Let’s Go!

“Let’s Go!”

That’s the cry of my summer kids.

Every. Single. Morning.

My summer kids are ready.

slip n slide

Ready to take on whatever comes their way.


To try new things and stretch their imaginations and their muscles.

kayak at sunrise


Summer is a time of new experiences and new freedoms…

no training wheels

it’s a time for fun in the sun, making new friends



Challenging your own personal limits


It’s a time for making the most of every moment – whether it’s a huge family vacation or a typical Saturday afternoon, it’s a time for soaking in every second..




Summer vacation is here and we’ve already had three full weeks full of fun, sun, new experiences, stretched boundaries and wall shaking giggles…
ice cream



I can’t wait to see what the rest of this summer has in store.


I’m ready to chant with my kids… “Let’s GO!”

What are your summer plans?  What boundaries will you and your kids stretch this summer, how will you challenge yourselves???





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  1. New fan here, and I loved the simplicity of this post and absolutely gorgeous photos! I work throughout the summer, but still plan on enjoying the summer months with my daughter while we have them!!

  2. Summer is a perfect time for kids to enjoy and have fun. Kids would have a great time engaging to different activities like on the photos.

  3. My kids really love their time this summer. I brought them in the water-park near in our town and they are really have great fun playing.

  4. In Costa Rica we’re starting rainy season, so it’s nice to see the pics, but it’s also a little depressing. I need some beach time!

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