Labeling love.

Say goodbye to those boring do it yourself labels that peel and curl at the merest hint of moisture, and meet a parent’s new best friend.
I was lucky enough to receive some labels from Mabel’s Labels to review, and I am thrilled to report that these labels, well… they rock.
I am a bit fanatical about labeling things, especially the kids’ things, but I get tired of labels that peel, marker that eventually fades away or fighting over whose is whose. Fear not mommies and daddies of the blogosphere! Mabel’s Labels has the adorable, durable and affordable solution! (and really, what more can you ask for?)
Monkey and Princess each received a pack of the Classic Sticky Labels which had their full names and a darling little icon on the end. We have labeled sippy cups, lunch boxes, CD players, toys and more…
I am always a bit skeptical about labels because they never survive the dishwasher, the microwave or the kids. These labels are amazing. They’re tough and cute. They have so far survived 5 runs through the power wash cycle and heat dry cycle of our dishwasher, tossing around by the kids and soaking in the sink overnight. The only thing I have found so far which can dent them, Monkey’s teeth.
My husband and I each received a pack of the skinny-minis. I have used mine for my water jugs, my digital camera, the inside earpiece of my sunglasses and I am absolutely thrilled with them. My husband’s I have used for his stainless travel coffee mug, his eyeglass case, his blackberry case and I’m just searching for more uses.
I am absolutely in love with these labels and I will be placing an order for more. I think I’m going to order Princess a pack of the skinny-minis and label all of her DVD’s! I think these would make a great gift for new moms, kids or grandkids.

Mabel’s Labels offers a variety of labels like the ones I’ve mentioned above but also labels for shoes, clothes, bag tags and even a line of labels specifically for adults. They also offer Customized Stationary and Return Address labels.
You can order all of your labels separately or order one of their Combo Packs: Big Combo or the Camp/School Pack
Here are two of our items that we’ve labeled: a Walkman and a Sippy Cup. I blurred the kids’ names just for identity purposes, but you can still see how cute they are.

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  1. Anything cute and practical (and affordable) gets an A+ at my house!

    You have given me some ideas for mine! I love these because with two girls who often have identical cups, etc., it helps cut down on the “THAT’S MINE!” factor!

  2. Awwww I want some.
    Our neighbor is obsessed with that stuff – his trashcan [standard city issued] has a huge tag on it that says TRASH CAN. Like it could be confused with anything else. *lol*

  3. Hey Rachel! Awesome, cute blog, Momma! Thanks for stopping by and visiting with Huckdoll. Stats are amazing things, huh?

    I’m not quite in label-mode with my two years olds yet, but one day I assure you, I’ll be there too!

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff! Thanks again for your sweet comments.

  4. Good job writing this review. It sounds like you really Mommy tested these. You provided some really good information. I’m impressed.

  5. Rachel – thank you so much for the great review! Love the name of your blog! I live firmly in the land of princesses :o)

    Tricia – Mabel’s Labels

  6. I am not a labeling person..but, they are cute, practical….probably solve a lot of confusion between stuff belonging to the princess and little monkey! Yay for labels!

  7. those are cute labels! i need to order some for when my kids go away to camp, this summer!!
    that company should be very pleased with the way you reviewed them!! great job!

  8. Of course, I’m in the needing to label EVERYthing for preschool and Kindergarten so I’m going to check out this site. Also, I need some return address labels.

  9. I am just about out of my labels from another company. I will have to give this one a try!! Lord knows with the four of them, I am a labeling fool!

  10. I can think of another use for those. Stick one of yours on the back of hubby’s neck while he’s sleeping. Just make sure that everyone knows who he belongs to, and where he should be returned, should he get lost.

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