Notes From a Garage Sale

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Mouthwatering Monday
to bring you some notes from a Garage Sale.

Dear Garage Sale attendees:

* It is considered rude, tacky and unbelievably obnoxious to ring a person’s doorbell at 8PM two nights before the actual sale to ask for a preview.

* It is tasteless, obnoxious and terribly inconsiderate to ring someone’s doorbell at 8AM the day before the actual sale, especially if you are the same person who rang the doorbell the night before.

* It is even more obnoxious after doing the previous two bullet points, to then NOT EVEN show up at the garage sale.

* It is perfectly acceptable to haggle and try to bargain on prices, it’s even kind of fun. It is not, however, okay to STEAL Courtney’s favorite lace up jeans because you didn’t like the price she quoted you. That is just WRONG!

* If there should happen to be a trailer full of the garage sale holder’s trash on the other side of the driveway, it is very polite to ask them if you can take stuff off of there. It is, however, extraordinarily rude to STEAL a person’s laundry basket, fill it with stuff from the trailer and take off with it.

* If the garage sale notices say 8AM to Noon, it does not mean that you can come by at 12:45, knock on the door and ask if you can have all the leftovers for $1.
Yes, really.

* Please do not bring a bag full of dimes and pennies, buy $8 worth of stuff and then count each individual coin out. If you drive a $30,000 car, you can afford more than one plastic bag, possibly even the coin wrappers.

* To all who hold garage sales and post signs in the neighborhood. It is very tacky to leave your garage sale signs up for days and even weeks after your garage sale has occurred. You live here, take pride in your neighborhood people.

Thank you for your time.




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  1. That’s amazing. I haven’t held a garage sale in years, and I think I now know why!!

    Sorry! Glad you had a little success with it…

  2. We had a sale recently. People used reverse searches based on our address to get our phone number. Then called us several times to see if they could come early since they “couldn’t make it during our sale.” What a crock.

    I used to enjoy the hunt of garage sales, sitting and waiting for the door to open then rush to get there first. But NEVER would I consider knocking before hand!

    What irked me about our sale is the parents that left their kids to make a shamble of our toys while they checked out the sale at our house (and next door). Then not even buy any of the stuff the kids had made a mess of.

  3. I always swear that I’ll never have another one, yet I have almost a room full of “garage sale stuff” I love going to them, though!

  4. People suck, especially really cheap people.

    The last time we did a garage sale, we had a lady trying to buy things at 6am (the sale was supposed to start at 8am). I wasn’t even awake enough to figure out how to laugh in her face since I was just getting started on the setup stuff.

  5. what in the? WHY do you need a preview? It is not showing. It is my junk. Buy it, or not. But step away from the doorbell! idiot.

  6. Okay. You didn’t mention the same person RETURNED!! That is even freakier. Ugh. And, I lament the loss of the stolen stuff. That is sucky.

  7. Okay, that’s pretty funny…of course, not for you!

    I’m thinking I’ll end up having a similar trick or treat post!

    I hope you made some money (seems like you at least made $8)!

  8. wow.
    I am so glad that our garage salers were better than yours. I don’t have any crazy stories to tell.

  9. Gawd that is flippin’ unreal! How rude but it does not surprise me. And yes the theivery that occurs at these things. They stole Pottery Barn Quilts from mine…nice.

  10. This? Is why I am terrified to have a garage sale. I cannot BELIEVE someone knocked on your door to ask for a preview that late! What in the world?!

  11. I am totally shocked that people actually rang your doorbell for previews. Totally. I mean – I read it on plurk, but I’m still totally shocked.

    I would have shown them my rack and told them it was a preview!

  12. GEEZ.. for real?? I cannot get over the person showing up to your house TWO DAYS before.. holy crap..what balls..

    This is all very vital information esp because I am having a garage sale with my SIL this weekend..

    Some people are so creepy it amazes me they walk the earth with my kids..ugh.

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