Who Needs Caffeine?

Yesterday started just like every other school day this year has.

I woke up, went in to wake both kids up, washed my face, brushed my teeth… went in to wake both kids up, again.


After ensuring that both kids were physically out of bed, eyes open, and moving towards getting dressed and making beds; I went downstairs to get started on breakfasts and lunches.

At this point, everything is still going along like it does every school day.  Breakfasts being consumed, talk of the day, discussions surrounding their outfits, what shoes to wear, and what they would like in their lunches and for snacks that day.  With 30 minutes still to go before time to leave; I sent Princess upstairs to brush her teeth and wash her face while Monkey finished eating.

I walked into my office to turn my laptop on so it would be ready when I got back home.

At that moment I heard a pounding of feet upstairs and a scream that chilled my spine.  I heard a muffled yell:  “MOM!!!!!! {hard to hear words} FIRE!!”

My heart leapt into my throat, as ice ran through my veins.

Monkey and I locked eyes, both of us ready to leap into action.  What action?  I have no clue, but we were ready.

Princess came flying down the stairs white faced with panic in her eyes!

“WHAT?! WHAT!?” I exclaimed breathlessly.

“MOM!!! I have CHOIR today, and I have to be there in like 8 minutes!!!!” Princess gasped frantically.

Relief rushed through my veins, as I said: “Good Lord child, We thought you said FIRE!”

She looked at me with an expression that is only found on the faces of  tween girls as she said – “Mom, NO! Choir!  I have to be there! NOW!”

She snatched her backpack off the chair as the 3 of us ran barefoot to the van, where she shoved her shoes on her feet.

We drove to school each of us talking excitedly over the other.  Monkey promising to bring her lunch to her classroom before the bell rang, me admonishing her to please remember to tell me these things before it reaches DefCon 3, and her trying to regulate her panicked breathing.

Really, y’all.  Who needs caffeine when you have a tween daughter to get your heart racing at 7:15 ?

Boots with dresses Princess Style


Note: Choir is EVERY Tuesday and Friday at 7:30 AM.  Y’all can believe that’s on our calendar and in my phone alarm now.


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  1. Be glad it was choir and not the science project that is 50% of their grade! Oh just wait … it’s coming. But it will happen with Monkey! Boys are the worst are remembering once they get to 4th and 5th grades 🙂

    Hope she enjoyed choir! LOL

    1. Ha Ha! Stephanie – too true. I would probably lose my mind! She is usually exceptionally responsible, which made this so out of character!

      She loved choir 🙂

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