Just Like Daddy

” I’ve Been Watching You Dad…. I Wanna Do Everything You Do”



One of my favorite songs is “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins, it’s a fun, sweet song and it rings so so true. Our children see everything we do and they want to do everything we do. Our children, especially when they’re young are wonderful little mimics and if we watch them closely, we’ll see ourselves in their every action.
Their expressions, mirrors of our owns, their gestures, clumsy reproductions of our own, their words… sometimes whisper to our best attributes, but all too often, shout our worst. Our children are our best mirror into ourselves.

This video and song are precious and watching my kids driving the boat with Daddy last week, this song kept running through my mind.

Watching You – Rodney Atkins

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  1. Great pictures. I notice this most often when my daughter says things like, “I’ll be right back,” “hmmmm. let’s see….,” and “Oh my GOODness!” I can trace it all back to me…

    Kate Coveny Hood’s latest brilianceAre You My Mother?

  2. cute pictures!

    Connor’s choosing to mimic the ONE TIME I let a bad word slip (in my defense, I walked into a room that was splattered darn near from one end to the other with apple sauce and my reaction was a muttered “ahh $h*t”. unfortunately, Connor was right behind me, UNKNOWN TO ME, and it’s the phrase of the week now!

  3. I love that song, too. It’s so true how they watch every flipping thing we do. Great pictures!

    Chelsea/PB&J In A Bowl’s latest briliance

  4. That is just precious. They really do mirror and parrot so much of what we do and say. It is amazing how closely they watch us.
    Wonderful captures!

    Momisodes’s latest brilianceYour Love Is Better Than…Caffeine

  5. I love that song. That song came out about the same time my first son was born. My husband sings it to him all the time. And not that my son is 2, he definitely tries to “Be like Daddy” all the time. Precious pictures you have there. 🙂

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