It’s not you..

It’s me. No, I’m not breaking up with you. Sheesh! Insecure much?

What? You notice something different about my page today?
In an effort to make my page all purty and Christmasy…
Yes, I know… I should have learned with the reindeer fiasco. Hah! Little do you know me and my southern redheaded stubbornness!!!
So, back to the story. In an effort to have Christmas Cheer on my humble little blog.

I ran into problems 1 & 2. Similar to Things 1 & 2… but much much more devious and sinister. We shall call them: Pinky and The Mouth
Pinky: Princess developed a rampant and ridiculously fast developing case of bacterial conjuctivitis (aka) “goopy yucky green stuff in my eye mom!”

Now enters: The Mouth

Now that you’ve had a moment to view the pictures.
That white stuff, used to be the tip of that Santa Claus’ hat. Yes, from my mom’s Santa collection. Think she’ll notice?
So… keeping Pinky and The Mouth separate and keeping Pinky from touching The Mouth… well, while previewing a page template… I oops, saved it. Which did you know… erases all of the fun stuff previously saved on my page? Yep, it does!
All my links, my blogroll, my buttons, my awards, my… shall I go on?
Sheeee-it. Damn and Double Da-yum!
So, I found this crazy template on Pyzam and I think it’s kind of fun. Thoughts?
I guess I’ll stick with this one until I A) win the wonderful Nap Warden’s Pimp My Blog Contest. or B) some wonderful designer takes pity on me and helps me with something fabulous for which they will get tons of props and my eternal gratitude… this is what we’re stuck with.
So remember… it’s not you, it’s me.
If you were on my blogroll and you aren’t… it’s because I’m wrestling with Pinky and The Mouth. Send me the link, show me some sympathy and remember, I do love you.

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  1. sorry to hear about Pinky…too funny about the Mouth…I know how that is…and very sorry about your erasing of all your stuff!!

  2. I like the new look. I am also in the market for a new look for my drab little blog. I loved the Santa story and the pictures are adorable. See ya.

  3. Poor Little Miss O and Santa Clause… Wow. First the reindeer and then santa. You texnas are rough on Christmas, aren’t you? LOL.

    Check your email in about 5, love.

  4. Thanks! I’m really diggin’ the colors on this more and more.
    We have eye drops. We should be good in 24 hours. I hope so, she’s devastated about missing school tomorrow and I believe the world will stop rotating if she has to miss pictures with Santa at the mall with playgroup on Wednesday.

  5. I like the look of the new template. It’s kind of huge-lollipop-on-acidish. But the colors are cool. Sorry you lost all your links πŸ™

  6. Groovy new look. Hope Pinky is better soon and maybe The Mouth was sending a message to Santa, warning him to keep his reindeer in the North Pole until we are good and ready for them. Oh yeah- I’m one of the ones that was erased. Love your blog!

  7. i love the template…it’s all funky and psychedelic…
    and…i love the name of your blog!
    i hate pink eye…i hate having to sit on my kids…knees in their chest…my fingers spreading their eyelids open…just to get a drop of that eye ointment in there! hate it!

  8. Oh my! Pinky and the Mouth could totally be some kind of Cartoon Network show. Seriously. I am envisioning all these predicaments they can get into. Too funny.

    On a lighter note, your Princess is WORKING that pink eye, yo!

  9. I totally LOVE the new look, she’s got the pouty lips, half winking eye going…
    Oh, and the blog is good too.
    Sorry about Santa’s hat, no hope gluing that back on. Oh well, now Santa has history.

    Have fun keeping your darling children separate!

  10. I’m lovin’ the new look, but I think I may have already told you that a post or so ago! πŸ™‚

    Now… if I’m not added back in… I’ll be tempted to lump you in with my children when they give me the whole “but I accidentally erased it, Mom” thing…

    Which I never belive. πŸ˜‰

  11. Bah! I hate it when that happens! I’ve made a habit of copy/pasting my HTML into a notepad and saving it before I try to make any changes to my layouts… or I end up losing everything! What a bummer, I’m sorry. πŸ™
    I hope you get your Top Momma button back up soon, I would click that religiously to find you… or as religiously as I could with as crazy as things have been here. *LoL* It makes it much easier to just click and go!

    I am really not that talented with HTML and the web aspect of design yet, but when I get into the web portion of my design classes, I’ll be throwing up offers to help with people’s blogs and sites right and left! I hope you get things worked out, keep this one (it’s super cute!) or win that contest… how cool would that be?! I say VERY! πŸ˜€
    Ok, I’ve blabbed enough. *LoL* Bye

  12. Aww I'm so sorry Liv has Pink eye! I hope she gets better soon. As for lil man? He looks like he's enjoying eating Santa's hat! LOL

  13. Oh No!! Hopefully the little princess will get better soon! And hopefully your son, well, hide from grandma! LOL!

    I will see if I can get you some information to help you with your bloggy woes!

  14. What exactly did Santa’s hat do to deserve that treatment? Ouch!

    Pinkeye is an evil, evil illness. Damn it for being so contagious.

  15. Honey, I love the new look..not a thing wrong with it…
    Sorry about the pink eye thing..that sucks…I had it four times over the summer, it was a bi=ch to get rid of….I had to replace all of my eye make up each time…drops should clear it up in a day or two..the santa seems like he got the worst of it all…lol…I laughed my southern tale off when I seen that….don’t you just love when they are little and put everything in their mouths?

  16. ha ha ha ha i can’t stop laughing at the picture of the little guy with santa’s hat in his mouth. i am so sorry, i am not laughing at you just with you. i know exactly how it is being i have 3 boys myself. i would so help you with a christmas back ground but i suck at that and have to have just a mom do mine for me. ha ha cuz i am aloser like that. go to her blog and beg and maybe she will help you. however i like the new psycadelic look you have going on now. it is cool!!

  17. Love the look! You’re much better than I, I can only use the blogger templates or everything gets all messed up. Hope Pinky feels better!

  18. Aw, very cute! I LOVE the new layout and graphics! They seem very fitting for your your Pinky Princess and Mouthy Monkey. πŸ˜‰ I noticed on MM you said ‘Pinky’ seems to be doing better despite it spreading to two eyes. I’m glad to hear it, and I hope she continues to get well! πŸ™‚
    BTW, I wouldn’t feel too terrible about the Santa. I’m sure your mom remembers having a little one at that age. πŸ˜‰

  19. lol – Where did the white stuff come from! haha … Pink eye isn’t any fun but the “white stuff” make me laugh out loud.

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