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Links for Pink, Raggedy Kids and The Boobnanza

Raggedy Princess and Raggedy Monkey


Don’t forget about the ongoing Boobnanza! There are lots of great prizes and it’s clicking for a cause!

Here are a few less Boob filled posts for your viewing pleasure:
Lemons and Road Etiquette
, Nov 2007
* Secret Engines, Nov 2007
* In Your Hands, Dec 2007
* They Call Him The Streak, Jan 2008
* Squat and Wiggle, Life Skills 101, Feb 2008
* Manic Mom Dash, Naked in Target, Mar 2008
* Tonguegasmically Good Chicken Enchiladas, June 2008

Don’t forget, all of October’s Ad Revenue is going towards Breast Cancer Research because Racks Rock. So come back and click click!


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  1. Rach, they look amazing!!!

    I may be a little biased, since my mother made me a Raggedy Ann cosstume when I was a little girl!

  2. I can't get manic mom dash, naked in target link to open to that post. Just thought I'd let ya know!

    RA & A were my FAVE back in the day! Those 2 are too damn cute!!!

  3. They’re so cute. What a cute photo!

    I need to get on BlogHer so I can do some neat stuff like this. I’m nwo going to click around!

  4. They just couldn’t look anymore adorable – just darling costumes and children!!

    Have a good day, Rachel – Kellan

  5. Whats everyone doing for safety precautions for Halloween? My husband came across an article (http://i-newswire.com/pr220892.html) with some info about background checking neighbors. I thought that may be a little overboard, but it had some other good suggestions for some precautions I haven’t thought about. Last year my youngest son came down with a massive fever after Halloween. I almost thought about just taking the kids to our church’s fall festival this year instead of door-to-door to prevent that from happening again. I don’t know yet. What’s your advice? Am I over-reacting or just being a concerned mom?

  6. I cannot tell you how cute they are!

    I miss mine being young enough that we could go with the same theme. Last year was the end of that. πŸ™ Now they have their own ideas.

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