Let’s Hear it For The Daddies

There are many reasons why I love my husband and think he is an amazing father, not the least of which is when Monkey does something like this when we’re out at dinner…
Monkey Bowl Head

Nathan responds in kind and elicits the kind of belly laugh from Monkey that causes everyone around us to smile and laugh, too.
Daddy Bowl Head

There are so many things that make my husband a wonderful father, he’s funny and a kid at heart. He’ll get down and roughhouse, tickle, wrestle with them or swing them in the air and let them pretend that they’re supergirl or superman.
He knows just how to cuddle them when they’re hurt or sick and how to discipline them without making them feel like less of a person. He has a firm hand and a soft heart and when I happen to walk in on him curled up in the big pink princess bed with our kids snuggled up next to him, reading them a book.. my heart just melts or when I see him teaching our son to open doors for other people and say yes ma’am and no ma’am.. I know that there’s another amazing generation of southern gentleman being raised.

I could write for days about all the things that make my husband such a wonderful daddy to our kids, but I won’t.. at least not today.

In honor of my husband, my Daddy and Daddies everywhere, I am giving one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to take their favorite Daddy out to Carrabba’s to celebrate Father’s Day.

  • All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me something about the favorite Dad in your life.
  • You can get an extra entry by tweeting this and leaving that in a separate comment
  • For a bonus entry: go to the Carrabba’s website and enter their Toast to Dads contest. Everyone wins something and there’s a pretty amazing grand prize, too (Make sure you come back and tell me that you did it!)

This contest is open until Thursday, June 11th at 10PM CST.  I will choose a winner via random.org
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Congratulations to our WINNER DesignHer Momma

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  1. I miss your grandfather, Dee. He was always there as my role model and guide to fatherhood. Now that he is gone I realize what a wonderful father, husband and dad he was and I truly miss him. I still believe he was the energizer bunny since I never saw both of them in the same room at the same time.

  2. my favorite thing about Daddy is that since he works a rotating shift, he can take care of our son while I work (part-time, from home). Unlike many dads, he NEVER needs help and will spend the whole day with him. I love that it’s just so… normal. Nothing out of the ordinary or “special” about a day with daddy. All kids should be so lucky.

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  3. My dad is great – he loves us a LOT. But my husband? Well, as I like to tell him often, he’s the best dad I’ve ever known. I thought he’d be a good dad, but I had no idea that he’d be sooooo good! He just amazes me with how much he loves our daughter and how well he takes care of her.

    Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect’s latest brilianceMe, Myself & Lies: Intro

  4. my Dad is amazing. even now, I go to him when I need an encouraging word. I tell him my fears, and I still believe that he can make everything all better. there is nothinig that my Dad cant do.

    Cheyl’s latest brilianceMy Weekend

  5. ok… i don’t have a carraba’s so don’t enter me, but I just wanted to tell you I love this post and your husband sounds great!

    misty’s latest briliancetruly SENSE-ational summer swap…

  6. this fathers day is really going to be bittersweet in our house. We lost our papa just a few months ago. We loved him because he was so kind and caring. Nanna will be coming down to stay with us for the weekend so going out to dinner in celebration of Papa would be awesome!

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  7. I love watching my hubby be a daddy. One of my favorite things is that he puts J to bed every night. I love listening to them through the monitor as he reads her stories, makes her giggle and then sings to her. Tonight, he sang Edelweiss, she chimed in here and there, and my heart completely melted.

    PsychMamma’s latest brilianceChicken Pox Parties and Vaccinations

  8. This is a no brainer. My husband didn’t want children, I got him to agree to one, then I got him to agree to the second one. The man who didn’t want any children now is in the floor, building toys, building mobile units and basically the things that most dad’s do with their children.

    Secondly, I was on bedrest with the first child for 10 weeks, 11 weeks with the second so he had me and a baby to take care off. Three herniated disks in my back and he is still working his arse off and trying to take care of all of us. Six weeks post-partum I had a hysterectomy, and then 3 months after that I had back surgery that has a projected recovery time of 3 months.

    He took care of everyone from the time I started throwing up with my second pregnancy through shortly after the second child’s birthday. He has taken 1 sick day since I met him for himself, the others have been to take care of the kids because I was sick. One day in 8 years..

    Now, I am pushing 5 months with a broken leg (which was originally diagnosed as an ankle fracture) and I had surgery 2 weeks ago. So 2 more weeks at least in this cast and then we will see what happens.
    So, since January of this year, he has worked a full time job, handled all the technical work on my blogs (yea and there’s a bunch of them), he has taken care of kids, house, did the grocery shopping, listening to me complain until his ears bled and he coached the boys t-ball baseball team this spring.

    No,w that’s what real husbands and father’s do..did I mention he grew up in a home without a father? He lived with his g-parents who didn’t want to keep him but did to prevent the system from taking him…

    Now, he swears “I don’t know how to be a day” but just reading this changes mind mind completely.

  9. My favorite dad is the smartest, most well-rounded individual I have ever had the pleasure of encountering, and my friends share this opinion. No matter what you’re talking about, from rocks to nuclear fission and beyond, he is able to speak intelligently on the topic. That may have something to do with the summer that he read the entire encyclopedia for fun! He is also one of the most generous, even-tempered people in the world, and he is the reason that I have the world’s greatest sense of humor. When I have kids, I hope that I can be just as good a dad as he is.

  10. For sure it’s my own husband.. He’s amazing, and like yours he’s a total goofball a lot of the time! My own dad was gruff most of the time, but it’s funny since he’s gotten older he has loosened up so much, he’s so much easier to be around now that he’s the grandpa! 🙂

    PS.. I’m not really entering.. I have no idea what a Carruba’s even is.. Wait, I have relatives in Houston, I take it back.. CAN I WIN!!??
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  11. Here’s to good daddies! {*clink!*}

    My hubby is also a rockin’ Daddy. He’s taught Nick (4) to tell me I’m beautiful every day, and ask me how my day was at work. *SWOON!*
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  12. I am unfortunate in that my father passed on many years ago; however I am very fortunate in that I have three fathers to stand in for him. My uncle has basically raised my sister and me. He is one of the most awesome people on the face of this earth. In my opinion he is truly a father to my sister and me. The poor man had to be there as my sister and I grew up, god bless him and his love and patience for two kids that weren’t even blood related! I’m sure my father is happy that his sister-in-law married such a wonderful man. On elas tthin about my uncle is how he talks about my father and how much he loved me. It really makes me feel special to have had my father and then my uncle.

    THen I was fortunate to have a step father that came along later in life. He has such patience with my mother’s family that tortures him on a daily basis. If that wasn’t enough, he is also stuck wiht my father’s family. What a guy!!! He even treated my father’s mother like his own. That is a very special person in my book!!! He goes out of his way for my sister and me whenever needed. I’m also glad he was able to provide my mother wiht hapiness once again!!!

    Lastly, I have Greg. I briefly dated his son a million years ago (nothing serious). How this friendship has developed over the last 20 years or so is amazing. I truly enjoy his company. He is so intelligent in so many topics and has taught me many things. Almost every Saturday he makes me dinner and usually has one or more of my favorite things. He loves me like his own daughter and I love him like my own father.

    So as for Carraba’s I don’t think $50 would cover it, but that’s okay. THe only one I could probably take to Carrabas is my uncle since he is the only one that has a Carraba’s near by. As for My stepfather and Greg, I will be more than happy to come up with something equally as great as Carraba’s on my own!

    I hope everyone has a great father’s day!

  13. My Daddy is my favorite! He worked 3 jobs when I was a kid to provide for our family, but he STILL always had time for us. And, he made sure to do things with each of us to make us feel special! He battled cancer 3 times and I never heard him complain-not once. He faced the battles with strength, courage, and a smile for everyone, no matter how sick he felt. Even as he was dying, he was only worried about us, not himself. He was an amazing Daddy!

  14. Oh I could go on and on. I first want to thank him for not killing me when I was a teen. Second his love for me, maybe not equal but his love for me and teaching me to stand up for what is right or for what is yours. He fought in the Korean war and rcvd 2 purple hearts, he has had numerous surgeries, I mean hundreds, to keep him alive. Just not his time to go 🙂

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