Layin’ Out the Welcome Mat

Oh yes, I fully pulled out the super redneck Texas drawl for this one y’all.

Welcome to the new digs.  I have dusted the welcome mat that she so lovingly and awesomely laid out for me.

And then there’s these three ladies also without whom, this move would not have been possible.  Rainbow wishes, butterfly kisses and I owe you each a great big adult beverage of your choice or something.  Thank you.

So… what do you think?  Don’t you love it.  Now, the me… she’s waay hotter than I am, but I am working on that. The Monkey and The Princess, spot on.  Nap Warden is awesome, isn’t she!

So please re-subscribe, change your linkies or whatever it is you have to do and cheers!!!

Welcome to my new home! Kick off your shoes and make yourselves at home.  If you can’t stick around tonight, y’all make sure you come back now! Y’heah!

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  1. O M G! I love…love…love it!!! Okay that was a little over excessive on the “!” but you get my drift.

    Did I say I loved it? They all did a fabulous job. No wonder this post didn’t come up in my reader. DUH!

    Lisa’s latest ramblings..Weekly Winners

  2. LOVE the new look Rachel!!! Great job by Nap Warden!!!!!!

    Kim’s latest ramblings..Wordless Wednesday- Watching The Fire In The Sky

  3. Niiiice! I like it! I need to do something with mine but I don’t know if I have the heart to get rid of my googly-eyed squirrel. Me and Scrat we’re like this (crosses fingers).

  4. It’s fab!! But I miss seeing your pretty little face with the Ta-ta hat! Please tell me it will show back up in your sidebar.
    Fantastic job Nap Warden!!

    Kaytabug’s latest ramblings..I wish…

  5. Oh man…. now your new home is at the bottom of my reader. Have to stay up for another 2 minutes to figure out how to move you to the top. I’ll do that for you. Cause i love you.

    OHmommy’s latest ramblings..We say Wesolych Swiat

  6. Here I am – Here I am! I am late – I know – I am SORRY!!! I went by your other site twice today, but didn’t read the post, just clicked in and saw that nothing was different, so clicked back out. I didn’t realize you had a whole OTHER site – very cool and I just love it!!! It is so cute and NapWarden did a fabulous job!! I’m sure you had a great amount of input so … you did a great job too!!

    Enjoy your new site – love ya – Kellan

    Kellan’s latest ramblings..You And Me

  7. {Just thought that you might want to know that you can totally re-route your old feedburner account here so and plug it in to WP so that you won’t lose your subscribers and no one has to resubscribe. :}

    And Nap did a fabulous job. Totally hot on the cartoon Rach… 🙂

    Judith Shakespeare’s latest ramblings..The Great Pretender

  8. CONGRATS Rachel. I love the new digs. Doesn’t it feel great to own your domain!!

    Shannanb aka mommy bits’s latest brilliance..Who Does This to Their Children???

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