Lemons and Road Etiquette

So we’re driving down the road and Princess, who has become very involved in the road and the act of driving, and what’s what and why people go where they go and what direction etc…
She asks me why I’m not driving faster. *thud*

(That’s the sound of my brain hitting the floor at the thought of explaining speed limits and laws to an albeit precocious child, but still…  a 3 year old child).
So I start to explain that it’s safe to drive the speed limit and obey the laws so I can try to keep us safe and respect everyone who’s driving around us. This goes on for about 5 minutes.
I can literally hear the wheels turning in her adorable little blonde head.
After a few minutes she comes up with this: “So we go the speed lemon because we’re good, and bad people go faster than the speed lemon

Yep, road etiquette as described by a 3 year old. Easy ain’t it :-).
Have a great one and obey the speed lemons!

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  5. Speed lemon! That’s so adorable!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the linky love. I’ll return the favor and blogroll you asap!

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