Monkey’s Dirty Little Secret


See that picture up there? You’d never know by looking at it that that picture holds a deep dark Monkey secret would you? Well, it does.

Lean in closer and I’ll share that secret with you.

You see that smiling child? Everything appears hunky dory, right?
Ah, looks can be so deceiving.

Monkey is stubborn runs in the family Monkey is strong willed, again, comes by it naturally.
Monkey is stretching his proverbial legs and testing his boundaries, as it were. also known as the driving mommy absolutely ape leaping bonkers bananas
You see, Monkey has developed an aversion to wearing anything but his Silly Monkey shirt and his denim shorts. Luckily, we live in South Texas so shorts and a Tee shirt are perfectly fine to wear every day.
However, Last Sunday we went to the beach to search for shells, it was a brisk 50 degrees, 42 on the water, and I had to have him clothed in something other than the Silly Monkey tee shirt and shorts.
Let’s just say that Monkey, disagreed.
If Monkey knew the phrase, “Hell No” I believe he would have shouted it at me in protest. Screams shook the rafters of my house and rattled toys on their shelves.
One of the many lessons I have taken from my father is to pick my battles wisely, so we compromised. Underneath the jacket, oh yes. It’s the Silly Monkey shirt, underneath the jeans, oh yes, the shorts.

For one week straight Monkey has worn these clothes. Every single day. Call me a bad parent, a wuss, whatever. To me, it’s not worth the argument, there are bigger battles to fight and more important wars to win, than a clothing issue with a determined 2 year old.

Yes, I wash his clothes every other night, once I’ve wrestled them off him and he’s safely ensconced in his Monkey Pajamas. He has apparently been watching me more closely than I thought.

The other morning he walked up to me and holding his clothes in hand said: “Cothes nathty, need wash” he then turned around and walked to our laundry room. I heard the dryer door open and close and then I saw a diaper clad Monkey walk past me into the back of the house. About 5 minutes later he walked back into the laundry room. Once again, I heard the dryer door open and close.
Then Monkey came walking up to me with the biggest grin on his face, put his clothes up to his face, inhaled deeply and said: “All Cean”.

ummmmmm. He’s got the idea, it’s the execution that sort of escapes him.

So there you have it, Monkey’s Dirty Secret and a little humor to boot 😉

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  1. Actually, Monkey seems to wash clothes like my college son. As long as they’ve tumbled in the dryer & don’t stink, they’re clean (enough). That’s SO cute…

    Be glad Monkey is attached to clothing that is cute. A friend of ours was attached to his SuperMan cape for a year…and June Cleaver’s boy wears a chicken suit I tell ‘ya! 🙂

    HappyCampers’s latest brilianceLearn Your Presidents, ‘Yo

  2. Hey, Pick your battles. If monkey shorts = boxer underwear, all is good. 😉

    Ree’s latest brilianceGrace in Small Things: 8/365

  3. Hahahha…love the dryer story. But hey, at least you can keep clothes on him, even if they’re dirty and you’re tired of seeing them. I have the opposite problem…I can’t get my guy to keep his clothes on. At least he only strips out of shoes and socks in public. He saves the full disrobing for the privacy of his home 🙂

  4. That’s fantastic that he actually tried to clean them. I think most boys would just keep them on until they can stand up by themselves. *shudder*

    As for the clothing battle? I wholeheartedly agree – who cares? SO not worth it. I figure I get some discretion since I’m the one actually purchasing the clothes so if he fixates on something heinously ugly, it’s my own fault for putting it in his closet to begin with! 🙂

    Tranny Head’s latest brilianceCommence Freak Out Session NOW!

  5. At least it’s not a tinkerbell gown and it holds up well in wash.

    We have washed the feenster’s dress sooooo much that we had to lay it to rest this weekend. ;(

    OHmommy’s latest brilianceWay cheaper than a Wii…

  6. Lucky for me my sons didn’t have a “favorite” that they insisted on wearing everyday but they were horrible when picking out clothes that go together. There were times it looked like a rainbow threw up on them. I let it go, you’re right…there are more important battles to fight than what outfit they insist on wearing.

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