Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 59}

Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a truly Mouthwatering week so far!  We are recovering {read doing mounds of laundry} after being out at the lake for vacation last week.  It was wonderful.  Family, the great outdoors, oodles of water, and hundreds of new memories made.  I see a family tradition forming.  We are very relaxed, our freckles have multiplied, and our hearts are full of happiness.

 lake somerville texas sunset

Y’all definitely brought on the deliciousness last week!  I love seeing what y’all are making for your friends and families.

I love the story that Nesting with Style tells alongside her pizza recipes.  The asparagus on the pizza is what caught my eye, but I really enjoyed reading about the pizzas and her son.  I love the recipe combinations for these pizzas almost as much as her son taking it upon himself to make dinner!  Check out the Easy, Healthy, Delicious Pizza Duo recipes on Nesting with Style’s blog.


Roasted Asparagus Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza and Honey Wheat pizza Dough Recipes from Nesting With Style
Healthy Pizza Duo from Nesting With Style


I am a huge fan of cherries and salsas, so I am loving the combination of the two with this Cherry Salsa recipe from Love Food, Will Share {plus her blog name is darling}

Cherry Salsa from Love Food, Will Share
Cherry Salsa from Love Food, Will Share


I have a confession to make, I have never made a pineapple upside down cake.  {I KNOW} I met the absolutely adorable creator of this upside down pineapple cake at the Food and Wine Conference and fell absolutely in love with her.  She is spunky, gorgeous, funny, and sweet as can be.  I can’t wait for her to come visit, I think Princess will have a new best friend.  Check out my new friend, and her delicious Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe at Take a Bite Out of Boca.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Take a Bite Out of Boca
Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Take a Bite Out of Boca



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  1. Such a gorgeous photo of the sunset. I adore it! And yay for freckles and relaxing. I’m with you on the asparagus pizza. That looks amazing. I could go for a slice of that now!

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