Not My Cup of {Sweet} Tea

This isn’t something I do.

I don’t call people out. I don’t disparage others.




It’s one thing to bastardize a recipe, to snag a pic of mine and pretend you took it.

To use it in a post without giving proper credit…

I can overlook that, offer correction, suggestions, guidance, you might not know better, you might not know how, you just.. might. not. know.


You despicable creature.

You stole the words from my heart. You took my heart, my feelings, my love and you stole them for your own. The only thing you did was change your initials.

I can overlook so many things.  I can pass so many things off as not realizing, not knowing better… however, to blatantly steal words, feelings, emotions, a love letter.  To be so classless and so unimaginative as to rip the words from someone else’s heart.

How. Dare. You.

I would never drive traffic to a troll.  I would never want to drive traffic to a plagiarizer, however.. I’m blessed and grateful that someone saw her words somehow and recognized them as mine.

Please, check her site. Google your words. Set up alerts and check them. Back check them.

This. Is. Personal.

How. Dare. You.

{damn: there appears to be another one}

Here’s the link to report spam blogs to Blogger

Megalomaniac Mommy compiled a list of the bloggers she stole from

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  1. I saw many posts on her site people had posted the original links in the comments. She has some nerve really. If she liked a post, she should just refer to that person’s site. I guess she thinks they’re hers since she changes some names or initials. how lame.

  2. You handled your direct comment to her post very tactfully. Much more so than I probably would have. This post that you wrote in response and to call her on it is also very well written. I’m sorry she stole from you. I know that feels just like if someone were to break into your home. It’s a violation and I am sorry it happened to you.

  3. Rachel, I’m so sorry. To have such heartfelt words plagiarized, to have your feelings stolen and claimed by someone else is so heart wrenching. You’ve done the right thing, calling the thief to task and you have a huge community that’s “got your back”.

  4. Although I know you have a right to be upset I really don’t think this is an actual mom- it is a agitator that pulls certain post with key word and post them as their own.
    It has happened to me, I found out because in my post I had a link to another one of my posts. The link back took me to them.
    If you look at that blogs first post you see someone complains that she stile it from
    There you can see that “gracesmommyhood” is using a TM header from “From Dates to Diapers.”

    1. Thank you, Susan.
      I remember and have experienced aggregators before. However, never one to this extent. Never one that so *well* put themselves out there as a mom.

      Thank you so much for commenting and supporting!

      1. LOL! I’ve corrected several of my own “heated” typos 😉

        I’m sure that I won’t, however, if I can alert others, protect others.. she’s a meaningless cog.

        Thank you so much, truly.

        1. For people to see who they stole from all they have to do is copy and paste the first sentence of a post into Google search.
          The one on the fake “From Dates to Diapers.” about The Little Engine is from the Bloggess.

  5. I’m so sorry this happened to you too Rachel. These people are disgusting creatures, those who take words & feeling & try to pass them as their own 🙁

    1. I left a comment on that post last night about it being stolen from Rachel, and my comment is no longer there. I guess she’s deleting them now.

  6. Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry that someone stole your words….especially such heartfelt words for someone you love so much. I really hope that this wasn’t an actual “mom” cuz it was kind of a horrible thing to do to another mom.

    Love ya sweetie!

  7. Yeah that sucks. But hey…take it as a compliment, right? I hope Blogger will rectify the situation and take down the plagiarizing blogs. They are probably all connected, same person, made up families. In fact, I wonder who’s photos those really are on her site.

  8. Holy cow. Who does this stuff? It seems like she’s targeting certain bloggers. I wonder if she has a bone to pick or is just stupid enough to think you wouldn’t notice. How did you find out? Did it link back somehow? How do you find out if someone is doing this?

    This just sucks. Sorry.

  9. What’s boggling to me is hers is posted on the exact same date?.?
    Just seems suspiciously odd.
    If she indeed did copy this she is very much in the WRONG!

  10. What boggles me is that hers is posted on the exact same date?? If she indeed did copy this she is very much in the WRONG!! but it does seem very suspiciously odd.

  11. So sorry this happened to you! Thanks for posting the additional link as that blogger had stolen SEVERAL pictures of another blog I read and I was able to let her know. I think one of the pics posted was a stolen image of one of MckMama’s kiddos, so I sent her an email just in case. It’s all very sad!

  12. Was this a one-time thing with her, or on-going? Is it possible that she saw it on your blog and mistakenly assumed it wasn’t yours, that it was something you had read somewhere and used? Still wrong to take it without crediting, and maybe I’m just incredibly naive or optimistic, but it’s hard for me to believe someone would act maliciously like that.

    They say copying is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m guessing that doesn’t really help, does it?

    Sorry for your pain. Sorry for clueless people, even sorrier for people that might hurt others intentionally.

    1. I”m the first to look at everything half full and give benefit of the doubt, however, she’s done this so SEVERAL other bloggers, which I found out after I tweeted it last night.


  13. I’ve had the same blogger do this to me twice. It literally made me sick when I found out. I know how violated you feel and frustrated over knowing what to do to correct it. I really hope she does the right thing, and takes YOUR post down. Plagiarism is an ugly thing.

  14. Dear Sweet Rachel, I am so sorry that someone thought it was fit to steal those precious words that you wrote to your Daddy. And that others continue to steal other words as their own. It makes me so angry and upset. Its like a dark cloud that blinds the goodness and light of our community. ((hugs)) dear one, big (((hugs))

  15. Wow… what will spammers think of next? This is so tasteless! And since they seem to be stealing ALL the content, I’m sure it’s going to be a pain to get it off…plus my guess is they’ve probably done this many, many times.

    What I find incredible, is that I see tons of blogs with copyscape links up, saying they protect their content and check often for duplicates — but I looked for copies of your original post and got nada from copyscape. LAME!

    Hope you get this clearly up quickly…and that no one else tries to jack yer work! But like many mentioned, it is a big pat on the back for you if they ripped your content! 😉

  16. Oh wow. So sorry that happened to you. I don’t understand why anyone would copy word for word? Makes no sense to me. I have quoted other bloggers before, just because I liked something they had to say… but a few words is different than an entire post! And, I always ALWAYS plainly state where the credit goes, with a link too. Even on the 30 Days of Truth series that I’m doing… I couldn’t find where it originated, so I linked it to the blog I found it on.

    This is just sad, in the pathetic sense of sad.

  17. Well, I am really POed because she didn’t use my picture!!!! That is a great picture of us and she didn’t steal that as well?? I mean she even used the same birth date. Obviously someone with no taste,class or functional brain cells.

  18. This particular woman also owns the other blog that Susan linked. It’s the same person, which is just really sad. She is also on facebook, however her facebook page has the most extreme privacy settings. After the first website was found, I think she got a lot of hate message on the “send X a message” link, so she’s really “heightened her privacy”.
    She is disposable. Not only did she steal Rachels post to her dad, but also Tanis’ (redneckmommy’s) post about the death of her friends little girl. Not to mention other people’s heartfelt posts.

  19. So wrong on so many levels. I’m so sorry this happened to you and to so many others. It is disheartening.

    I have to think that bloggers such as mentioned in your post are among the tiny minority. These past week, bloggers from all over raised over $10,000 for Erika and her family ( I am very proud to be a member of such a caring and giving community.

  20. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this honey. And so many others too. It’s just outrageous. I hope something can be done to get rid of that site and this situation can be rectified. HORRIBLE!!!

    I hope you have a better day today…

  21. Do you notice how all of these stolen “blogs” have the line up top – “Live. Laugh. Learn. Pull your hair out.”??? It’s like it’s her calling card! WTF!! This HAS to be a set up or a scam of some sort… There is no way it’s just some woman. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. I hope you all get vindication!

  22. Rachel-this is just so wrong on so many levels. This makes me so sad too. Last year, I was a victim to this and I just get REALLY frustrated when people steal your personal stuff. I have reported the site(s) and I hope Blogger takes action soon. You ROCK and I will continue to read your inspiring and uplifting posts. {{HUGS}}

  23. That’s just creepy. She mentioned in her “uncut” section that she gets tons of emails telling her how inspiring her blog is. Apparently from her three followers? I’m not sure. What I do know is, she’s full of it. I’m sorry you’ve been the victim of this.

    I’ve noticed that sometimes my words and phrases and general daily talk get thrown into others’ blogs and it’s irritating, but I’ve never had an entire post stolen. Thanks for the info on how to deal with it should it ever happen.

    FWIW, the letter was beautiful and you undoubtedly deserve all of the credit for it. This girl is off her rocker for stealing something of yours that was so personal.

  24. I’m so sorry. Unbelievable really. I struggle with Google alerts – I mean how many can you set up and check? A lot of times I delete without reading the few I do have set up. Ugrh.

  25. And now she’s “password protected” the blog so no one else can find their stolen posts. I hope Blogger takes care of this soon. I’m sure by now the comments have been deleted!!

  26. I’m trying to figure out if this person is actually mentally ill or just evil. Our words are so personal and this is such a violation.

  27. Rachel, honey, I’m sorry someone took the words that were such a loving gift to your dad and claimed them as her own.

    That’s lower than low.

    She’d be better suited if she took a page from your book on how to be a loving, kind and genuine person…

    rather than what she is currently.

  28. My heart just hurts for you! What a shame some people can’t be original and unique. But stealing a love letter is just lower than low.


  29. OMG!! I can’t believe someone would do that. As I looked further into “her” blog I noticed it seems every single one of her posts are stolen!!

    There has got to be a way to shut her down.

  30. How absolutely awful. I’m so sorry that this person stole from you like that. How despicable. I will be reporting it right now and hopefully they will remove the blogs.

  31. Rachel, did you report it to Blogger? I did, but all they did was remove the posts I linked from her site, they didn’t shut her blog down. I figured if enough people report her, Blogger will see it’s a scam blog and delete her blog. It’s what they did last time and I have a gut feeling this is the exact same person who did this last year. Then it was under Blonde Mom Tourage and that Grace’s Mommyhood.

    1. Heather,

      I reported her entire blog, I didn’t know that you could report post by post… do you do that in the same place?

      Grace’s Mommyhood is back up and running and has the exact same posts on it 🙁 grrrrrrr

  32. WOW, I really can’t believe someone would do that. Once, maybe, I can see. (She should attribute a post to another, but still…one, I could be forgiving. The dozens? I don’t understand. She’s not even a huge blogger. I have more followers than she does, and that’s not saying a lot! Ha! I don’t do it for people, though. I am just amazed at all the content she stole. WOAH. Makes you wonder who she really is, and if there’s anything true on her blog. I read a little, and one minute the content is about God blessing her and trying to raise the boys right, the next content is blessing out an ex and throwing a pity party…doesn’t sound like the same people when you read it, for sure. Writing style is way different.

    GEEZ. Hope she doesn’t show her face around….or gets her act together, and apologizes!!

  33. Today I was looking for “favors ideas” and I saw a picture that I knew before. OHHH I remember it said. Is from Creature Comforts. Well I see the picture in another blog, as she made the tutorial.
    This is original:
    And the girl don’t give any linke or author name.

    But just today I received this article on my email. Wow I never think that people stool stories too. And create lifes.

    I have 2 children, and many times I do my post 2am or 3am. People doesn’t know work that we have back a post.

    Sorry for my English.

  34. Dang! That’s gotta take so much effort to do that, wouldn’t it make more sense to just write something out that’s, you know….original? The bad karma just isn’t worth it, imo.

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