Nipples or Laffy Taffy?

I’m wondering what my 10 month old (today, he’s 10 months today! How did that happen?) sees when he looks with such delight at my nipples as the come towards his hungry puckering little mouth. Sometimes he treats them with the reverence they deserve considering they’ve been feeding him for the last 10 months of his little life and other times he latches on and pulls and stretches and gnaws on them like he’s in a taffy pulling contest. I mean really, what’s the deal? It’s become especially fun since he got his teeth. The little beaver! I love this child more than I thought possible but sometimes… when he clamps down… it is all I can do not to thunk him on the forehead or rip him away from the breast (I stop when I remember those teeth scraping over that sensitive skin).
My husband however, finds all of this positively hysterical! He thinks it is the height of amusement when Monkey pops off and has that ridiculously sated ultra happy look on his face and the aforementioned nipple looks like one of those  huge kindergarten pencil erasers. Yeah… all breastfeeding mothers see the humor in this one. Uh huh.
I love the child but really… this is not a taffy pulling contest and they are nipples, attached to MY body and they give life sustaining nutrients and he treats them this way. ARGH! Oh well… off to the taffy pulling.

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