding some tip about more healthy/tasty/beautiful meal will be a must too. There are other things to be put but the post would be too big 🙂
    Thank you!

  73. I would love an app that would offer pictures of recipes I could make with ingredients I have on hand. Once I select the ingredients I have available, the app would show me pics and step by step instructions of the recipes I could try. Also ideal would be an app that combined those features with a shopping feature for my local grocery store. Then if I didn’t have those ingredients I needed, I could find out how much it would be to get them.

  74. I would want to see all of the ingredients in the order they go in. I am famous for putting them in the wrong order. It generally works out but I still feel silly since I CAN read. I just rush too much.

    Great giveaway. My husband was trying to wing one of these for me Christmas but he let me know it wasn’t going to work out. It sure would be fun to win one! I want to use it most for cooking in the kitchen (and them work travels!)

  75. I’m so complicated…but the app would have an ‘add to’ option for a weekly meal plan, grocery list and recipe book options. It would totally make my day.

  76. My app would offer easy measurement conversions, a list of substitute ingredients and a way to find recipes based on ingredients on hand. I’d also like nutritional breakdowns and it would be super helpful if recipes were also sorted gluten-free, low carb, low fat, vegetarian, etc.

  77. If I could creat a cooking app mine would have where I could plug in a recipe and the app would generate a healthier version of the recipe. I also like someone else’s idea of having links to the ingredients with coupons, thats awesome!

  78. If I was designing a recipe app, I would make it so it could respond to audio commands. Since the iPad is a touch-based doohickey I wouldn’t want my food-dirtied fingers to touch that beautiful screen. So if I could say “NEXT STEP” and it the directions would progress? Awesomeness!

  79. I think I like that the app has how-to videos…Then I don’t have to stop what I’m doing and google in case I find something I don’t understand 😉

  80. I’d love a “do-it-yourself” kind of app that would let me collect or input all my favorite family recipes, and would be searchable.

  81. I just saw that someone mentioned this same thing, but I, too, would love to include step-by-step photos of recipes and the cooking process. I find them so helpful.

  82. I would prob pick an app that was full of homemade creations that others could add too, easy substitution ideas for ingredients and maybe a way to adapt the recipe depending on how many servings you need … but truthfully I am not really in “the know” when it comes to computer apps and such so I’m not really sure…

  83. I’d make a app that you could plug ingredients in and it would suggest recipes. More times then not I have a bunch of oddball things in the house and have trouble coming up with something to make out of them. And it would have a filter for kid friendly ones since I have a slightly picky eater here.

  84. is it greedy that i am entering this one after i one your last contest 😉

    i would need a recipe app to give the ingredient list AND lead me through each step with each amount, like:

    blend 2 tb butter with 1 cup sugar…

    instead of just blend butter and sugar.

    because i’m lame-o. and i REALLY want an ipad!

  85. I would love an app that helped me when I am desperate at 5 pm and have only chicken and some random things on hand. Like you plug in what you have and it spits something out. Also for me pictures and nutritional info are a MUST.

  86. I would design an app that uses large font words, pictures and can talk – why? I have a 16 year old who is dyslexic – he isn’t stupid and he isn’t 4 – his brain just doesn’t process text like mine does – I want him to be able to be as independent as he can be.

  87. I like the app because it looks fun. It will keep my kids attention and has both the recipes and the tips to teach them how to cook safely. Something we can enjoy as a family.

  88. I’d love something that helped me make a meal out of the ingridients I have on hand. Sometimes I find that I only have canned chicken, tortillas & tomato…what am I supposed to do with that? lol

  89. I would probably make a cookbook-recipe finder app where you can go to the store, scan a food’s UPC/bar code and you can find recipes based on that.
    You can do it with multiple items.
    I would use that! 🙂

  90. If I designed an app it would definitely involve putting in ingredients & getting an awesome recipe, but it would also include for things like time, taste mood, and even level of difficulty in the recipe!!

  91. I love to see step by step pictures so my app would def have plenty of them. I would love to see more “realistic” dinner choices when you check it out at 5:45 in the evening. I’d like to see an app with plenty of pictures and some simple dinner/lunch/breakfest choices! Thanks!!

  92. If I could design a cookbook app it would definitely have user pics and reviews as well because I am always wanting to know how it turned out for others and not just the pros. Also. I love a good search feature!

  93. If I could make a food related app, it would allow me to upload a recipe that I made with step-by-step instructions and add images of what I have cooked all from my phone/ipad. It would also allow me to browse others’ recipes and comments and generate shopping lists based on my saved recipes.

    Features to make this friendly is an easy upload process using pictures from my phone/ipad and the ability to email my shopping list to be printed.

  94. I would like an app that: gives you recipes for last minute meals with on hand ingredients, suggests new resipes based on past recipes that you have ‘liked’, and comes over to cook supper every once in a while!

  95. A recipe app for me would:

    1. allow me to plug in what I already have and have it tell me what to make
    2. give me substitutions for things that my family doesn’t like
    3. show me pictures of exactly how things are supposed to look.

    I think even I could figure things out if I had an app with those things!

  96. I would like an app that allows me to search for dishes by checking off a list of foods on hand and then searching for matches. I hate going to the store for special ingredients.

  97. I would create an app to have an “oops list” IN CASE I didn’t have an exact ingredient. Meaning, just this instead of that and it will still come out edible… 🙂


    xoxo – M

  98. If I were to design a recipe finder app, it would have to be searchable by ingredient. I search for recipes most when I have food in the freezer I need to use up, and being able to search by pork chops vs. tilapia is a huge bonus. It would also need to have pictures… I don’t like to make recipes unless I know what it’s supposed to look like – mostly so I can be sure I’m did it right!

  99. Oooh, I think an app that gave you the recipe list AND options for the “oops, I don’t have sour cream, but I can use________ instead.” Or tricky measuring tips for those of us lacking a liquid measuring cup.

  100. What I like best about the app is that you can print the recipes! I have to have my recipes in paper form while cooking.

  101. If I could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone it would have larger font. It would give me ratings of ‘easy, hard,” etc. I’d also like to see a classification of “family, party, brunch”, etc. and love it if I could plug in a few key ingredients and see what recipes it offers me.

    To make it user friendly I would just say it has to be simple. I realize this is kind of vague and I don’t know how you’d achieve that goal. But I don’t want to be frazzled by either finding the recipe/working the app or by a complicated process of using the recipe. Sometimes cooking can be stressful enough so I don’t want to add to the stress.

    Thank you!

  102. I am a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad cook!

    So, what I would like to see are step by step PHOTO instructions and possibly some sort of explanation on where to find and even what some of the more rarer of ingredients for a certain recipe are.

    Today, I was looking at a recipe that called for “dulce de leche” and I have no idea what that is, what it looks like or where to find it in the store! :O(

    Great giveaway! I would love an iPad! Thanks!

  103. I just checked out the “Big Fork, Little Fork” app and I like the photos! I also like how they seem to have specific instructions like “To cut a circular ring around the pepper…” and I like how the menu is set up by FOOD. So, if all I have is chicken, I can just choose chicken and it’ll take me only to chicken recipes!

  104. A search interface (similar to Google) to quickly find any recipe. The search results should have a photo of a prepared meal. The actul recipe would have photos of step-by-step instructions how to prepare/mix ingredients to make it more visual. Photos of ingredients are a must, because sometimes you read a recipe and can’t figure out what a specific ingredient is and where to find it in the store.

  105. I would definitely integrate a grocery list and a measurements table into the app! Those are the two things I am always needing !

  106. OK, for me and new recipes, it is all about a wonderful picture and easy to read directions/ steps. I am not good at improvising so a set of steps that I can easily follow is key! Make the font big too, you know how it is in the kitchen and you are holding the chicken trying to figure out what to do next – that is what I need in an app. I already have and use the Kraft app on my phone. I like that it gives me the grocery list!

  107. I posted your contest on Facebook. It’s under my name (see email). Hooray, what a fun giveaway and thanks for hosting it!

  108. It would be nice if the app was similar to most recipe sites. A photo of the food, simple ingredients/measurements, and the ability to rate the recipe. Possibly even a way to submit your own recipes?

  109. my favorite part of the Big fork Little fork app is the video how-to’s. I didn’t even think of that as being an integral part of a cooking app!

  110. An app that sorted recipes by ingredient, nutritional content, type
    + made a grocery list
    + checked your pantry for ingredients
    + combined coupons
    + delivered them from store to home.

    Is that too much to ask?

  111. The features that I would find most appealing is that I could sort by ingredient because that is what I usually base my dinner off of, what ingredients sounds good and I have on hand. I would also love ones that keep track on current coupons (through smartsouce, proctor and gamble, red plum, sundau inserts, coupons.com, etc.) so you know you could make that meal with coupon. I would also love ones that have great pictures because that is what hooks people in to even look at the recipe initially. Also have recipes that call for “normal” ingredients, ones that most people can find and most people can make.

  112. My most favorite part of the “Big Fork, Little Fork” app is that it remembers your last 50 entries. That is very handy.

  113. Hew Sweets this is CERTAINLY a sweet deal! I would LOVE an ipad. One thing I think that app cookbooks can do that regular ones cant is creating a shopping list for you out of the ingredients. It would also be neato if you could have like a calendar that let you create a weekly menu plan and then did the shopping list for you as well! I would really like to win this lovely creation~! Thanks to Kraft foods and YOU for offering this lovely promotion!

  114. Red grits? I’ve never seen a recipe for grits in any shape, form, or fashion go awry! Thanks to Mishelle Lane for sharing you with me!

  115. OH! And my app would be able to recognize recipes found on the web and save them to my very own virtual cookbook with an element to add what I did/didn’t do to make the dish a little more mine.

  116. I think it would be great to be able to add ingredient items to a shopping list and a measurement conversion table also. Great App!

  117. I dont have an iAnything, so I don’t know much about apps, but I always like recipe sites that allow you to input some ingredients and give you recipes and meal ideas. Very handy when feeding a large family!

  118. I love the fact that this app has kids in mind… hence the educational games ! I have a very picky 7 year old and I find if I get her involved in the kitchen then she will eat whatever she makes. She is also very savvy with the Iphone so she would love this app! Thanks!

  119. my ipad app would have step by step instructions along w/videos to view any step i need extra help on. it would also have suggestions on substitute ingredients just in case i may be out of something. And last but not least would be a COUPONS!! I would like the app to have links to coupons for the items needed for the meal =)

  120. I’d want to be able to list some ingredients that are in my fridge and have it generate a tasty recipe for dinner.

  121. I would have a recipe checklist that you could use to mark the ingredients on your grocery list.

    Mindy 🙂

  122. not sure exactly what I’d have on the app – but definitely lots of pictures and the ability to plug in ingredients on hand to generate recipes 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  123. What a fun giveaway! As a person who often pulls recipes from my iPhone – I’d want to deisgn an app that stays lit for quite some time so I don’t have to keep touching my phone with sticky fingers! I’d also group the ingredient clusters together (dry items, wet items, etc.) so that I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling back and forth!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  124. The best part about Big Fork Little Fork is the way they encourage family cooking with the games and safety rules!

  125. The perfect food app would allow you to scroll through recipes/blogs, click the ones you want, add the ingredients to a grocery list, and allow you to check them off when you get them . . .

    Ooooh . . . it should also have a helpful conversion and temperature guide, AND should suggest other recipes you could make with leftovers of the ingredients on your list.

    Oooohhh please!!! I love it!

  126. I would love to have the ability to sort by ingredients or by the type of meal/dish (slowcooker, grill, side dish, breakfast, vegetarian, etc.). Since I’m vegan, a HUGE plus would be a section of specifically vegan recipes. Excellent, clear pictures are a must, as well as the ability to rate them after you try them, or store your favorites in some way. The ability to easily create a grocery list from the ingredients list would be a bonus. Finally, I’d love to easily be able to share the recipes with friends via Twitter or email.

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  127. Rach! How fantastic is this???

    I’d love to be able to list maybe 5 ingredients that I currently have in the house and the app tell me what I can make with those things.

  128. If I were to design an app for the Ipad it would HAVE to have a grocery list so that I could just add the recipe to my list! Also, maybe step by step instructions would be nice for someone like myself who is new to the whole cooking thing.

  129. I would design an app that would take any food and make it a Southern comfort food! For instance, I would type in “Cheerios” and it would give me an amazing recipe for Cheerio bread pudding! haha Seriously, wouldn’t that be awesome? Okay…maybe it would just default and say, “add butter and fry”. LOL

  130. Checked out the app, and I LOVE that it incorporates games and videos as well as step-by-step instructions for kids! The graphics and photography are amazing! Now I need an iPad so I can get the app! *wink*

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  131. I would LOVE for an app to use my zip code and search nearby grocery prices so it could tell me where it’d be cheapest for me to shop after I load up my grocery lists…or, if it could tell me which recipes I’d already uploaded into my file would be cheapest, etc.

    THAT would be awesome.

  132. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    Something where I could type in the ingredients I wanted to use or had on hand and the type of dih I wanted to make and Presto….recipe! Maybe even with approx cost per serving and calories?

  133. I would want a feature where I search for recipes by ingredient(s). Also the option to change how many servings I want and have it recalculate ingredients and measurements for me. Oh, and have it create a shopping list. What an amazing giveaway!!! Would so love to win. Thanks for being so sweet to host this.

  134. I have been thinking about this even before your giveaway and I think there has to go beyond that allows you to stand your iphone/ipad upright in a holder to protect it while displaying the recipe. I have a “cover” but not really food worthy protective! I am always running back and forth from my laptop to the countertop while following recipes! on the other hand, I would love an app. where you entered 3 ingredients and you received a spit-out of potential recipes!

  135. I would definitely want something with lots of photos, step by step instructions. I think it would be really cool to be able to type in the ingredients that we have on hand and have the app come up with recipes that would work!
    What a fantastic giveaway!!

  136. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    I would have it remember my recipes (by link since mine are on a food blog) so that I could easily pull them up by photo/name.
    I would have it link to friends recipe boxes so I could browse their family faves by photo/name with links.
    I would have it search by ingredient keywords.
    I would make sure it had a measurement cheat sheet – for converting to different amounts.
    I would make sure it had a ‘notes’ section per recipe that I saved so I could make personal notes when I cooked something as to how I would change it.

  137. I would like an app where you could enter ingredients that you already have in your kitchen and then it would match you up with some recipes to prepare with what you have.

    And an app to remind me to thaw out meat for dinner the next night.

  138. I agree with Bridget (above) that an app where you could put in what you have on hand and get a recipe would be fantastic!

    I would also like an app that divided recipes up by type of cuisine i.e. Italian, Mexican, French, “American” etc. Sometimes I am just in the mood for a type of meal and so, rather than just looking up the standard divisions of meat, breads, veggies, etc., it would be nice to be able to look up the cuisine I have a fancy for and create a meal that way.

    And I would definitely want the nutrition info. Many of us are watching our carbs. Others need to know sugar or fat content. It helps so much when people don’t have to figure this out for themselves.

  139. If you could design a cookbook/food/recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone: how would it work? What features would make it the most user friendly for you?

    With an app, I would include an ingredient search feature so I could use up all of the extra whatever I had on hand. It would also provide all of the nutrition information so I could figure my Weight Watchers points per serving…very important!

    I really like Anne’s thought of a cuisine-type sort.

  140. I “liked” Kraft foods…. because I do…. and because you told me to! 🙂 I’m working my way through the bonus entries. 🙂

  141. I would create an app that tells you what would work good if you wanted to substitute a recipe. If a recipe calls for mushrooms and your kids refuse to eat them, then it gives you another suggestion to put in it’s place.

  142. Love Love Love this giveaway!!!! – If I could design an app. it would have – Pictures, step by step instructions – a shopping list with links to coupons on line, notes section, nutritional breakdown and a way to change number of servings. I would also like a way to share on facebook and by email. – See, not much at all!!!

  143. An app that cuts recipes for those families that only contain two members. I’m horrible with cutting recipes from serving size 4-6 (or I forget that I’m doing fractions midway through).

  144. In my App I would have a way to cross-reference the ingredients I had a home and tell me what i could make with them. It would also have lots of pictures.

  145. Check out the Big Fork Little Fork iPad app and tell me what you like best about it:

    I love that you can ad a meal to you calender – what a great idea for meal planning!!!

  146. I was hoping to get an iPad for my wonderful wife for Christmas. However a little merry Christmas lay off from my work has ruled out the majority of Christmas spending for this year. Thanks for the chance at te giveaway.

  147. My Ipad cooking app would include a search feature using…title, ingredients, nutritional info, or author such as Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, The Neeley’s etc. Not sure how that would or could work, but it would really be a nice app! :o)

  148. I would like it to have lots of pictures and a grocery list and also a search for using items that you have on hand.

  149. If I could make a cooking app it would allow me to tell it what I had on hand (cube steak, potatoes, pasta) and it would tell me what I could make. Or it would let me make a menu for the week and tell me what I needed to buy…ZOMG CAN THEY GET ON THAT? DOES IT ALREADY DO THAT?
    Because that would be a dream come true.

  150. I would have it talk to me and I could talk back and ask questions! I always have so many questions when following recipes!

  151. I really like Jamie Oliver’s iPhone app. It has gorgeous photography, a simple interface and lots of video and step-by-step instructions.

  152. I would make an app that only had recipes an older child (ten and up) could cook so that I would NEVER have to cook again. Ever. Tis brilliant in it’s madness.

  153. I would love recipe apps to include more nutritional information. Counting calories and carbs is so hard when you are doing all your own cooking. Even if it isn’t super accurate but has enough information that I could extrapolate approximately what I am consuming in that meal.

  154. I’d have an app that could incorporate recipes from home so I could have everything in one place. Something that could compile recipes from many different websites and places and has a spot for me to make notes. It would also be fantastic to have something where I can enter in the ingredients I have on hand and it could suggest recipes using those things.

  155. If I could create an iPad recipe app, it would let people enter 4-5 ingredients they have on-hand and would then pull up a list of recipes using those ingredients. It would also automatically provide substitutions for those with food allergies.

  156. I think the perfect app would allow me to upload recipes from outside sources, assemble shopping lists from said recipes and allow me to modify the shopping list as needed. Then it would send the list to my phone so I could tick things off at the grocery. This app may exist, but that would be perfect in my book!

  157. Yes yes and yes! I use my iPod to look up recipes all the time. I can imagine it big where I can read it easier! I haves few recipe food apps that do different things it would be great to have it all in one. Search based on ingredients on hand finale a meal, dinner spinner, save recipes, and make menu plans with grocery lists that would be awesome!

  158. I’d love a recipe app that has lots of photos, particularly the tougher steps, one with nutritional info, and one with the ability to tweak the serving amounts.

  159. If I had to design a app for recipes, it would definitely have a feature to enter all the odd and ends ingredients I already have on hand and then suggest a quick, easy recipe for me to whip up. I also think photos showing the cooking process is a MUST.

  160. I would want an app that had photographs of the finished recipe item with clear, consise ingredents lists.

  161. I mean, if it came to my house and made the food for me, that would be a pretty good start… 😉

  162. I get the kraft food newletters via email, so having the ability to pull up all those recipes…..a virtual cookbook….awesome. No more having to print the recipes because I would have it right there.

  163. I went to the website for the App, and from what I can tell, it looks pretty cool. It looks like they’ve improved it, and looking at the details, I think it’s neat that you can create your own calendar {with the recipes}, and they’ve got pictures & details to boot.

  164. I would like an app that displays all the ingrediants and steps in a manner that is easy to use on the phone/computer so that I can use while cooking. I would also love an app that makes it easy to search for recipes and one that will create a recipe for you using ingrediants on hand,

  165. I would love an app that works with the idea of putting vegetable purees into foods. One that has recipes with and without incase I’m feeling a little lazy.

  166. I’m probably the only person who still hasn’t used a iphone or ipad to even know what kind of features I would want an app to have. I think I would like it to pick recipes base on what ingredients I have available and also based on what I have had recently.

  167. I would like to be able to add my own recipes. I would also like to be able put in the number of servings you would like and it would recalculate the amounts of ingredients.

  168. If I designed a recipe app, it would definitely have photos of the finished recipe, and for more complex recipes, some tutorial photos, too. The calorie/nutritional content would be important, too. Recipes would be divided by categories (salads, main dishes, etc.) and each recipe would have a photo. Click on the photo or name to get to the recipe.

  169. I’d like an app that would give me a recipe with the list of ingredients I have on hand.

  170. What I like about the Big Fork Little Fork App is that it encourages cooking with my kids. When they cook with me, they tend to eat more and complain less.

  171. i am always searching for recipes with awesome reviews….tried and true….as well as recipes that utilize ingredients I have. I want that to be super easy! and have it remember items i have made and love!

  172. My ideal recipe app would allow me to add recipes that I find in various places and then have them avaible in the recipe data base. When acessing recipes I like to be able to enter ingredients I have avaible.

  173. For my mandatory entry….I’d make an app that would let you know if there were coupons available for the items in the recipe you had to buy…that way I’d know if I could experiment “on the cheap” or not!!

  174. Ipad app would be:

    Name: iEat
    Function: To enter in a search engine random ingredients you have on hand in your home that would generate recipes including your ingredient suggestions. It works from ingredients up to recipe instead of recipe down to ingredients. It will also let you work within “genre” as in Vegan, Organic, Ethnic, etc. It will also guide you to the nearest market, store, etc., to compensate for ingredients you don’t currently have or want to buy.

  175. I would make an app that had step by step pictures with the recipie. exactly what the item i am making should look like. I would also have a feature that would let you print the recipie as a card. OH and you could have it read it to you or turn the sound off. AND search for recipe’s by listing the ingredients you had on hand so you wouldn’t have to run out and pick up one item.

  176. My recipe app would have to include ideas built around ingredients I have on hand. Thanks for the contest!

  177. My app would include step by step instructions with photos as I always end up messing something up when photos are missing.

  178. Videos? Wow, cool!
    Designing my own, it’d have to have a search by ingreds feature. As in, “I have this pound of ground beef and can of tomato paste, what can I make?”

  179. I’d love an app where I could put in ingredients I have on-hand and it would give me recipe suggestions. Or similar dishes to ones I already make, because I usually get in a rut and make the same things 🙂

  180. I like that it has videos with it and dinnertime convo tips. My daughter loves to cook and I should learn from her.

  181. I like most… how interactive it is! i.e. video how-to’s… chat/messaging with Kraft for questions… all great helps that a “paper” cookbook can’t offer!

  182. Not sure I can be much help in the app-suggestions… not because I’m APP-athetic, but because I’m a total APP novice… I don’t have an Ipad either!

    I would certainly hope that any recipe resource would be full of detailed photos, acceptible food substitutions (hey, I’m a working mom and don’t always have a perfectly stocked fridge/pantry), and ways to save favorite recipes in an easy-to-access location.

    Thanks to you and Kraft for the chance!


  183. App – FoodAroundMe

    An app using the map around to show you highly detailed pictures of their food and recipes on how to make it.

  184. Pictures are important. My mother-in-law is wanting an ipad to use while cooking, meaning as a cookbook. Will be interesting to see if that actually works for her. But I’m thinking that photos are the most important thing.

  185. I don’t know didley about apps, but I’d want mine to have a feature where I could type in a few ingredients I have at home, then it could pull up recipes for several dishes I can make with what’s on hand.

  186. I would want it to show me step my step pictures so I know I’m doing it right. I would also would like to type in ingredients and it will pull the recipes. That way I can just create something with what I have at home and don’t have to run to the grocery all the time. Oh, and that it will combine a few recipes together so if I buy a jar of something and only use half I can use the rest of it in the next recipe later that week. No waste.

  187. I would make an app that you key in a couple of ingrediant’s that I have on hand and it gives me a recipe. It wouldbedjust, if I didn’t have an ingrediant that was in the recipe.

  188. If you could design a food app for the ipad/ipod how would it work?
    Mine would be a bigginners cooking app…. An introduction to all things food…. For those like my self who have very little desire to cook and want to be in and out of the kitchen as fast as possible including clean up!

    What features would make it most user friendly for you?
    Pictures and videos are a must have! A dictionary for culinar clueless like myself! And a picture of all the different cooking tools you would need to completely all the different recipes!

  189. most user friendly: telling me how obscure an item is. Sometimes, I’m totally like, oh yeah, I’m gonna make that, but to find out that the ingredients aren’t even sold in my town!

  190. My dream recipe app for the iPad or iPod/iPhone would be a virtual “binder” of recipes from different sources. I’d be able to organize them into different categories to find them more easily (main courses, side dishes, desserts, etc). There would also be a way to create a shopping list of ingredients.

  191. I would design a site that allowed you to give a rundown of what you had in your kitchen fridge and pantry (like a checklist) and come up with recipes you can make on the fly, no last minute dash to the grocery store, or huge prep.

  192. My design for an app would have a recommendation list. I like recipe sights that shove recipes in my face, so I don’t have to do the digging around for them. It would also have LOTS of pictures. I won’t even try a recipe that doesn’t have an accompanying picture.

  193. I’d like an app where I can type in a few ingredients that I have and it pulls up recipes with those ingredients. I’d also like to be able to write in ingredients that I DON’T want it to include.

  194. As a dad, I would like a recipe app to help dads feed their kids when it is the dad’s turn to cook the food. The biggest problem I have in cooking my kid food is determining what to make for my kid–I can’t make puffy pancakes for dinner three times per week. I would like an app that has simple recipes that anybody can make, but that kids will like. I would like for the app to work like the Urban Spoon app. A few categories to narrow the style of food, a shake of the app and viola–dinner selection made.

  195. If I could design a cookbook app (which I would definitely use on the iPod Touch, which I already have; and the iPad, should I be lucky enough to get one!), I would design the app so that it’s easy to add recipes by listing ingredients line-by-line, instructions line-by-line, and a summary. I’d make sure there was an option to add personal rating as well as difficulty rating, and the ability to add photos! Finally, I’d have a share option — what good is an app if you can’t share its contents with Facebook and Twitter?! 🙂

  196. I would like an app that would give me the ability to categorize and sort my recipes. I’d also like to be able to type in the ingredients that I have on hand and have it pull up a recipe with those ingredients.

  197. I’d like to see the app have the steps as a walk through. Such as mix the following items, then prepare x, y, & z, and bake at whatever degrees. But each would be a step and a screen so that you click done when complete to move on in the recipe. It would also have the less well known terms linked to an explanation and picture, since not everyone knows all of the terms (such as my kids!).

  198. The Big Fork Little Fork iPad app is too cute! I like that you can bring kids into the mix with educational games and fun recipes. My daughter loves to cook with me, and I bet she would love this app!

  199. Title search

    Ingredient and ingredient combo search

    One click “add to shopping list” for each ingredient

    Hyperlink for supplies (mixer, springform pan, basters, etc…)

    Modifications – by serving size, by pan size (sometimes people don’t have a 9×13 but want to use an 8×8), ingredient substitutions (use a mashed banana for each egg if you’re out, type of thing)

    Pairings – vegetables, sides, desserts, breads, drinks, etc…

    Recipe reviews

    Storing/saving/sharing recipes

    A “notes” section to take notes for yourself that can be printed with a recipe card and come up automatically next time you look at the recipe

    Recipe/ingredient history if any

  200. I would design a substitute food app for recipes, because most of the time you think you have something and you don’t or you don’t have enough and it would be nice to have an interactive app that if you delete that ingredient or change the amount that it would come up with an alternative
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  201. If I could design a food app, it would allow me to select my favorite ingredients and bring up lists of recipes with those ingredient combos (or have that as one feature)


  202. I would definitely have a food app that’s all baking! It’d have a section on terminology, an index on recipes that can be browsed through by name, ingredient types, time for prep and cooking or by photos. Also I love it when recipes give you different time/temperature options (like if you decide to make cupcakes instead of pouring the batter in a round cake pan). I’d also like to include step-by-step instructions with photos, for those techniques that aren’t so commonly used.

  203. If I were going to create a recipe app, I would tie it in to some online websites so it was easily searchable. I would also have a section to input your own recipes and categories to be able to sort them. Any recipes with serving size I would set up so you could change the serving size and it would scale for you (or tell you it didn’t scale to that particular size, etc). I would also have a built in timer, so if you wanted to use it to know when a cake was done, you could.

    Oh, and a button for measurement equivalents and substitutions.

  204. I would love the app to allow me to find complete menus with recipes for any occasion. For example, if I were having a holiday dinner party I could find foods that would compliment each other. The complete menu would be right there, with recipes for each dish. I would also be able to find the individual dishes listed in categories (pies, pasta, cookies, cakes, etc.) Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  205. Checked out the App. I totally love that it’s not just about cooking, but also about learning and playing. What a great way to get kids involved in the cooking process!! OK, now I want the app ALMOST as much as the iPad.

  206. I would love an app that you could punch in a few ingredeints and it gives you recipes using those. I would love an iPad to have in the kitchen!!!!

  207. I would have an app where you could put in what ingredients you have and they would come up with a recipe. I also would like an app that gave you all the nutritional info!

  208. If I created an app for Kraft, it would allow you to put in your grocery list and then reccomend different recipes. It would also link to which kraft items have current coupons and where to get them. The recipe search function would have a feature where it could be very accurate (when you searched for cookies you only get cookie recipes) or would allow suggestions (you search for double chocolate cookies and it also reccommends a similar double chocolate dessert).

  209. If i could design the cook book on the iPad. I would be able to touch the cookbook app. Then it would bring up several icons with a pretty basic picture that would feature salad, soup, appetizer, entre, dessert and the like. And then once you would have “touched” the basic “soup” icon then you would have small icon photos of different soups. Of course, they would have to be very lovely yummy photos and once you touch a certain photo then it would bring up another photo and the list of ingredients and then the recipe.

    Not that I have done that much thinking about it!! 🙂 haha.

    But that is my two cents.


  210. I love that the Big Fork Little Fork includes videos to help show kids what to do and it really gets children involved in the cooking expereince.

  211. If I was designing a cookbook app for the iPad, I’d want to be able to search it by type of recipe as well as ingredient. And I’d want to see pictures of each recipe. Love this giveaway and would love even more to win an iPad for Christmas!!!

  212. I would create an app that would allow you to enter the ingredients you already have on hand and then it will show recipes you can make.

  213. Like Kraft on Facebook; Rebecca Honey Graham. Wrote on their wall that I was refered by A Southern Fairytale.

  214. I’d like an app that shows video step by step instructions of recipes and step by step pictures! Also, love the idea some one above mentioned about inputting on-hand ingredients and getting a recipe. I would use that for sure.

  215. I would make the app so that when you did a search for an ingredient it would find all the recipes that include it

  216. I would like an app that gives choices to:
    view just the recipe
    view the video
    view suggestions for substitutions
    how to get the kids involved with this recipe
    alternative heating methods to make a regular recipe suitable for camping or for a crockpit versus typical oven or stove top.

  217. My idea is to have a recipe app somehow linked/partnered up with a coupon app. The recipe app would have recipes with the list of ingredients and then it would tell you if coupons were available for any of the ingredients.

  218. It would have to have a look up by ingredients–so if I want to use eggs, milk, chocolate, then I type those in and it brings up all recipes with those ingredients in it. Totally necessary!

  219. The application I would create for a cookbook would allow you to search like many other cookbook site. But once you found the recipe of your choice, it would show local sales ad for any of the ingredients in the recipe. Maybe even refer to any coupons out there too.

  220. Easy Cooking For Those Who Don’t Have Time. My app would be an app that lets you put something in the search box like cheesecake and then it pulls up all the premade ingredients you can use to make something that is spectacular and feels like it took forever, without anyone being any wiser!

  221. if i made an app it would have an ingredent search that would pulll up all recipes containing that ingredent plus have pictures showing step by strp directions on how to prepare it

  222. I would like an app that lets me put in the ingredients that I can rangle up from my kitchen and pantry, the time I have to prepare it, and then have it bring up recipes that meet the requirements with user ratings.

  223. I would love for the app to help with substitute ingredients! Sometimes I really want to make a recipe but I don’t have all of the proper ingredients. It would be nice if you could click on the ingredient and see a list of possible substitutions.

  224. if i could design a food/recipe app it would have an easy to use space to put in what you’ve got on hand . then it would give you a list of things you could make and the nutrational information that goes along with each recipe.

  225. my app would have detailed step by step photos, it would have the ability to give healthy substitution, calorie content, along w all the other nutritional information. i don’t like recipes that don’t have the nutritional info.

  226. My app would have the ability to easily enter recipes bookmarked on delicious…better yet, it would feature a “share” button to grab recipes right from pther web sources. It would also allow me to enter my own recipes & scale ingredients.

  227. love the how to videos for the big fork little fork app. sometimes i dont quite “get” what an action in cooking should be and it can often ruin a really good recipe.

  228. I wouls create it so that I could enter a few items I have on hand and have it create a great and simple recipe for me along with tons of pictures !

  229. I like the kid’s play/learn section. My kids enjoy helping in the kitchen. They might be more apt to try new foods after playing with them!

  230. The perfect app, in my opinion, would have a feature that allows you to list ingredients you have on hand to search for a recipe you can throw together. There would also be categories such as one-dish, slow cooker, $5 meals, etc (for us frugal/thrifty cooks). There would have to be a recipe box and a shopping list feature. Where to buy, sales/coupons would be helpful too!

  231. I would love an app that includes a recipe box for me to store my favorites, then have the option to provide a shopping list for the recipes I want to make that day.

  232. My favorite thing about the Big Fork Little Fork app:
    I love the visuals and how it incorporates kids!

  233. I want to be able to search by ingredients I have in the house and find a recipe to use them up! I hate wasting a half tub of sour cream or a batch of green onions but can’t always come up with a recipe to use up the rest.

  234. My ideal recipe app would showcase recipes for favorite dishes at chain restaurants, but it wouldn’t just show you their recipe, but a recipe alternative option that would be a healthier choice. Also, this app may have some short videos explaining some shortcuts and tips shared by the creators of said app; and of course some healthy kid friendly recipes. 🙂

  235. I want an app that has easy to navigate sub-sections…We’re vegetarians, and I HATE having to sort through and look for appropriate recipes. Honestly, it makes me frustrated and I usually give up… I rarely use any cooking app for that reason. We watch lots of food network and other shows, so something where you can type in your favorite tv chef and have some sort of recipe for whatever you’re looking for from them pop up would be way cool(for instance, a drink from Ina Garten, or an appetizer from Rick Bayless)